All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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"Yes. We're worried about everybody. Since, this place is responsible for everything that is happening among people. You must know that scientists are now responsible for everything that's going on in the world," Eva said, and threw a slightly angry and disgruntled look at me.

"Eva is right. Now, scientists are responsible for the whole world. And don't think I'm selfish. I care about everyone's life, and I always watch what happens to everyone. Lately, I have often noticed that a person has started to get depressed again. And also, the fact that people started doing everything to remember mortality. It scares me, and I want to understand what it is like for a person to be completely happy. So, I want to study the whole history, understand the person."

"But then, why don't you search for all the information on the internet or in the library."

"I've already read everything I could find. But nowadays, information about past centuries is not so good and informative. That is why I need your help. Because you are really great historian.”

I thought it was a little weird, but I agreed. To show my knowledge of history was a luxury for me and perhaps a true happiness.
"And try to ask fewer questions. You should be grateful that you're even here. It's a great honor to be here," Eva said, and she uttered every letter so clearly and with such a serious expression that I felt a little scared.

"Let's just say you'll be my personal history adviser," Sennhandd said and smiled.

"Well, then ask me anything," I said, and felt dry in my throat. Now, I would like a glass of orange juice.

"You don't mind if we go to the library? There, I have prepared many different books."


Noticing that Eva would not come with us, I felt relieved. After all, in her presence, I couldn't behave naturally.

Stepping in unison with the scientist, I caught the surprised looks of the workers.

"I think they're surprised to see me here."

"Don't think about them. They just haven't seen someone like you in a long time."

"Like me? What are you talking about?"

But he just smiled mysteriously. And then, I felt that maybe he needed me for some other reason. And the history was just a ploy to get me here. But what was the purpose of this man who was smiling at me?

It was too late to run away or refuse.

Now that I had suspicions in my head, everything was suddenly gloomy and sinister.

These white walls, the sun's rays, the silence, the lack of doors and time, suddenly frightened me to such an extent that Sennhandd in my eyes, turned into a strange genius who was ready for anything, if only his experiment would succeed.

And the further I thought about it and imagined different scenarios in my head, the more I wanted to laugh. I couldn't resist and said, "Now, we're alone. So, you can tell me the truth about why you need me. Is it really for some experiments?"

Sennhandd paused and looked thoughtfully at me. And in his eyes, I noticed something strange and even scary.
I wanted to run away. After all, I did not want to be experimented on. And that scientist's look, what did it mean? Why did I just believe this trick? After all, now you can find out any information on the Internet or any robot that walks on the street.

Sennhandd, took a few steps in my direction and at that moment, I was ready to do everything, but just to be safe and sound. The instinct of self-preservation still works, even if I am immortal, like everyone else.

Without noticing it, I leaned back and suddenly, I felt someone's warm hand on my back.

Here, I panicked. But a pleasant voice calmed me down. A voice that said, "Don't you want orange juice?"

I turned around and saw the creature whose name is Comet.

He was standing with a glass of juice in his hand.

"You wanted orange juice," he said, and smiled tenderly.

But I couldn't answer anything. Because my consciousness turned into a stream of intermittent thoughts and everything swirled around me in a fast rhythm. I closed my eyes and as if falling into a dream, I just stopped worrying.

I passed out.
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