All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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In the next second, everyone started shouting Sennhandd's name as people on the other side of the city continued to attack and fight.

“This is the perfect world for you,” I said, feeling warmth from the fire.
I found the strength to get up and walk to the very edge of the broken window.

I was not afraid of this height. Suddenly I imagined that I had white, beautiful wings behind me.
What if it's all just a dream?
And soon, I will wake up next to Moonlight.
Feeling the embrace that squeezed me too tightly, I closed my eyes and wanted to take a step forward. But Lain was holding me too tightly.
“I don’t want to hurt you. Why don’t you understand this? Why are you so stubborn? What do you need to be happy? I can give you all this,” she said.
I'm tired, I'm so tired.
"You did it. Lain, you won. Although you never even told anyone about the rules of the game. But you won anyway."
"It'll be okay. If you hug me," Lain said.
"I will not become a part of this society. Never."
"I'm sorry."

Feeling a slight pain in my back, I realized that she left me no choice. It was late.

The pain that immediately made me fall to the floor like a stone was unbearable.
I started to shake and it seemed to me that now there is a virus in my blood that will kill me.
The pain was too much, the sadness was too terrible, and the screams were so true.
What does society do when it is scared?
It blames others. And it never admits its mistake.
What does everyone do when everything is not good? Everyone just yells at each other.
And this is the simplest explanation of everything.
People destroy, but then, they want to fix what is broken. But when they cannot do this, then they get angry.
No matter how many centuries have passed, a person still behaves like a child who is only at the first stage of development.
While I was lying, thinking about the death, which everyone has always dreamed of, I noticed a snow-white figure somewhere below.
It was Sennhandd.
A million questions popped into my head. But I couldn't help him.

He was all alone in this world.
And yet, he continued to shine in this world as the only hope.
I watched him, I watched him walk past the fire, past broken houses, past the broken parts of the ring, past everything he has always worked on.
Where was he going and why.
Mentally, I was with him. I followed him.
And after a while, the brain stopped noticing the difference between reality and imagination.
Sennhandd just walked forward towards the stage.
This was his exaltation, this was the throne that has always served the whole world.
And he remembered his place in this world. But he could not become that Sennhandd.
I walked next to him. I saw his face.
Long hair touched his shoulders like a veil.
The snow-white clothes gave his image something sacred.
And bare feet were not afraid and walked straight on the fire, which slowly tried to hurt him.
But the immortality did not allow the fire to take his life.

Above our heads, like the evil voice of the fate of all, like a sign, the ring of the Earth foreshadowed something more terrible.
It seemed to me that all the stars, galaxies, all of this would simply turn into something empty, into a part of chaos.
But I went all the way with Sennhandd.
And at that moment, when several wizards ran up to him, trying to hide him from fire or from shots, Sennhandd stopped.
One person noticed him and shouted, "This is him!"
Now, for them, he was not an enemy, not a dangerous person who could take away their happy life. Now, he was the only salvation for them.
"Help us! Please help!"
"This is the end of the world?! You know what to do!"
"My friend is dead! Are we all going to become mortals?"
"Do something!"
"Do at least something!"
Now, these looks have become pathetic. They asked for mercy.

And I was wondering what Sennhandd would say.
But he just watched in silence as everything around him slowly collapsed.
“Sennhandd, you've come,” Kazimir said, standing behind us.
"Kazimir! What will happen next?!"
"I told you to run away! Why are you still here!" Kazimir shouted.
"How can we be saved?!"
"All cars are broken! And the teleport is very far away!"
"Where are your wizards? Let them help you!"
"They are not here! They are gone!"
"Have they left us? Or have they all died?"
"Find them!"
"Kazimir, why doesn't anyone put out the fire? And why did this ring start to break?"
I knew that Kazimir would want to say that Sennhandd was to blame for everything, because people would believe him more than themselves. But he didn't say that.
Instead, he asked everyone to find the safe place until his people solved the problem.

"You've told us this several times already! But nobody does anything! What's going on?" someone asked and immediately cried out in pain.
"Everything will be fine! I promise! We are working on it," Kazimir added and went away.
"Sennhandd help! You know what to do. You made this ring! And stop this virus! I don't want to die!"
"Don't let us die!"
But Sennhandd could say nothing.
He looked at everyone in silence.
He forgot about everything. Emptiness was still a part of his existence.
Once upon a time, society destroyed his good name. Once upon a time, everyone saw him as an enemy. But now, he was their only hope of salvation. And for what time, humanity destroys, and then regrets what they have done.
Irony always wins.
These pleading eyes were directed to the great scientist, while I was slowly dying, along with this world.
When I was able to recover, I noticed that my head was resting on someone's lap.
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