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After that day, it was exactly a week.

Yundoran, feeling the existence of my new friend, every now and then asked me whether there had been a change in my life and in the end, I had to confess to him.

"I knew that. You have a new friend!" he exclaimed and made a resentful appearance.

"Do you want me to introduce you to him?"

"Are you going somewhere now? Are you going to his house?"
Yundoran, he always liked to act as if he were a theater actor. And this time, too, waving his arms, he shouted every word every now and then, just like a jealous woman.

Listening to the steps of my mother, who was going to the next meeting with some "important" people, I stood in front of my closet, not knowing what to wear.

“So now you are a new friend!”

"Yundoran, don't shout. I know you're playing."

Putting both hands on my shoulders, he looked me in the eye intently and slightly angrily said, "My friend, I will go with you today. Wherever you go, I'll go with you."

"Alright then."

At that very moment, my mother came into the room.

Today, she looked beautiful as always. She was wearing a dark green trouser suit and black, almost masculine shoes.

Approaching us, she said, "I'm so glad you're finally not sitting at home. That's the youth! You need to have fun, communicate and explore this world."

"Only fun in this world is strange and abnormal."

"Then it remains only to study, observe and draw conclusions. You want to be a writer, you still need to communicate and be part of the world," mom said, and threw her kind look at Yundoran.

"Madam Harmony, you don't have to worry about your son. With me, he's completely safe."

"I have no doubt about that."

"Mom, where are you going?"

"Yes. Today, I have a meeting with very important people."

"I wonder who the people are."

"These people are artists and writers."

"Are there artists and writers in this world?"

"Of course, there are. You just haven't met people like that yet."

"Be careful. People should not be trusted."

After kissing me, she left the room.

Well, when I chose a black shirt and leather black pants, I told Yundoran to wait for me on the first floor.

Ever since my mother became part of the art world, I doubted that this world would understand her creations. After all, the truth was that the more modern everything became, the more developed this world, the less people valued art. And the fact that the whole world accepted my mother's sculpture and paintings with joy seemed strange to me, and every time she left the house, I felt a certain anxiety for her. Maybe it was a premonition.

Maybe then I should have stopped her. To protect from people. But no one ever believes their premonitions.

And when I left the house, I looked back again, and I felt sad. But I didn't pay attention to my sadness. Maybe I should have listened to my feelings.

But I guess I was too busy exploring this world.

"Are we going to fly in your car today?"

"You know I don't trust teleportation. Besides, it's a new model, you're not going to feel like we're in the clouds. Now sit down and tell me where we're going. Although, with you, my dear, I will fly at least to the end of the world."
"Always you're joking."

"Sit down."

I closed my eyes and tried to breathe calmly.
But every time, I manage to do it with difficulty. I squeeze my palms into my fists, and counting to three, trying to calm myself down. But those three seconds last like an eternity.

How I don't like this feeling when the gravity of the earth doesn't want to let you go and you feel like you're being dragged back to earth, but still, you keep going up.

I may not be afraid to fly, but I'm afraid of that feeling.

A feeling that I call "Sense of Disconnection."

"Calm down. We're on our way. Look how beautiful it is around!"

I opened my eyes and saw in front of me a number of cars that were hanging in the air.

"What's beautiful?"

"It's progress!"

Still feeling anxious, I closed my eyes and tried not to think about anything. While, Yundoran kept talking.

Fortunately, we quickly got to my destination and when I got out of the car as I was greeted by Higgdalph.

Yundoran, looking slightly dissatisfied with him, said, "You look a little different than I imagined you."

"I doubt you have psychic powers. So, you couldn't see me in advance," Higgdalph said in response. And I realized that there was an immediate dislike between them.

Not knowing how to behave in such a situation, I just said, "Let's go. Forward to adventure."

From the very day I met the great scientist Sennhandd, from that very day, I suddenly became the most ordinary person who does not want to spend time at home, and instead just wanders the streets, in search of fun and happiness.

I forgot the last time I just sat thinking. Every day turned into an attempt to explore this world.

And the weirdest thing is, the more time I spent with people, the more I wanted to know every corner of this city. Maybe even the whole planet.

"Remind me, how did you meet this guy?"

"I met him because of Sennhandd."

"I don't like him at all. He's very strange."

"He just needs time to get used to you."

Turning in our direction, Higgdalph looked at me and said, "Let's go. But first, let this gentleman remember your face."

"Why is that? What is this place? Is it forbidden?"

"No. It's just the rules."

Approaching the robot, I looked into its black, shiny eyes and felt that this model had been created recently. It still smelled of factory and novelty.

When the robot looked at me from head to toe, I followed Higgdalph.

And of course, we found ourselves in another labyrinth of long corridors, which seemed to be created only to confuse everyone.

"Why do people like to build such corridors? What kind of fashion is this?"

"I don't know. Humans, strange creatures."

"You sound like you're not human," Yundoran added.

After a few minutes of trying to find at least someone in this strange, damp place, we finally reached the noisy room, in front of which stood another robot, in the same hat and tie.

"Mr. Higgdalph. Mr. Yundran. Mr. Okinizeus," the robot said, without any emotion.

"That's right."

Suddenly, as if frightened by something, the robot quickly stepped aside and knelt.

This act of his very surprised me, because his lifeless eyes were directed to Higgdalph.

Noticing this, Yundoran grabbed my hand and pointed his finger at him.

"Let's go."

And even after we entered the room, the robot continued to kneel.

But as it turned out, this room was not a room at all, it was a real labyrinth of stairs.

"And here's another labyrinth. How original. What kind of place is this? Mr. Higgdalph, creator of robots!"

I looked around and as soon as I raised my head up, I immediately felt dizzy.
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