All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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The plan was simple and straightforward.
Luca, had to do was get into his father's office and find a safe there.
It all seemed simple, but I knew it wasn't.
After all, in the early morning, right after we fell asleep, they started knocking on the door and so loudly that fear was the only thing that made us all relatives.

I immediately rushed to hide Sennhandd as if he was a treasure.
Hiding in a small room, I closed his mouth in case he starts screaming.
Luca heard the door open.
I was ready to run through the window if they were patrol soldiers.
But no, it turned out to be just a person who was part of our plan.
"James? What's up?"
"Didn't you hear?" there was a loud voice, almost a scream, that startled Sennhandd.
"It's okay. Don't be afraid."
"It is okay" - this is all that a simple human heart needed to hear.
"What's up James?!"
A guy named James fell to the floor and we all noticed serious wounds on his back.
"What happened to you?"
"It doesn't matter. Luca, the man is dead."
"So this virus has already been released. Lain must have read our minds by now. And why were we so naive? She knew everything for a long time."

"No. She couldn't read your mind."
This voice was too familiar, too precious.
Yet life can seem like a miracle in those seconds when you turn off your prejudices. The whole world ceased to exist again. The feeling of weightlessness was too strong for me to move on my own.
"We'll go. We need to understand what's going on," came the distant voice of Luca.
And so we were all alone. In an empty house, on an empty street, at a time when everything was turning into chaos.
I was able to collect my thoughts and get to my feet. I returned, which means my thoughts and opinions. Now, life didn't seem like a miracle.
Before me stood Moonlight, in a snow-white suit, with two numbers in front and slightly tight pants. He has changed too much to be my old Wizard. There was no longer those long hair, in which I always entangled my fingers, there was no more that curiosity in this look and there was no more life in that voice, which said, "Okinizeus, we have not seen each other for a long time."
I may have lost track of time, but I knew that many years had passed just in a second.

And I said, "You've become so grown up."
He never stopped looking me in the eye. I was confused by this look. But I, too, could not take a step forward. Although, part of me wanted to embrace that creature.
"Come here," he suddenly said, reading my mind, feeling what I was feeling.
“And you have become impudent.”
"Over time, everything changes."
This Wizard scared me, he scared me too much.
And this fright did not allow me to ask him a question.
He stood in the same place at the door. And in his hand he was clutching something that looked like a book.
For the first time in so many years, I noticed that he was so tall and so strong in appearance. This creature was still the most real beauty to me. My ideal, perfection.
He probably read my mind again, because he smiled and looked down.
"Since when do you read my mind so freely?" I asked, deciding to take a step forward. But most of all I was afraid that I would stop controlling myself.
Yet, how ironic it is. When a person meets someone for whom his heart was beating differently than usual, the person begins to behave like the strangest in the world. And this oddity is due to the fact that a person is simply afraid of the one who stands in front of him.
Moonlight, too, took a step forward and now, we were standing close, so formally, like two soldiers on the battlefield.
We have enduring the burden of love too seriously.
“I missed you,” he began but fell silent.
“You don’t need to. You don’t need to make a great tragedy out of all this. You know, I also missed and still miss you. But I am afraid. And I wonder what you have become. Why are you wearing these clothes?”
"I did everything for you. Let's sit down. I'm tired of standing."
Soon, he will be five years old. I was always afraid of this number.
"Sennhandd is here."
"May I see him?"
Sitting in the corner, Sennhandd still showed no signs of his old life. And even when Moonlight touched his shoulder, he shuddered slightly and continued to sit without the slightest movement.

"I think he'll be fine. It's Sennhandd. He's too smart."
"You're right. Everything will be fine."
"How I do not like optimism in such situations."
"Usually everyone says that. Everything will be fine. Is that bad? Would you like everyone to say that everything will be bad?"
"No. But optimism is always feigned, artificial. I like to face the truth."
"And what is the truth in front of your eyes?" he asked and lightly touched my hand.
The touch was painful. And I couldn't take it anymore.
I hated to complicate things that are actually the easiest things in the world. And so, I just hugged Moonlight.
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