All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Bright lights, like a holiday, like happiness finally became visible.
And the lights, painting the wings of a phoenix right in the sky, created the whole show.

It was a performance, it was a moment when humanity again, by its own mistake, deprived the Earth of its future.
First, they deprived the future of nature, then the planet itself, a home that was perhaps the only one for them, not counting other planets that were still adapting to humans.
The mistake made it so that parts of the ring began to collapse to Earth, which continued to imitate Saturn.
Small debris, which decided to fall right now, landed, along with a bright fire, which, hovering, tried to land on the roof of each building.
And people, in a panic, and again feeling fear and a desire to survive, fled in different directions.
The screams were too strong and these screams were able to go through the wall to get to me.
Opening my eyes, I was alone again. My plan did not work, and fate said that I was just a pawn.
In a warm room, in a comfortable armchair, I sat and did not feel my body. As if my whole body was paralyzed, only thoughts were free.
In front of me was a view of the whole city.
Fire and destruction have returned to this world.
Everything that Sennhandd built just disappeared before our eyes.

I was scared to look at it, but I had no other choice.
I could not move, I could not do anything. Again, I was lost. For the second time.
The night, how beautiful it is, and how terrible it is.
The sky was dark gray and what was underneath was red. But what was in me was just emptiness.
I knew Lain was behind me.
I could feel her presence. After all, her presence was so loud, so cold, like death itself.
"Okinizeus, you finally came to me," she said.
I continued to look ahead and saw a large iron piece of the ring flying from the sky, along with the cars.
And with what a crash it all fell.
The earthquake turned the earth into an ocean.
"These pieces could fall on us at any second," she whispered softly as she walked to the window.
I still didn't look at her. After all, there was no point in fighting. Although I wanted to fight so badly. No one just can imagine how I wanted to fight for the sake of one thing, for the sake of simple love.

But I couldn't defend love. I couldn't do it.
"The world is crumbling right before our eyes. But all this will pass. Humanity can always cope with everything. It's just a transition. Yes, this is the easiest transition."
"And you made this transition. You've always wanted this. Look, people are scared, and scared people are always obedient. Now, you can tell them anything and they will believe. Tell me, that virus, it doesn't exist? What is in that bottle is just an orange juice? You have made everything, so that the whole world plunged into chaos, so could you sit on your throne more steadily? Is that so?"
There was not a drop of emotion in my words. It turns out that I was not alive for a long time.
Lain, the human who desperately wanted power from the beginning, looked ahead and I could see the lights of destruction blazing in her eyes.
Everyone in this world was chasing their demons.
And sometimes, it was not even demons who chased people, but vice versa.
Or people just became them.
"You are very smart. You are special. You know that? You have something in you that no one else has. Therefore, in my heart you have a certain place."

"You did not answer my question."
"You already know about everything."
"Lain, tell me about yourself. Who are you after all?"
My life, her life, what was it?
On the highest floor of a skyscraper, for the first time I could clearly see my future. And knowing what would happen, I stopped resisting.
Lain sat down on a chair next to me, and lightly touching my hand with her fingers, she replied wearily, "You think I'm a bad person. But I don't think so. You think I just want power, but I don't agree with it. You think that I am against rationality, but I am not."
"No. You want power, you are afraid of smart people, free people, real people. You destroyed everything and everyone. Because you are just a part of society. And like any society, you destroy the mind, thought. And all for the sake of everyone to be the same. You want everyone to be the same, without the ability to think, to hate. You, your government, after all, needs exactly those who can be afraid and at the same time do nothing, who do not think but just listen. It's the perfect world for people like you. People who can't fight back. Safe people for a better future. Lain, you're just an ordinary person. You're just an empty person."

She listened to me attentively and at the same time she did not even blink.
In a black suit, in a red shirt, she sat next to me, looking at me with horror, with triumph in her eyes.
I still didn't understand what kind of person she was. She was a ghost who walked between life and death.
After my words, she said nothing. But the clear and loud voice of Kazimir was heard from all sides.
"Please get in the cars and get out of here. We have everything under control. Don't be afraid! And stay calm."
After he said these words, a large fiery splinter broke through the glass of the window and flew further, into the flame, which was slowly heading towards the crowd of people.
Despite this, no one tried to stop the end of the world.
From this height, my vision suddenly became like eagle's vision and I could see thousands of people who fought with each other.

For the first time in so many centuries, they took weapons and even if they could not die, they did everything to take a better place in this apocalypse.
I think you know what war looks like. Then you can imagine what was happening all over the world right now.
Human could not die, but they killed him or her until he or she weakened.
Together with the fire, together with the soldiers who tried to "calm" everyone, people threw themselves at each other as if they suddenly found themselves in the Middle Ages.
War can be described in just two words, it is panic and chaos.
I sat and looked down, feeling like someone special, although I was the weakest of all.
"Where is Sennhandd?! This is his work! He has to stop it all!"
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