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Before, I never lost consciousness. But that feeling was strange. At first, I thought I was just falling asleep. And my own body weight was so heavy that I couldn't keep myself on my feet. When I closed my eyes, everything became easy, and I felt the lulling waves of the ocean that were taking me somewhere, until I woke up.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed Comet's slightly frightened face in front of me.

I looked around and noticed that I was in a dark room walls of which were made of wood.

I wanted to get up and I suddenly felt a slight headache.

"Are you alright? Are you still feeling sick?"

I noticed he was still holding a glass of orange juice.

"How did you know I wanted orange juice?"

"You've thought about it."

"So, you can read thoughts? Tell me who you are.”

Comet pondered and it was evident that he did not know how to answer this question. And instead, he just said, "I can read minds. That's right."

Looking at this creature, I realized that he still did not know who he was. And that meant that the great scientist Sennhandd created this creature.

I've known telekinesis for a long time. And given all the advances in technology, I'm not surprised that now, this ability has been implanted in the brain of any being. But why did Sennhandd create it?

Putting a glass of juice on the table, Comet looked at me and asked, "Do you need anything else?"

"No. Thank you. Wait, though. Tell me where I am and where is Sennhandd?"

"He's here."

I looked into the other corner of the strange room, and noticed him. He was sitting in a big chair.

"You passed out so dramatically. You made me worry about you," he said softly.

Forgetting my suspicions, I had thoughts only about Comet in my head. And so, he was reading my mind now.

But to be sure, I thought, "I wouldn't give up chamomile tea."

"How do you feel? Maybe you should go home?"

No sooner had I said anything, as Comet, holding out a mug of tea to me, said, "Before you leave, you should have a cup of chamomile tea."

Taking a hot mug in my hands, I looked at this beautiful creature, in whose eyes there were the sincerest emotions, and I could no longer contain all the questions that tormented me.

"Tell me, did you create him?"

Sennhandd finally got up from his chair and slowly, gracefully approached Comet, smiled good-naturedly at him and said, "Yes. Okinizeus, to your attention, this is Comet. A creature that possesses the great power of thought.”

I wanted to know everything about this creature. And I asked, "Why did you create him?”

Sennhandd laughed and said, "I thought you'd ask how he could read thoughts and fulfill wishes."

"And that's interesting to me, too."

"I think Comet will tell you everything."

Smiling and nodding his head, Sennhandd went to the door and walked out of the room silently.

Now, I was alone with this creature.
And once we were alone, Comet suddenly began to behave a little shyly.

I didn't know what to say either. So, I took a few sips of tea, which had already cooled down.

"Are you wondering how I can fulfill any of your wishes?" he finally asked. "Maybe you want hot tea. Don't drink it, it's already cooled."

"No. Everything is fine. And yes, I'm interested. How can you do everything? You're a magician, I suppose?"

He sat down next to me and with a very thoughtful expression replied, "Professor, before creating me, found a way to connect thoughts with the universe directly. But he couldn't use it, so he passed that gift on to a creature like me. I just know how to live in two worlds at the same time. That is, in the material world and the intangible one. You know that this whole world and everything is there because there is energy. Everything is a flow of energy. And thoughts, too. I just know how to direct this flow of energy into the material world, and by doing so, I create something out of nothing."

"So, you think about something and that becomes part of reality?"

"Yes. It's all about energy. Human also has the energy of thought. That's just, all the thoughts of a human remain in his head. Because a person lives in a material world. He or she is not yet able to use the flow of energy to achieve their goals. Well, Professor made my brain pure stream of energy. Every thought of mine goes straight to the universe. In fact, it's not hard."

"Isn't it hard? It's pure magic!"

Comet smiled a little, and I noticed that he was blushing.

"So, you'll fulfill any wish?"

"Yes. What do you want?"

"Do you want to show what you are capable of? Well, in that case, I want strawberry ice cream."

I didn't expect the energy of thought to become a material object so fast.

Comet simply closed his eyes and a second later in his hand was ice cream in a glass mug.

Ice cream just came out of nowhere. To say I wasn't surprised would be a lie. There was no limit to my surprise.

"It's unbelievable!" I exclaimed.

"It's just a flow of energy. In fact, people could do that, too."

"But people are full of anger, and that's probably what keeps them from becoming wizards," I continued.

Comet looked at me in surprise, and I realized that he had to learn the whole dark side of human nature. And for that, I felt a little sorry for him.

Suddenly, I wanted to tell him about everything, about all the people and the beautiful things that are in this world.

And I said, "How many days do you live in this world?"

"It's been only two weeks."

"Two weeks?! You probably don't know much about this world. Tell me, have you seen the world behind these walls?"


"Would you like to see the world?"

He thought about it and then said, "Probably yes. I think the world is beautiful."

Looking at him, at his gentle facial features, at strands of hair that were perfectly combed back, I suddenly wondered why Sennhendd had created this kind of creature. But I couldn't ask Comet about it.

The next second, Sennhandd entered the room and Comet said, "I will not distract you from your affairs. But if you want something to eat, just think about it."

"Just think about it," I whispered.

When Comet left, the scientist sat down next to me, and I noticed that he looked very tired and sad.

His kind eyes expressed the brilliance of eternal melancholy.

Breathing heavily, he closed his eyes and said, "Okinizeus, I don't think I should have created Comet."

Today was clearly a day of surprise.

I couldn't help but ask, "Why? I think he's perfect. And it's not about his powers. He is just perfect."

Sennhandd turned his head in my direction. So close, he's never looked at me before.

Noticing the tears in his eyes, I realized that he felt guilty.

"Do you know how long such a creature like Comet will live?" he suddenly asked.

I was silently expecting a continuation.

And he quietly, with pain in his voice, added, "Only five years."
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