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Bright light followed us everywhere. Bright, multicolored light surrounded us, showing what was waiting us ahead, this big city.

The thin lines of bridges that passed over the houses created the image of a storied building.

There were probably too many bridges in this town.

Bridges, like blood vessels, stretched along the city.

The world suddenly turned into a space that had floors.

The first floor is a place for people who preferred to walk. The second floor, a place for those who liked to spend time in other dimensions, a place with portals, as well as for those who did not leave their houses. The third floor, a place for small flying machines and robots that followed the "order" of the city. And of course, the sky. The floor where there was a constant stop of all traffic.

I looked up and thought, "Look at these bridges. They seem confused. It's a real labyrinth."

Comet, clearly reading my thoughts, also looked up.

Bridges, on which people, robots were, made us feel dizziness.

Comet, with surprise watching the whole world, slightly opened his mouth and did not know what to ask, what to be surprised.

It was hard to tell from his face what he was experiencing. Admiration? Or disappointment?

"Okinizeus, one man wants to meet you," Sennhandd whispered and walked forward.

"Comet, let's go. Keep up. It's easy to get lost here."

"This city is beautiful, and at the same time, frightening," Comet said.

"Be honest. It's a place that's too intimidating."

Following Sennhandd, I suddenly wondered why a man like him didn't use a spaceship or a flying saucer to move around.

Pushing, people passed us, and no one paid attention to the fact that among them was the greatest man in the world.

I couldn't resist saying, "I don't think people know you."

Realizing what I mean, Sennhendd replied, "People are not interested in those who are changing the world and their lives. Just remember all those scientists. Nikola Tesla, Alexander Bell, Alexander Fleming, Dmitry Mendeleev. They have brought so much benefit to the world, but people will not remember them until the school curriculum requires it. No one knows about them, no one remembers them. They don’t want to know. I thought you knew that people weren't interested in where it all came from, how things were going on, everyone's interested in result. Everyone just needs what makes them happy."

In his words there was the purest truth.

"But why is it so? Scientists do everything to improve people's lives. Why doesn't anyone remember them?"

Sennhandd smiled and said, "You're still so naive. Soon, you'll find out."

Now, after his words, it was unpleasant for me to walk past people who paid no attention to anything but entertainment and eternity.

Were all the works of great scientists in vain? In fact, everything went to the fact that a person became so insensitive, cold and like everyone else. A human who didn't appreciate anything.

"Okinizeus, don't worry about people. Everything will be fine," Comet said, in response to my thoughts.

I smiled at him, and perhaps of all these people, he had the kindest and most sincere face.

Perhaps a creature like Comet will bring change to this world and remind everyone that they are alive and their hearts can follow the highest goals.

After a few minutes of walking, I realized that Sennhandd was deliberately leading us to the busiest places in the city. Everything for the Comet to see the world.

Walking beside me, he sometimes shuddered. And sometimes, Comet grabbed my hand and clutched my palm tightly. I noticed he was doing that when people looked at him.

“Don’t be scared,” I whispered.

He kept walking silently. While the professor was ahead.

Our journey came to an end when we stopped in front of another skyscraper of green color.

"Come on," Sennhandd said softly and pressed the button, which was near a high, wooded door.

The combination of colors and style with which this building was built was very strange. The architect seemed to want to combine two styles at once. The style of medieval houses and modern style.

Comet, looking in front of him as bewitched, was silent and expected something that would surprise him more.

A minute later, the door opened and Sennhandd smiled mysteriously. "Don't worry, we won't stay here. It's just someone who wants to meet you."

Continuing to follow the tall figure in black, I felt the same curiosity as Comet.

It was dark around us and only occasionally I could notice round tables with high chairs.

The building smelled of fruit as well as coffee. Probably, this skyscraper serves as something like a cafe or restaurant. It was weird, though. After all, now, people did not want to spend time at the table, enjoying different dishes.
The further we went through the strange silence and twilight, I became more convinced that this place is not a cafe, but a real library.

But once we turned the corner, I realized it wasn't a library, it was a museum.

Walking past numerous paintings and sculptures, I suddenly remembered all the artists who lived on this planet.

Smells gave way one by one until these darkened corridors led us to another room with books.

Since everything was immersed in darkness, and only in some places the real candles were burning, I could not understand whether it was a house or a cafe.

I didn't dare ask about anything. There was such a perfect silence that I didn't want to break it.

As we walked past the strange portraits that seemed alive to me, I caught the sight of Comet. He was a little scared. And I thought, "Don't worry. No one will hurt you."

Finally, when the scientist's slow and confident steps stopped in front of the door, Sennhandd, without looking at us, said, "The man who wants to meet you is a bit like you."

And he said it in such a tone, as if he was warning me.
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