All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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But I could not answer her, because I was busy with the fact that I continued to be in the world where only Moonlight and I are.
The darkness allowed us to hold hands and linger on the fine line that was drawn between our faces.
Again, love makes us selfish.
While we were standing here, behind the iron door that separated our world and the world of all, in the very center of the city and in several other places, horror and fear found their refuge in the hearts of people.
Still feeling the earthquake, I firmly squeezed the hand of the ideal being and wanted only one thing - never to let go of this hand.
But in the meantime, behind layers of the atmosphere that had changed and recreated several times, the shiny, transparent rings of the earth slowly began to crack.
Too thick layer of glass and iron for some reason ceased to hold its atoms inside and feeling the force of gravity, small parts of the ring began to fall down to the ground.

Because of this, we felt an earthquake. And a strange hum.
The creak or the sound of someone crying was terrifying, and this dark corridor brought back the fear.
"What it is?" Cryolalia's voice was heard.
“Perhaps a change is coming,” Moonlight replied and let go of my hand.
"Where are you going?"
"I need to check something."
In complete darkness, hearing strange sounds and knowing that a ring of earth could fall on us too, we all tried to speak.
Words always help.
“Moonlight is very smart. How long have you loved him?” Cryolalia asked.
"From the first day I saw him."
"In this you and I are alike. We both fell in love not with a person."
"That's for sure."

"But you know that someone like him only lives for five years?"
"Don't ask about that."
"It's okay Theron. It's true. Yes, I know that. But I try not to think about it. Still, you always need to be able to live in the present."
They both suddenly laughed.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing. Everything is just strange. A person, no matter what, will learn how to live in the present moment. It seems to be the hardest thing in this life. But whoever can live like this, only in the present, is really lucky one. Maybe this is happiness. Living in the present moment. Yes, definitely. This is happiness," Cryolalia replied.
“This is very wise,” Theron added.
"What about you? When did you realize you loved him?"
"From the moment I saw him. Theron, he is the best. He was simply created to exalt love and all the best qualities of life. He appeared at the most difficult moment of my life."
"Guys, I have to thank you. You, too, appeared in the most terrible period of my life. At that moment when my whole life just ceased to be mine. Thank you. You saved me. If not for you, then I would still be in that terrible park."

"Yes. Perhaps you are right. If I had not found you then what would have happened to you?" Theron asked.
"Thank you for everything."
"Your words scare me. It feels like you want to say goodbye to us."
"Cryolalia, I will always be with you."
"If you do not keep your promise, then I will find you and then, do not expect any good from me."
"Theron, your girlfriend is very dangerous."
"I know. Therefore, I am always safe."
Our conversation was interrupted the moment someone's voice started repeating the same thing, "Find a safe place and don't go anywhere!"
"What's going on?"
“I am here!"
At the very end of the corridor, seeing a faint light, we quickly headed in that direction.
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