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A warm hand touched my face.
It was Moonlight.
I found the strength to smile.
“Don't smile,” he said tenderly.
"Are you here?"
"I'll take you out of here."
"It's too late. I'll die soon."
I saw him cry.
"We will leave together. Everything is safe. I will take you. I have come for you. You will live," he said.
"There is already a virus in my blood."
"No. There was no virus. Okinizeus, this is all a lie."
"I feel like I'm dying."
I knew it wouldn't end like this.
I knew Lain would not just let me go.

Noticing a weapon with a peripheral vision that was aimed at Moonlight, I pushed him aside and the bullet, cutting through the air, landed in the tissues of my heart.
"What do you want?!" Moonlight screamed.
"So this is who you are. So you are Moonlight," she said.
I didn't let her kill him. Not now.
Love works wonders. After all, I had the strength to get up and close him from another bullet.
"Go away. This is my wish."
"Take him away and make him forget about everything."
I did not notice that there were also soldiers with us.
No, I was too weak to fight.
"Why are you doing this? Why? Why do you need him?" Moonlight asked.
Well, Lain continued to pretend that this was all just a game.
"Answer me!"
“Power always wins,” she said.

"Moonlight! I wish you ..."
My wish was interrupted and I just disappeared.
The moment the cars stopped flying, people looked up and saw the sky.
It was black, but blue in places.
Yet it was beautiful for everyone.
“I forgot what the sky looks like,” said one man.
Millions of people, for the first time in the history of mankind, raised their gazes up and just looked at the sky.

It was morning.
It was cold. In some places there was snow.
Kazimir, holding a microphone in his hands and standing next to the wizard, said, "Please find shelter! The death virus is still in this world. Try not to inhale too deeply!"
Some, covering their faces, ran somewhere.
There was still war in the air.

People were ready to kill, just to understand at least something.
"Are you sure they'll calm down? Can we use that device for memory control?!" the woman in the red coat asked.
Kazimir looked at her and shook his head.
“Erasing everyone's memory will be too cruel. Do you want them to forget about everything? About us?! Do you understand that then it will be necessary to re-create a reputation and image in their eyes.”
After looking at the people who were sitting, walking or just standing, but not fighting, Kazimir said into the microphone, "The main thing is not to be afraid. Together we will deal with this virus. You just find shelter and do not leave the house!"
"And what are you going to do next?!"
"What would Lain do?" an elderly man asked.
It was in a circular room with twenty-one people and several wizards.
Kazimir scratched his head and replied, "I still don't understand what she wanted. I don't know what she would have done. Probably the same."
"If people forget about everything. Then we will have a new opportunity. We can begin to write the fate of humanity and beyond. From scratch. Without memory, they will be new. They will obey and in the end everyone will be fine," added another man nervously looking in the direction of the wizard, who dropped a tray of food on the floor.
"Yes. Kazimir, you should think about it."
"Lain has to decide."
"No. Lain will not decide anything. Perhaps you are right. People are afraid. And we were able to scare them. Sennhandd and his entire team are forgotten. So I think now is the best time for another plan. The main plan."
Breathing in happily, Kazimir suddenly remembered about his son.
He remembered the words that he said to him at the moment when he disappeared into the teleportator.
Changing his mood, he sat down in a chair and closed his eyes.
"You need to think."
"This world has only us. That's all. Therefore, with new people, we will reach the heights."
"You're right."
"Hey you, bring me some water. Hot water!"
The wizard nodded his head and a glass of water appeared in front of Kazimir.

"So, it's decided?!"
"I think we need to wait. Let's see what they do. There are so many disasters in the world."
"Are you wondering how they will behave?! This virus, you made it up?"
"What is in that safe then?"
"Scare people that they might die. You are strange Kazimir."
"But most importantly, they believed it."
"You wanted to prove that Sennhandd was bad after all?! You want everyone to think that this virus was created by him?"
"Kazimir, you're just a terrible person."
Looking at how people began to fight for a place, a shelter, Kazimir smiled and lifted his head up.
"This world needs normal kings. Not like Sennhandd. People don't need kindness. They need evil."

Under a dark sky, under a dark future, without a single ray of hope, forgetting about the sun, people begged Sennhandd to help them.
They pleaded with the wizards. The creatures who were constantly being tortured.
But no one came to their aid.
And only occasionally, the community "Three and Seven", which became the government, promised everyone help and a bright future.
And only occasionally, Lain would appear in front of everyone and when people started shouting and clapping, she would smile and say, "We will succeed. The world is changing. So be patient."
For many years now, humanity has been arriving in the depths of ignorance. Nobody knew what love is, what friendship, patience and sincerity are.
After all, even the mother did not recognize the child, leaving him or her at any moment. And the child, too, did not feel the need for a home.
Nobody was responsible for anybody.
Hope wanted to reappear in this world, but the war destroyed it, along with the ring of earth that continued to collapse.

The Earth, lonely, in the darkness of space, having rejected the rays of the sun, was now returning back to the past.
The iron wings fell faster than anyone thought.
All bridges, all starships, colonies on other planets, as if by conspiracy, collapsed.
The world, science, all this was always just a house of cards.
And only society is left in the world.
Only the herd principle is to follow wherever everyone goes. Do whatever the other does.
And all in order to be happy.
“Tell Lain to give approval to launch the missiles,” Kazimir said, looking eagerly at the world below.
But the wizard, who was given this order, stood motionless for a while, and only when Kazimir threw an evil glance at him, he left.
"Is that all?! All our efforts will simply be wasted?! People will forget about everything, and what's next?" asked the woman who had been looking in the mirror for the second hour.

"Lucy, you haven't figured it out yet."
"What is there to understand?"
"We are about to start the new era. It's enough to rejoice."
When Kazimir looked at his watch and realized that ten minutes had passed since he gave the command, he nervously said to himself, "And where is this Bobby."
Bobby, for 5 years was his wizard, who never betrayed him.
But the minutes passed and soon, an hour passed.
At that moment, when Kazimir wanted to get up and go to Lain, something threw him aside.
"What happened?!"
Seeing his son in the corner of the room, Kazimir was about to ask about something, but a strong earthquake shook the building and when the windows broke, the minister of progress shouted, "Luca!"
This was the last word he said before he flew away.
"Where are your wings daddy?!" Luca asked. "You were wrong. Those who exalt the mind are always at the origin."
The modern world, the future, lived by its own rules.
Time went ahead at a breakneck pace.

Everything was changing too fast.
Too fast.
And everyone who stood in the same room with Luca knew this.
Despite the fact that everything was crumbling around, he went up to his father and kissed his head.
“Dad, you lost,” he whispered and stepped aside.
Stopping near the broken window, Luca smiled and suddenly saw a miracle.
Yes, the world suddenly decided to become a fairy tale.
The sun's rays were able to reach the ground and several orange lines gently touched the city.
The tired world breathed again.
"Look, this is a painting. A canvas by a great artist. This is a masterpiece. And now, no one can destroy this masterpiece," Luca said to the wizard standing next to him. "You are free."
"What will happen now?"
"Now, we need to get stronger."

The world was crumbling, people were afraid, they turned each other into enemies.
But what was I doing at this moment?!
I became part of the system.
I was losing everything I had. And even when the sun's rays reached me, I didn't even smile.
I forgot about everything.
Lain won.
She made me forget about everything. And before she did that, she also erased her memory and took my hand.
I woke up as a new person.
And I held her hand.
She smiled at me. An unfamiliar, beautiful girl whose face was covered in blood.
And the rays of the sun woke us up.
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