All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Six months later.

In a small house, I settled down and every day admiring the sunset and dawn, I began to live in a new way.
It's quiet here. There is no one around.
My house is in the very center of a green field.
Flowers around me. Their color is white and yellow.
There are many butterflies here. There are many birds.
And the grass is bright green.
Warm wind and bright sun, blue sky, always above me and around me.
Recently, I read a poem about paradise.
Am I in paradise now?
But what else is it?
Opening the wooden door, I inhale the scent of flowers.
How beautiful they are.
For a moment, I look at my palms and see lines on them and on my right hand the line looks like the letter M.

What begins with this letter?
Milky Way? Mouse? Magician? Mermaid?
And then I looked back and again my look fell on these pictures of unknown people.
Who are they?
I approached the man who was pointing at the robot.
His face was kind and clear.
And under the photo was written: The great scientist Sennhandd and his first robot.
There were not only his photographs, but also other people.
All the walls were filled with them.
Unfamiliar faces looked at me every time I came into the living room.
But I have ceased to be afraid of these eyes. After all, there was something special about them. Something dear.
Was I happy?
I did not know that.
And only once a week a robot came to me and brought too much food for one person.

Each time, I tried to speak to him, but he quickly left.
I still didn't know where I was.
Although I think this is my home.
When I opened my eyes, I was already here.
And for six months now, I have been living here and I like it here.
There are many books here, although I am still learning to read.

I like to read the lines of one verse, which spoke about such a phenomenon as love.
Remembering this book, I opened the door again and decided to understand what love is.
And I wanted to understand this, looking at the butterflies that flew around me.
And here I am again in the middle of the tall grass.
There are butterflies around me.
Too many of them.
This is not true!
Feeling light, I rush in pursuit of them and stop only when I reach a tall tree.

The wind whispers to me about many things.
But I am not listening.
I'm happy.
But my heart hurts.
To understand what love is, I close my eyes and begin to doze.
Through slightly open eyelids, I see my home.
How lonely it is here.
I closed my eyes again and this time, I fell asleep.
The grass tickles my face.
A small bird sits on a tree and sings.
This song tells me a lot. But I cannot understand anything.
My mind is somewhere far away.
And in my heart there is pain that I do not understand.
Someone's voice wakes me up.

All I can feel is discontent.
I open my eyes and see a man with long hair and a bright face in front of me.
He looks like an angel.
"Who are you?"
To my surprise, he sits down next to me and takes a deep breath.
"And here it is very beautiful. Just like in a dream. In your dream."
His face is beautiful. Feminine yet a little rude.
I see that this person can hurt, but he can also be too kind.
He looks ahead and as if the dream closes his eyes.
"It's very quiet here. It's a perfect world. Am I right?" he asked.
"Beauty is the ideal. But beauty is in tranquility."
"I'm glad you haven't forgotten how to think."
"You know me?"
Still not looking at me, he smiled and said, "People understood everything too late. But the truth is, happiness is in peace."

"You are like a person who knows a lot about happiness."
He smiles. A smile suits him very much.
I wonder what kind of person he is.
And I want to ask, but he already answers, "I am back. And I will always be with you."
"But who are you?"
"Okinizeus, I fulfilled your last wish. I was able to conquer death," he suddenly said. He was very happy.
I got a little scared when he held out his hand to me.
“My name is Moonlight,” he said.
My heart is beating too fast. I feel like I might fall.
Is this feeling of happiness?
Why is it so nice?
I quickly get up, as if afraid to miss something and shake his hand.
“I'm Okinizeus,” I replied with a nervous smile.

Ahead of me are only green fields, which in places turn into mountains that stretch towards the sky, towards the clouds in the form of horses.
The wind embraces both of us. It whispers to us about something.
And I understand that this creature, which presented itself as Moonlight, is in fact a person from a distant world.
I believe in the existence of fairy tales, and now, I look into the eyes that contain good and evil.
I just can't take my eyes off this thin face, from these eyes, which are filled with tears.
He came closer to me, and whispered, "Love is actually a very easy thing. But love has been turned into something very complex. Love has only one rule and that is to be next to the one who is dear to you no matter what happens. I did everything, to be next to you. I was able to change my nature, I became immortal. I comprehended science and all the secrets of this life. You see, love is an easy thing. There is no suffering, unnecessary thoughts in love. It's simple. I want to be with you and I'll be with you. Just like the moon in the sky."
Just like the moon in the sky.

These words and everything around, this wind, which I do not stop thinking about, all this made me think.
Who am I?
I have been here for exactly six months. And since then I have not thought about who I am.
It was all just a dream. And I was afraid to wake up. After all, I thought that there was only pain ahead of me.
But now, this stranger made me say, "Nice to meet you, Moonlight."
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