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"I was so afraid for you. Forgive me. I left you that day. I couldn't do anything. Forgive me."
"If they hadn't taken me, I would not have been able to help you further."
"What are you talking about?"
Moving aside, Moonlight leaned against the wall and began to say, "The Patrol took me that day. I thought Lain realized that because of me no one can read your mind. But when I was brought to a too bright building with no windows and doors, I realized that they just want me to be part of their team. Later I learned that Lain has two teams of Wizards. One team was destroyed. A wizard named Ryu was able to go against the system and in the end he just died. But there was one more team left. And I was in this team. I do not know why, but they decided to take me. Although, there were still many wizards who were also abruptly taken away. Everything was too strange. No, they didn't hurt me. I was just ordered to sit at the computer and read people's thoughts. Yes, at first, I did that. I read the thoughts of people I didn't know. But then, I realized that I could help you. When I found you and your thoughts, I was scared. You didn't have a single thought in your head. Everything was confused. And you stopped being yourself. But I still, continued to make it so that no one could read your mind."

"Several times, I heard your voice in my head. What does that mean? Could I read your mind?"
"Yes. I guess I wanted you to understand that everything is all right with me and that I am here. Always with you. I didn't know that you read my thoughts. It's just a miracle."
"So Lain doesn't know about our plan?"
"She doesn't know anything. I took care of it. All thoughts, data, I just didn't send it to the main computer."
"What are you doing here? You need to be in your place. How could you leave?"

"The patrol is looking for one person now. And while they are looking, I found you and I don't have much time. But don't worry, if anything happens, I'll tell them I was chasing this person."
And then, tenderly and greedily, he kissed me.
Holding him close to me, I began to drown in my feelings.
"It was unbearable. Without you, I was all alone."
"I found your mom."
"She's fine. She continues to work."
"Why did she leave and not even look for me?"
"I don't know. I didn't get it."
Through the words, we greedily hugged each other and catching our breath, we were not satisfied with the tenderness that was between us like a fire.
“I love you,” Moonlight suddenly said quietly. My weakness and my strength returned to my soul, they kindled in my heart the wish that made me live.
“There can be terrible things lurking behind these words,” I whispered, laughing. I wanted to tease him, make him nervous.

"Don't say that. Okinizeus, don't say anything."
This world has always been two-faced.
If someone was good, then someone was bad. Black and white, still divided this world, like the judge.
While I was drowning in embrace of Moonlight, people were drowning in embrace of death.
The city has long been plunged into darkness. And even in the bright, festive colors there was darkness.
The scattered bodies of Wizards and broken robots were no longer the ones who suffered. Now, there were people among them.
Nobody knew what was going on. And this ignorance only got worse. And when a person does not know, then he or she begins to blame others.
When on one of the streets, in one of the houses, among several strangers, a man died, everyone closed their eyes and in one voice said, "It's all Sennhandd's fault!"
Death returned to this world like a wanderer who walked far away.
And after the first incident, panic spread around the world so quickly that soon, people began to value their lives.

When I left Moonlight and left with Luca, I turned back and I had the feeling that this was the last time.
"Goodbye," I thought, and I myself felt scared from that thought.
Nothing scares you as much as your own thoughts.
When I got into the car, I looked again towards the house, but Moonlight was no longer there.
"One person really died. I thought it wasn't true. But Theron heard everything. It's true. Lain brought death back to this world."
"What will happen now? Will everything return to its place?"
"Maybe yes."
"Why is the ego of several people able to decide the fate of millions? Why is this so? Can this world never be happy?"
"What is happiness, Okinizeus?"
"Where are we going?"
"To meet my father."
"Do you really think your plan will work? Do you think this can be stopped so easily?"
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