All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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I nodded my head and the next second, Sennhandd opened the door and said to someone, "Good evening, Higgdalph."

As I entered the door, I immediately noticed a very high silhouette in a long robe.

Several candles were lit in a small room furnished with books and sculptures.

A sufficient number of light sources allowed me to see the man standing with his back to us while holding a book.

Looking at the man, I noticed that he had very long and thick, black hair, which was gracefully fastened with a golden hairpin.
The light material of the black robe accentuated his figure, which looked a little fragile.

"You are Okinizeus, a historian and just a man," he suddenly said. His voice sounded so quiet that it was hard for me to understand him.

"Yes. That's right," Sennhandd said.

A stranger named Higgdalph was in no hurry to turn in our direction. He continued to stand without the slightest movement. And he kept the book in his hands.

"Sit down, feel at home, or what else do you have to say to the guests?" he said softly.

Sennhandd smiled nervously and looked at me.

Comet did not know how to behave. He was clearly scared by this strange man.

As soon as we sat on the sofa, this stranger finally turned in our direction.

Turns out he's very young. Maybe he and I were the same age.

His facial features reminded me of someone. It was only when he got closer to the desk lamp that I immediately realized who he was reminding me of. He looked too much like scientist Nikola Tesla.

The resemblance was so strong that I thought he was Tesla.

The same thin moustache, the same dream-filled look, the same oval face and most importantly, the same gleam in the eyes that said only one thing, "More knowledge!"

When he came up to us, or rather to me, I involuntarily got up from the sofa and smiled awkwardly.

The exact copy of Nikola Tesla looked at me as if he was uncomfortable with my company. But then, sharply and as nervously as I did, he smiled and sat just as sharply on the chair across from us.

"You were right, he's very interesting," he said softly, looking at Sennhandd.
I couldn't keep quiet, and I said, "You look so much like Nikola Tesla. The similarities are amazing."

Higgdalph, as if accustomed to this kind of comparison, nodded his head and said in response, "I can't believe that there is someone in this world who still remembers Nikola Tesla."

"I told you this guy is a very good historian," Sennhandd added.

Higgdalph looked at me and propped up his chin as Tesla.

I couldn't take my eyes off him. He looked too much like Tesla.

As I looked at him, he kept looking at the book in his hands.

There was silence in the room. But no one was uncomfortable with it.

"Well, I think it's time for us to go. And you can talk. You always complained that you didn't have anyone to talk to normally," Sennhandd suddenly said.

Hearing these words, Higgdalph suddenly raised his head and now, in his eyes there was fear and some other emotions. It was like he asked Sennhandd to stay.

I guess it's hard for him, just like me, to start a conversation with other people.

Sennhandd, knowing his friend, knocked him on the back and wanted to leave, but an exact copy of Tesla grabbed his hand.

He said very quietly, "Don't leave. I want to show you something."

When Sennhandd changed his mind to leave, Higgdalph smiled happily, but when his gaze was directed at me, he became serious.

Having just noticed Comet, Higgdalph looked at Sennhandd inquiringly. And he, having understood the question in his eyes, said, "Meet him, his name is Comet."

Slightly nodding his head, Higgdalph said, "You created him, didn't you? He's very beautiful."

"It, is more accurate. I don't have any gender,” Comet added and looked modestly at us all.

"How interesting," Higgdalph added and on this, his interest in the new creature ended.

"Well, what did you want to show us?"

"Yes. But maybe this young man will be scared by what he sees," a copy of Tesla said.

"If you're talking about the races where people try to get closer to death, I'd rather not go there. I saw it all and believe me, after what I saw, I began to doubt the reasonableness of the person," I said.

"I don't like these races either. But what can I do, people are always like that. And they're unlikely to change." after a few seconds, Higgdalph added, "No, today, I want to show you one dimension that I discovered recently. But be prepared, there you will come across a lot of people."

"It's going to be useful for the Comet. He needs to understand the world."

Higgdalph silently headed towards the door. Without parting with the book in his hands, he walked to the end of the corridor and entered the room, closed the door behind him.

I whispered, "Does he always behave like that? Or did he not like me?"

"He's always like that. But once you see him tomorrow, you won't recognize him. He only acts like that with someone he just met. He needs to get used to you."

When Higgdalph returned to us, he looked at me a little frightened. How much emotion this guy had!

Dressed, he was now in a dark green leather jacket and underneath that, was the most ordinary white shirt and tie. As well as black trousers and shiny shoes. But his hair was also gathered and long strands hung on both sides of his shoulders.

"I wonder where we're going," Sennhandd said, and lightly put his arms on his shoulders. Looking at them, I realized that they were good friends.
But outside the laboratory, the great scientist Sennhandd, behaved, of course, and looked like an ordinary man.

I think I suddenly remembered that Comet might be reading all my thoughts. It made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Following Higgdalph, I didn't notice that we were just wandering around his house and going up the stairs endlessly.

I thought it might be on the roof, he had a flying car, but as it turned out, his transport was the most ordinary teleport.

Stopping in front of the iron door, Higgdalph opened it, and as the gentlemen of the past century had done, stepped aside and made me understand that I needed to enter the room first.

After taking a few steps forward, I found myself in a cramped room with lots of buttons.

It was the most ordinary teleport, but this little space was decorated with red velvet material, and on the walls hung small light bulbs, and in the corner even was a small sofa.

Closing the door, Higgdalph pulled on his gloves and pressed one of the buttons without saying anything.

"This is the first time I've seen a teleport," Comet whispered.

How much he has to see, and he has only five years. Suddenly, I thought Sennhandd was too cruel. Why didn't he make him immortal?

After reading my thoughts, Comet thought about it and wanted to say something, but Higgdalph interrupted him.

"The dimension that I found is different from others," he said.

"And what are people doing there? Is it really something that is beyond reason?"

Without looking at me, he just ignored my words and opened the door, he came out first.

Do I really look like that from the outside? It's not nice when a person behaves like that.
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