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"Do not be afraid! This virus cannot affect everyone! We have a plan. So you just sit at home and try to think about the good. And yes, we do not know what this virus is and why it can affect us. But as soon as we will find out, we will tell you. Panic is unnecessary here. Just keep on living."
Just keep living, it meant only one thing - keep being afraid.
Lain's speech was short and to make the situation more dramatic, Lain covered her face with a mask and quickly entered the diamond-shaped building.
And Kazimir followed her.
In his fur collar coat, he knocked on the microphone and said, "Listen, go home. Don't be afraid. Even though we don't know what it is, we will do our best to stop it."
"It's Sennhandd's fault, isn't it all according to his plan? He has long wanted to bring death back to this world? Am I right?!" a man's angry scream was heard.
Kazimir, making a sad and frightened face, answered as quietly as possible, so that his words were a whisper. "I don't know. But Sennhandd will not be able to do anything."

"It was he who created immortality? So he knows everything that is happening to us now! Where is he now? He is not dead!"
"Do you want him back?" Kazimir asked slightly offended, as if Sennhandd was the main enemy of all mankind.
"Only he can solve this problem! Only he!" screamed the woman who was standing next to me.
Gathered in front of the diamond-shaped building where millions of scientists once worked, everyone stood and shook with cold and fear. I was scared to look at the faces of these people.
But even more terrible was the fact that soldiers walked between us with weapons in their hands. I had no idea what kind of weapon it was. But they were able to create a threatening atmosphere.
Trying to do everything to keep my hands from freezing, I put them in my pocket and the strong wind was almost able to make me fall. But someone caught me.
Moonlight, wearing black glasses and a long white cloak, hugged me lightly and when everyone started screaming in one voice, he quickly touched my neck with his nose.
This action made me smile. How selfish it was to be the happiest person among all those who were around me now.

He was in no hurry to leave and therefore stood close to me.
"I'm cold and I want to be with you under a warm blanket," I thought.
He smiled out of the corner of his mouth.
And I thought again, "I want to never let you go. I'm so tired. It'll all be over soon. We'll run away."
But after reading this, he just turned away and walked away.
I could not understand him. But I thought that he did this so that they would not suspect us.
As I stood and smiled, feeling the warmth in my heart, Lain's gaze was directed towards me.
It was only when I looked up that I saw her in one of the tall windows.
"Bring back Sennhandd!"
"Yes! Bring him back to us! We don't want to die!"
Hearing these words, I realized that a person's impudence knows no boundaries.
I wanted to say that it was you who destroyed him, you saw him as an enemy, believed in the words of a real enemy and made him suffer!
But I didn't say that. The plan required silence and patience.

And I endured.
Perhaps Lain did not fully understand me, perhaps she missed me. And perhaps it was her mistake.
"Okinizeus, when they all leave, I will go to my father. And then, at night, I will give you a sign. And then, Moonlight will help you enter the building. I said it would be easy," Luca said.
"Moonlight? He didn't tell me anything."
"Yes. Your love is very brave and besides, he is ready for anything. I even envy you."
"And what is all this? Are we just going into this building and that's it?"
"No. There is a teleporter in this building that leads directly to the prison. And we will need to free all the people who are there. I know it will not be easy. But we have to free them."
"Maybe it's safer for them to be there? What if they catch this virus?" Theron asked.
"How long have you been here?" I asked, just now noticing him.
“From the beginning. And yes, I saw you and Moonlight,” he said and smiled.
“I don’t believe that this virus exists, although I’m not sure about it. It seems to me that this was all invented so that my father would be the hero who saved everyone from death. He just wants fame and nothing more. But they are holding my friends. And I want to free them," Luca said and stepped aside, at that moment, when several soldiers were walking in our direction.

"Let's get out of here."
Following Theron, I wanted to get in the car, but feeling someone's hand that pulled me sharply, I was ready to fight, but when I saw that it was Yundoran, I involuntarily said, "You!"
"You are not happy to see me?!"
The last time I saw him, he was a little tired and worn out. But now, he was fresh and beautiful. An overly brazen look and a new hair color that was red, and a new tattoo that was a snake that moved right up to his neck, it was Yundoran I always knew.
He hugged me and made a sound like crying.
"Why are you crying?"
"And what do you propose to me to do? Although you are right. I have to fight with you. Why didn't you look for me? I was looking for you! You disappeared so abruptly! And that day, why did you just walk away? You saw me!"
"Hush. Don't shout," I said, noticing the angry looks from the people. "Let's get out of here."
"Whose car is this?"
"Just sit down."

Finally, once inside the car, I breathed a sigh of relief and fell into the seat.
Cryolalia handed me a glass of warm milk and said, "Justice is such a miracle. What would we eat without him?!"
Warm milk was a reward for standing with everyone for two whole hours.
"Who are you?" Theron asked without looking back.
“This is my friend, Yundoran.”
"Would you like some milk or a cookie?" Cryolalia asked, and before he could answer, she handed him a plate and a glass.
"What's your name?"
Yundoran turned on his charm as usual. I was happy to see him. I was so happy that I put my head in his lap and hugged his arm, which began to play with my hair.
"I am Theron."
"Theron. You're a robot, aren't you?"
"Are you having trouble with the robots?"
"No. You're just special. I love the special ones."

"Theron and Cryolalia are getting married soon," I said, feeling impossible happiness and lightness.
I was not scared. Probably because, I'm just tired of being scared.
"How long have you known Okinizeus?"
Theron stared out the window every ten seconds. It was funny to me to see how afraid he was. And I still remember the day Sennhandd said, "We've made a breakthrough in science! We've been able to make robots feel fear now."
Yet sometimes, Sennhandd would say something that would make everyone laugh.
Anxiety for his life returned and I asked myself if he was okay. After all, I left him alone, with the unknown person. Even though he was Luca's friend.
"Your friend was just a terrible person. He behaved awfully. You should have seen him. He was like dead. It was impossible to talk to him. And the worst thing was that I knew he was a great writer. You know, he already gave up completely. He lost all interest in life. I hated him so much for that," Theron said.
Yet how quickly Yundoran could gain the trust of others.
He even conquered the heart of a robot.
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