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"I was just waiting for the right moment. I thought I was being followed. So I played the role. Do you think it was easy for me? Those months were just a nightmare. You have no idea how hard it was for me."
“Yes. Our Oki has been through a lot. But I'm glad you can still smile,” Yundoran said.
“Your friendship is beautiful,” Cryolalia added.
Yundoran finished eating, pulled a lock of hair from his face and looked at himself in the mirror and asked, "So what is your plan? You are here to stop Lain? And what kind of virus is this? Is it true that someone had died?"
The light in the car went out and everything plunged into darkness.
“Nobody has to see us,” Cryolalia said.

I only wished that Moonlight was here with me.
We were alone in the whole world, alone on our island. And that was enough to dream that we can change everything.
Probably, in order to become someone, a person must become a part of an island that is far from everyone.

"A virus that can make a person mortal? It's fiction. It can't be. They just want to blame Sennhandd for creating this virus. Luca was right in saying that his father just wants to be a hero. This virus was invented by their sick fantasy. They just want to create chaos in this world. And all in order to climb the higher throne. It's all for the sake of ambition, for the sake of status. And of course for the sake of power," Cryolalia said.
"So what's your plan?"
"First, we will find the safe where the samples of the virus are stored. We have to make sure that this virus really exists. We need to take all the tubes with the virus. But Luca said that the virus is his business. And everyone else needs to get into one dimension where all supposedly dangerous people are. We will free them. They cannot spend an entire eternity in such a terrible state. Besides, there are all great minds who literally built this world."
Theron's voice sounded confident. Although the closer the night got, the more we all became nervous.
The plan seemed to be fine. Still, the plan seemed too simple. Maybe we believed in a fairy tale. But perhaps all we had was just a fairy tale.
"If you succeed, it will certainly be great. But you understand that you are taking great risks?"

"Yes. But what can we do? Sit and watch how injustice triumphs? Yes, there are few of us. But we always need to act."
"This world should not turn into something terrible. For the sake of all scientists who once worked for all mankind, for the sake of great thinkers who gave meaning to human lives, I will do everything. And for the sake of Sennhandd, I am ready to take such a risk. Plus, I'm tired of accepting the fact that only a few people do whatever they want with this world," I said.
The interior of the too cozy car was very quiet and my words sounded like I was somewhere under water.
"Okinizeus, why did Lain let you go? You're more dangerous than everyone else," Theron said and laughed loudly for the first time.
And I remembered Sennhandd proudly saying, "Science made robots laugh."
"My Oki is the smartest! And he always succeeds. So you're in luck. With him, you can do anything," Yundoran added and after his words, we heard the sounds of sirens.
The sirens kept ringing for a few seconds and then we all heard a hum that could cause a strange headache.
"What else is this?" Theron screamed loudly, trying to close the window.

But after this hum, an even stranger sound followed, which simply deafened us all. Feeling a nosebleed, I realized that something was happening.
After all, trouble did not come alone.
When the light in the car was turned on, I noticed that apart from Theron, everyone was bleeding from the nose. And at the same time, the strange vibrations seemed to be an earthquake.
I could not raise my head or open my eyes. Something squeezed out my brain and a little more, the blood would become a river.
When the strange rumble passed, there was a terrible silence.
Terrible, because, in this silence, everyone could hear the fear running through the veins, turning into a too fast heartbeat.
"What was it?" Cryolalia asked.
“Look over there,” Theron whispered even more quietly.
And then I realized that everything had turned into a very ordinary game. But by whose rules did we start playing.
This world could not exist without survival and suffering.

When we got out of the car to better understand what was happening, we were immediately overwhelmed by strong gusts of wind.
Everything plunged into darkness.
At first, it seemed to me that something had happened to the Sun. But no, it was just too black clouds that hid cars and ships behind them.
"Is it just me or are these clouds lower than usual?" Yundoran asked while holding my hand. Although I myself could hardly stand on my feet.
The wind made everyone run in different directions. Crowds of people, pushing each other, were ready to destroy everything in their path.
Screams and incomprehensible words became a storm, in the center of which we were.
"What will we do next?" Yundoran asked.
"Let's wait for Luca. We'll just wait for him. But you have to get out of here! Go home!"
"I won't go anywhere. I won't let you go alone! And don't say anything! I will stay with you anyway!"
And again, nature reminded everyone of who is in charge here.
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