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What kind of people does this world need?
People who don’t think, who don’t ask many questions.
What kind of people are happy?
People who do not think about anything, who live like there is an eternity ahead of them. People who are not chasing goals, dreams.
What kind of people are dangerous, unpleasant for this world?

People who think, know a lot, live by their convictions, who are not afraid of rumors. These are people who don't need anyone. People who have created independence for themselves.
What does society do with such people?
Society is trying to do everything to make this person like everyone else.
Personality, intelligence, this is all dangerous. Society does not want to deal with such people.
Just think, why does the school never teach the child that he or she can live and do what he or she loves? Instead, everyone says that a person should live like everyone else. In stability. And to be an artist, writer, scientist, this is just a dream and it will never come true.
Why no one teaches a person how to become someone independent?
It is true that such people would be dangerous.
Because, they go their own way.
While everyone follows the same path.
So that there are no individuals in this world.
In this world, an intelligent person will not receive support. But a person who smiles deceitfully at those who above him, her gets too much support and approval.
I will repeat it one more time.

It is not profitable to be smart. And even kind, to be an individual.
But to be like everyone else means to be good.
Humanity, although loves to live happily, but still ignores the existence of scientists who worked for the good of everything. They don't want to understand how things work.
And at the sight of a beautiful painting, they do not feel a thrill in their souls.
Well, as for the writer who is only in the beginning, they do hate and call him or her a loser.
Tell me how many people know about who invented the refrigerator, who came up with a way to remove appendicitis, who came up with the phone, the plane, the car, and in general everything that surrounds you.
How many people consider such people to be heroes?
Smart people still continue to suffer and in the end they become only ghosts that not everyone remembers.
And all because if there are too many thoughts in your head, then you will probably be forgotten.
Lies, smiles, laughter, emptiness in thoughts, these are the keys to a better, peaceful life. And it has always been that way.
Now, my dear readers, I invite you to travel with me in time.

Through matter, through the dark velvet of the Universe, past billions of stars and planets, along the Milky Way, we fly only forward.
Look around. This is the space that is inside each of us.
Now look back at that little dot that is our home.
Is life worth trying to be like everyone else and forgetting your dreams, leaving your goals?
And so, we fly forward, because this is the only direction that matters.
Now, we see time stretching along the fabric of the Universe.
And when we get to the planet Earth, which has just been left behind, I will tell you, "This is the future."
What is this world like?
We are just observers.
And what do we see?
Planet Earth, in its greatness, in silence, is in wise solitude.
And if you get closer, you can see the same tall skyscrapers, the same space stations that are home to many.

But what has changed is that the clouds have turned white again. And the sky turned blue again.
Houses that stretch upward share this planet along with rivers that run in different directions.
Drinking water has returned to this land.
Under the bright sun, next to tall trees, people continue to live.
And above all, as if on a mountain, there is a real castle, on the door of which is written in golden letters: SCIBMAG.
If you look inside, then you will immediately see snow-white robes and the Wizards who are going somewhere.
Yes, you understood me correctly.
The wizards were able to free themselves from the humiliation of people. They were able to go up and say, "We are also living beings!"
They were able to make their voice loud for everyone.
And now, managing scientific affairs, the Wizards have become good parents for everyone, loyal friends, sages who will protect everyone and everything, no matter what happens next.
They don't remember the pain that they have endured. They are incapable of evil. They only give love and understanding.

And people who once humiliated and mocked them, now look up and see before them a clear image of the Wizard who was able to achieve freedom.
People look at the symbol of the Wizard with hope and faith.
After all, it was the Wizards who saved the world from destruction. It is thanks to science and the Wizards that humanity continues to evolve.
After all, once upon a time, humanity did not respect smart people, saying that they were dangerous, because once, they were led by the general opinion.
But not now.
And if we look closer, we can see that there is Moonlight at the top.
The one who was able to create immortality for each of the Wizards.
The one in whose heart one wish still resounds: I want you to live forever. I want to be with you always.
And it was he who went against Lain. In a matter of seconds, he was able to change the course of the event. And all for the sake of love.
Again, love has proved its own powers.

Love became his engine.
And at that moment when a human destroyed everything, the Wizards were the only ones who could help.
Irony always finds a way to surprise everyone.
But now, if we go down to Earth, will we see who?
A crowd of people walking somewhere. People with deceitful, happy smiles. People who don't know the suffering which was during the reign of Lain.
This square, where the statues of the giants still stood, served as the center.
And on the sparkling asphalt, we walk along with everyone.
It is worth stopping and we will hear conversations.
And here the first question asked by a small child, "Mom, who invented immortality?"
The woman in the gray suit replies immediately, "People have always been immortal. Didn't you know that?"
“Yes. But I found a book that said about one scientist who created everything,” the child continued.

And hearing him, another stranger, replied, "Those were dark times. And I don't think we need to remember them. After all, the most important thing is that now we are all happy."
“I know that human was not always immortal,” the child said.
But then, several adults interrupted him at once, "If you ask about many things, no one will respect you. Why do you need all this? You have everything. So why do you need answers to questions that do not make sense?!"
At that moment, Sennhandd walked past them.
Yes, you got it right.
The man who created literally everything walked past them with a smile on his face.
Now, he was a different person. He lived on his own. And he did not remember that he was once great.
But the greatness is still with him.
Walking through the streets, admiring the sky, he stopped next to me, and suddenly said, "The weather is fine today."
"You're right."
We sat down on a bench and began to look at people.

Everything was peaceful.
And Sennhandd too. Even after so many centuries, he never stopped smiling.
And one day I asked, "Why are you always smiling?"
And he replied, "There is no reason to smile."
This is the story that Irony herself told you.
How ironic it is.
People again forgot about the hero who created everything for them. And again, the scientists became a ghost.
He walked among them, he laughed with them, but now no one will remember that they are immortal only thanks to him.
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