All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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As if knowing what was happening, nature decided to scare everyone with strong gusts of wind, which slowly turned into a storm.
Whirlwinds swirled over the cities, swallowing skyscrapers and bringing with them a thick fog.
Large raindrops quickly created whole rivers of water that plunged the whole city into the ocean.
People, not experiencing a sense of unity, embracing their egos, ran away, towards a better life.
But how many centuries can a person pursue happiness? How many centuries must pass for a person to finally understand that a better life already exists.
How much suffering a person must go through in order to understand that chasing happiness in this life is not the main thing.
After all, the main thing in life is to think clearly, to adhere to your opinion, to be able to live as your heart and soul dictate.
But now, I could not think about it, because all my thoughts were directed to one single being, who was everything to me.
Why, in this world, it takes so much effort to love someone? Why this world is against you, once you fell in love?

Or is the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet fate of all mankind?
From where I stood now, I could clearly see everything that was ahead.
The gusts of wind reminded me of an ocean that had long since disappeared. About seagulls that once flew over this city, admiring the calmness and sunbeams on the horizon.
"Oki, let's go!"
Back in the car, Theron took out his phone and wanted to call someone, but immediately changed his mind.
"What are we going to do next? Shall we just watch? Do you even know that no one will let us in there? There are millions of Wizards and the same number of robots."
"Exactly. There are millions of Wizards and robots. But there are only a few people. Well, maybe twenty or a little more. And the worst of them are Lain and Kazimir," Cryolalia replied.
"Luca will give us a sign soon. And then, Moonlight will allow us to get inside."
"It's that simple."
"Well, not always in this world there should be only difficulties."
After this sentence, as if by magic, something like a star lit up in the sky.

And despite the fact that the wind continued to play among the houses, this light was able to break through the fog and rain.
We did not have time to be surprised and enjoy the play of colors, when suddenly, right from the sky, something heavy and iron fell not far from where we were.
I didn’t have time to see what it was, but I was sure it was a spaceship.
Through the rain, a strange, not natural fog, bright flashes of fire and earthquake appeared, which shook our car.
"What is going on?"
"Yundoran just keep quiet!"
"Now! Come on!" Theron suddenly shouted and ran out of the car in a matter of seconds.
The game began and each of us felt only anticipation and strange fun, such as happens before something unusual.
As soon as you start doing everything according to plan, the fear immediately disappears.
Wind, storm, rain, strange fog, siren sounds, fire, which was now happening somewhere in the center of the city, all this could not stop us.

We were few, but our hopes, thoughts, dreams were too many and this was enough to try to change this world.
As we headed towards the building, which stood silently and looked at everything without the slightest sign of interest, the past flashed before my eyes.
After all, it seems that just recently, in this very square, Sennhandd spoke about his great inventions. And it was here where he said that people can be immortal. (But who knew that immortal can turn into immoral)
But the centuries have passed too quickly.
Yet what connects the past and the present? Just a chain of events that turn to nothing when you look back.
Life is just one second, but a person thinks so, as if it’s a whole life. After all, even eternity cannot make life become eternal.
My thoughts returned to me. My wings were behind me.
And at the end of the path, I clearly saw Moonlight waving at us and instead of his tensed expression, I saw a smile on his face.
"Hurry! Yes, everything is in order. I did everything. Hurry, come in!" he said.

And so we found ourselves in the most important center of SCIBMAG.
Despite the whole situation, I was able to kiss Moonlight.
"You still have time, Oki, let's go."
"Are you sure? Is it safe?!"
"Who is he?"
"This is Yundoran, friend of Okinizeus. Don't worry, he's a good man."
“How ironic it is. A good man is a real godsend,” I said, feeling the hand of Moonlight on my neck, and that hand slowly moved towards my face.
We all stood in a dark and cramped corridor.
"So what are we going to do? Where is Lain? Did you find that safe with virus samples?"
"Yes. But you have to stand here. I found the safe. Father continues to be Kazimir. So I think everything will be fine. But about Lain, she seems to have left the building. She needs to show herself in the place where the piece of the Earth's ring fell."
"What? You mean the ring of the Earth?"
"Yes. They say there is a failure, an accident, and in short the part of the ring crashed and fell. Here is a world without those who built it," Luca said and abruptly left, leaving us alone.

"Of course it's not good. But it seems to me that luck is on our side. The sudden change in weather, and the fall of the earth's ring, the panic of people, even the case of death, all this made it so that we were here and perhaps our plan will work," Cryolalia said.
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