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Noticing the tiredness in Moonlight's eyes, the thought came to my mind that he was beginning to age. After all, before, I did not notice such fatigue in his eyes.
“I'm not tired,” he whispered and smiled faintly.
When the elevator finally stopped, we were on the lowest floor.
An age of too advanced technology and yet, many floors were too dark.
It's dark and empty.
Previously, there were various devices and inventions in this laboratory. Earlier, great ideas were born here. But they destroyed everything, leaving only monitors, Wizards, robots and an incomprehensible virus that was now with us.
Finally, society has removed its mask, recognizing the fact that everyone only needs happiness and power.
"Hurry. This way."
“This is weird. There’s no one here. If this virus is Lain's plan, then why were we able to get here so easily?” I still asked.
"Rejoice that everything is going according to plan."

"I think we made a mistake when we decided to come in here. This is definitely a trap."
"We'd have to risk it anyway. We had no other choice. Let's just think that Lain and my father are too naive people."
"When we succeed, do you remember that you have to organize our wedding?" Theron asked, trying to show everyone that there was nothing to be afraid of.
"Yes. Of course. For the sake of your wedding, I will think of good things so that we can leave this place soon."
"What next? Fly away to another planet? Or hide from Lain forever?" Luca suddenly asked.
"We thought you had a plan."
"Yes. We'll just leave this planet and start living far away."
"What are we going to eat? We won't take the machine that creates food."
"It's too dangerous to plan now."
“Actually, we're saving the world here. We have the virus, which means no one is going to die,” Theron said, pushing me aside.
“We are here. This is the same teleporter,” Moonlight said.
And even when we were in the teleporter, and even when Moonlight pressed the button and after exactly five seconds we were in a bright, spacious room, Lain continued to play her game.
Everything was going too well and even perfect.
"So, all we need is to free all these people and take them to some dimension. But which one?"
"I have everything ready. My guys are waiting for us in one of the dimensions that Lain will definitely not be able to find. Once I heard my father talking. And he said that there are such dimensions in the world that are mysterious and no one goes there. And can't go."
"Then let's free them."
And again in front of me were hundreds and of course more round aquariums, in which all the minds of this planet continued to sleep.
Seeing Albert's tired and almost dead face, I ran in his direction.
"These aquariums keep them alive. This water supports them with all the vitamins. And all these wires are needed in order to constantly monitor their brain waves, for overall health."
"We need to find a computer that can free them."
Moonlight, taking out of his pocket something that looked like a telephone, said, "I have prepared everything. Actually, rarely anyone comes here. For everyone, this place is like a graveyard. Therefore, I spent a lot of time here."
Pressing a button, he pointed to everyone and added, "Now they are going to start waking up."

"There are too many of them. I think they will be terrified when they open their eyes," Theron said, looking at the stranger.
“The teleporter is still set up, so we have to get everyone there quickly and then we’ll all end up in another dimension,” Luca whispered, looking happily at the young boy and girl who slept unaware of anything.
During this time, he smiled for the first time. There was too much pain in that smile.
But as soon as the water left the aquarium, Luca perked up even more and shouted, "Oki, be ready."
The water slowly left everyone and when they were released, the aquariums suddenly cracked.
In a white room, where daylight never turned into nightlight, hundreds, if not more, people woke up in a world that rejected them, simply because they were not happy when they were unhappy, because they did not laugh when they felt bad.
I expected panic, but no, there was peace in their eyes.
As if they were waiting for this moment.
I walked closer to Albert and whispered his name as quietly as possible. But I knew he didn't remember anything.
“You are free. Now, everything is over,” Luca said, sharply hugging the girl who looked like she would never be able to walk. "Let's get out of here."
No, they were not afraid of us. Although they looked at us like at aliens.
“Come on. We're running out of time,” I said, helping Albert to his feet.
They could walk and that was good.
Of course, all my friends were here, all Sennhendd's colleagues, but I didn't have time to pay attention to them.
"Where is Lain? Answer me!"
"No need to shout!"
"Moonlight! I'm asking you!"
"She's still speaking."
"Come on!"
Nobody knew where they were going, but my fears disappeared when all these people nevertheless followed us.
Albert walked next to me, with blank eyes.

This look frightened me.
It was a ghostly gaze that history would never remember.
“Luca, some people are left behind. I'll bring them,” I said, noticing several people sitting in the corner.
"This way!" Cryolalia shouted and smiling like the kindest person, she led them towards their freedom.
But I, once again leaving Moonlight behind me, walked in a different direction.
In the very corner of this room, which turned out to be not a corner at all, were twenty people, some of whom were my acquaintances.
Before I could get them to their feet, I was thrown aside and all I saw was the face of Moonlight.
I left him again.
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