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For the next few days, I spent all my time with Sennhandd. I thought he needed my help in history, but it turned out that he asked me a little bit about the 21st century and the very first people on Earth. On this, his questions were over.

I was surprised, of course, that he lied to me, using history as an excuse to lure me to the laboratory.
But until now, I didn't know what he wanted from me. I just kept going to the lab because I enjoyed spending time with this genius. I liked to talk to him, and in such a short period of time, he became a good friend to me.

And today has been a week since we became good friends.

Sitting in the library, I lazily flipped through an old book about the 19th century.

There were many books around me, just like skyscrapers, and this scent of books made me sit and stay awake. I liked the atmosphere that was in the air. The atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Books have always been a symbol of calmness for me. Reading, I always got to know myself better. Through all these stories, I understood myself more and more. That's why I dreamed that one day, I'd write my own book.

Perhaps Comet read my thoughts, judging by his smile and glances, which at times were directed at me.

But it didn't bother me at all. I had nothing to hide from him or from anyone. My thoughts were ready to be read. And for some reason, I trusted this creature, which will only live five years. So far, I've kept asking Sennhandd why it's five years, but I couldn't change the subject of our conversation.

When I was dreaming of writing a book, I asked, "Should I become a writer?"

I asked mentally and looked at Comet. And he answered by simply nodding his head.

"Do you think I'm going to be a good writer?"

“There's no doubt about that,” Comet replied.

Sennhandd, tearing away attention from the book, looked at us and with surprise intrinsic to each scientist wanted to ask, but manners did not allow him to get into someone else's conversation. Even if the creature that sat near him was his own creation.

"I think Sennhandd wants us to ask us something," I thought, and Comet suddenly laughed.

It should be said that during these days, Comet's hair became longer, and now their length reached the shoulders. But he was very happy with that style.
"Look at him, he is so curious," I said again mentally, thus making Comet to turn away and hide his desire to laugh.

Sennhandd once again looked at us. But judging by the look on his face, it was hard for him to continue to sit and remain silent. I felt sorry for him, and I said, "I was just telling Comet that you wanted to know the reason of our fun."

With a sigh of relief, Sennhandd smiled and said, "You're right, I was very curious. So, you've become good friends, I suppose?"

Comet turned vigorously in his direction and nodded with happiness and looked at me with great sincerity, waiting for my confession to his consent.

And I said, "Yes. Comet has become a good friend to me. And besides, I'm very comfortable. I don't have to talk. I just have to think."

Sennhandd suddenly sank into his thoughts. And now, I was interested to know what thoughts visited his head. After all, the expression on his face clearly became a little distressed.

Comet, perhaps having read his thoughts, rose from his chair and glanced at me. Then he just turned around and left, hiding behind rows of books.

I thought that the scientist just came up with another idea, and I went back to reading the book. The book was about inventions and famous scientists of all the time.

Having immersed myself in the wonderful world of scientists and their inventions, which gradually changed this world, I admired the mind that human possessed.

Human came up with everything that could interest any extraterrestrial civilization. It was poetry, science, art, music, cooking, architecture, and millions of other things that, alas, remained in the distant past.

I always thought that the most creative and interesting years were in the past. After all, what happened now? What are people doing now?

And the answer is: absolutely nothing.

Thinking about all this, I without noticing it, began to think about the book that I wanted to write.

But the flow of my thoughts was interrupted when I looked towards Sennhandd.

He looked at me thoughtfully, as if he wanted to say something.

"Professor, do you want to ask me something?"

"You know that Comet will only live five years. And knowing that, do you keep talking to him?" he suddenly asked me.

"Well, yes. Is there a problem with that?"

"It seems you don't know much about him," Senhand said and headed in my direction.

I said, "I don't know anything about him. But I'd like to know. In particular, the purpose of his creation."

Standing beside me, he replied, "Comet is a creature without any gender. It has a power, namely to send the energy of his thoughts into the fabric of the universe and to make them a reality. It also can read minds. In general, Comet, a real wizard and in order to create it, I needed to connect magic with science. You won't believe how much effort it took me to understand how thoughts work and how they materialize. Comet, this is my masterpiece. It's a masterpiece of all science. But alas, because it is able to use the energy of its thoughts and feel the flow of energy of the material world, such a creature quickly expends the energy of life, and he has only five years on this planet. And that seems to upset me."

After a moment of silence, Sennhandd again plunged into the world of his thoughts.

Well, I was just thinking about what he just told me.

And then I wanted to ask, "Can a creature like Comet eat?"

"No. Of all the organs he has, it's just the brain and the heart."

"Only the brain and the heart," I repeated.

“But that doesn't mean I can't taste the food,” Comet added.

We looked at "it" at the same time, and I felt the pain and sadness that would come as a result of the death of this good being.

"So, let's go back to the 19th century. Okinizeus, I wonder what people did in the 19th century?" Sennhandd asked abruptly, making it clear, that he did not want to talk in the presence of Comet.

With sadness in my heart, I began to tell Professor about how people lived, I told as if I myself had just come from the 19th century.

Sennhandd, nodding, wrote down something in his notebook and it surprised me a lot. After all, now, few people remembered how to use paper and pen. Perhaps this creature, like me, misses the times when aesthetics was in small detail.

Listening to me, Comet smiled a little, and I could see from his shining eyes that he was interested and curious about everything that surrounds him. Suddenly, I wanted to show him the whole world, to tell him everything. But for the next few hours, I couldn't leave this building.

The clock passed, but no one knew if it was night or still evening. "Iron raindrops" covered the sky, closed the only scene where dreamers could hope for a better future.

Without noticing it, I directed my gaze to the sky and for a moment, I plunged into silence.

The iron drops didn't move. Skyscrapers, which stood close to each other as if holding their breath, were waiting for the moonlight.

Sky, earth, all this has been replaced by space, matter, which now says: Eternity is everywhere, eternity needs nothing.

"I think we need to take a walk. What do you think? Do you want to keep us company?"

Comet almost jumped up and happily exclaimed, "I can see the world!"

Sennhandd, continuing to look at me, waited for my answer.

All I had to do was to agree.
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