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What is the worst thing for society? Who is the most dangerous to society? Who do people dislike the most? Who will have a hard time despite the fact that this someone has dreams and goals?
And the answer to all these questions is the same. The answer is - an intelligent person.
Let's face the forgotten truth. People don't like smart people. It has always been that way. But this world is divided into two types of smart people. The first kind, these are those people whose minds have been elevated because society decided so. The second kind is just smart people.
And smart people mean those who are brave enough to have a goal and go for it no matter what. Smart is when a person does not betray his or her dream. Smart is a person who is not afraid of difficulties, gossip and his or her own or other people's fears.
The second type of smart people is the most dangerous.
Nobody likes such people. And in any society, be it a school or a university, or just a gathering of strangers, everyone will be wary of such people.
What kind of people does society like?

Society loves people who do not ask many questions, who do not pursue a dream that can lead them to heights. Society loves people who do not care about their life, about their thoughts. They love people who like everyone else.
If you are like everyone else, then you are a good person.
Not to be different, not to think differently, these are two things that will ensure you a calm and peaceful life among people.
Yes, this is the truth of the whole world. And it has always been that way. Nobody just noticed it.
A person who lives by his or her own principles, by his or her own rules and is responsible for his or her actions himself, herself is the most dangerous. Such person is just evil.
But society, perhaps, has two personalities. After all, if someone becomes a famous scientist or artist, they will immediately begin to applaud. But of course, after a while they can forget that person.
Society lives by only one rule. And this rule is - to be like everyone else.
If everyone likes it, then I should also like it. If everyone does not love, then I must not love.
The reality that societies have created is like a blank canvas.

It's hard for smart people in this emptiness. But the path that makes a person out of you is worth it for society to turn its back on you forever. Although at the end, it will still turn around and start applauding.
And now, crowds of people, society, believed in every word that Lain said.
Her plan worked perfectly. Having exterminated all the smart people, she was left alone and now, society had no choice but to believe everything.
And even the way she told lies made everyone admire her.
She created a real government and people, under the pressure of fear, but nevertheless joy, agreed with everything.
She told them that Sennhandd is actually a bad person, that he wanted to destroy everyone, everyone believed this. Because they never believed that an ordinary person can become a great scientist, and when they got a chance to offend him and prove that he is not, they immediately shouted words of hatred at him with joy.
And it was unpleasant for me to hear Lain accuse Sennhandd of some strange virus appearing in the world.
I didn't believe all this until I saw a safe with a strange substance inside a glass bottle.

It looked more like orange juice than the most dangerous virus.
In the dark room that served as office, we stood as if we were at home.
In pursuit of power, Kazimir and Lain forgot about the most important thing, about safety.
Quickly putting the strange glass bottle in his bag, Luca took some papers from his father's desk and nodded his head.
The first plan was completed. And it was too simple. But the second plan was more complicated. We needed to free everyone from the "prison" and start living far from everyone, from society.
But still, I never stopped thinking that this is a common trap. Although Moonlight told me otherwise.
Intricate corridors led to different rooms where the Wizards sat. There were too many of them.
But every one of them was against Lain, against the system. And all thanks to Moonlight, who during this time, was able to become a friend of one Wizard named Ryu and open everyone else's eyes to the fact that they should not obey.
Moonlight gathered an entire army that was ready to rebel. Although, I knew that Wizards would never do bad things to someone.

"It's all right. Lain is still giving her speech. I'm reading her thoughts. Go," said one Wizard.
"Okay. But if anything happens, then be ready to close all the doors. This time, we won't let her win."
I fell in love with this Wizard more and more. Especially when he was giving commands, pretending to be too serious.
"How did you manage to become such a main character in this game?" I asked, following him along the blank computers.
"I just wanted to do anything for you. I was willing to do anything to stop this system and you could write calmly."
"I would hug you or more if we were alone. Far, far away."
"Be serious. We're actually in danger right now," Luca told me, looking a bit nervous.
"This will all be over soon," Theron added.
Noticing strange sparks in the very corner of an empty room, I stopped and it seemed to me that someone was lying there.
But as soon as I took a few steps forward, I noticed that a robot was lying behind a blank computer monitor. And this robot had wires sticking out in all directions.

The right side of his face was too badly broken. I could see his silvery essence, which radiated the color of pain.
His eyes looked up somewhere. And in those eyes was the imprint of death.
It was broken and simply left here as an unnecessary thing.
"Oki, let's go. We're running out of time."
I couldn't do anything and so I just left.
Everyone always leaves when they see cruelty.
"Lain is still with people. But I'm not sure about Kazimir. I can't read his mind," said the Wizard with short, curly hair.
The lift, which was round in shape, was so uncomfortable that we could hardly stand on our feet. And this elevator went up so slowly that I was afraid that Lain and everyone were already here.
"Is there really no one in the building? And where is the entire staff of community Three and Seven?"
"I've never seen them. They're either good at hiding, or they just don't exist. To create a serious and frightening image, Lain may have created this community. Yes, there is no one around the building. Just you and the Wizards."
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