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Iron stairs, bridges, and no free space, said that it was a real labyrinth, where, having taken one step forward, you could immediately get lost.
On the stairs, which just led to nowhere, there were crowds of people, and some of them were sitting on the railing, some of them were standing on the bridge, which seemed to going to break.

There seemed to be no ceiling in this room. After all, the stairway stretched upwards, not knowing any boundaries.

Stepping up the stairs, we, despite the whole crowd, easily climbed to the floor higher and when Higgdalph stopped, he pointed forward.

Ahead, there was an empty arena of spherical shape. And then I realized how it all was built.

All these stairs and irons were something like sitting place for spectators.

People, of all ages and appearances, stood with smiles on their faces.

And when heavy, loud steps were heard, everyone started screaming and whistling.

Two three-meter robots entered the arena.

Created in the image of humans, these robots had leather clothing, despite the fact that they had neither skin nor hair on their head.

But the physique of the robots suggested that they are created only for combat and are no longer capable of anything else. This was noticeable, especially when they opened their eyes in sync and brightly red lit like a flame of fire.

"These robots, they can't think, they don't feel anything. They have no purpose. They just fight and just know what they need to do," Higgdalph whispered in my ear.

From these words, I felt a little scared. I didn't expect a copy of Tesla to say that.

"And you're working on creating these perfect fighters?"

"Yes," he said.

"And what is it all about?"

"They're just robots. They don't have any feelings. They're just designed to make a man look that way," he said, and pointed to a woman standing next to him, who was just beaming with happiness. "It's kind of a game. Remember in the 21st century were the popular game consoles? Well, it's the same thing. Just instead of wasting your efforts and sitting around playing, the man just looks forward and feels victory."

"I don't like it anyway."

"You're so different. So special. If someone else were in your place, your same age, he would be just delighted with such a spectacle."

Feeling Higgdalph's breath on the back of my head, I heard that he said something, but did not understand the words, as with loud music, the two robots began to attack each other.

I used to see fights between gladiators and just karate, but even then, people weren't capable of such cruelty as they are now.

Although Higgdalph said that these robots do not feel pain, I still saw and heard them screaming and trying not to break.

Throwing at each other, they every now and then used all the cunning tricks to break the other.

In the blink of an eye, the robot which was wearing a red suit, suddenly turned his hand into something like a saw, and just as quickly, he had already cut off the wires of his opponent.

But this did not lead to a breakdown and the fight continued.

I didn't think this fight would be so inventive. After all, in each of these robots, there were different weapons in the arsenal.

Their fingers could turn into moving little blades, they could have a weapon out of their hands that could burn the opponent's body, but what shocked me the most was that all these people were very happy. Especially in such moments, when the robot in red slowly but surely, tore off all the wires from the back of his opponent, which followed a failure and the robot completely disconnected.

Even when the robot was broken and unable to get up and continue the fight, the robot in red continued to break it, until the iron legs, arms and head flew around. Well, people began to catch "gifts" with great joy.

The robot in red, whose knee was slightly broken, raised his hands up and screamed loudly. And his cry was too much like a human.

"It's only 5 minutes! Fire coped with Thunder in five minutes!" the voice was heard, but the man himself could not be seen.

"Fire! Fire!" people shouted in chorus.

So, this winner's name is Fire.

I looked at Yundoran, and I noticed that he liked everything that happened a minute ago. He had a slight smile on his face, and his eyes glistened too hard, and perhaps this brilliance was the result of a new fun which was just found.

"How many times do robots fight like that?" I tried my best not to look down, because between these stairs, I could see how high we were standing.

Higgdalph, without showing a single emotion, with a serious and cold expression, replied, "In general, these fights can continue indefinitely. As long as the robot that won doesn't break. Every day, people try one robot. And they won't leave until a robot named Fire breaks. But I see that this model is created in a different way than others, so it seems today these fights will last a very long time."

"They don't feel pain?"

"Yes. They're just some very good actors. They pretend to be hurt, but really, it's just to create the right atmosphere."

"And who creates all these robots? I mean, who is responsible for all the schemes and inventions?"

"I'll introduce you to her, too. You're going to like her."

When another robot came into the arena, I almost deafened by people's screams.
On their faces were the same emotions, which knew nothing but to admire and live in the present.

"And these are the faces of those who live forever," I muttered, and my words reached the ears of one girl, who immediately replied to me, "What an irony. I don't like it either."

I looked back and saw a girl in a black dress. And what caught my eye immediately was how natural she looked. She didn't have makeup that glowed in the dark, there was no embellishment, she looked like a girl from the past.

"Don't you like it either?"

"Yes. But I'm here for my brother." Just a set of emotions to seem cute. "What's your name?" she suddenly asked.

Because of the screams, I had to come closer to her to answer.

Hearing my name, she smiled again and turned her gaze to my friends. "What's their name?" she asked.

"This is Higgdalph, and this is Yundoran."

I didn't know what was the reason of this conversation, but as soon as she heard what she wanted, she just left quickly.

Deciding not to dwell on this conversation, I went back to the robots, who tried to tear off each other's hands.

As it turned out, a robot named Fire was very strong. Hitting his opponent's head against the wall, he at once tearing off all the wires, continued to beat his opponent until he just fell.
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