All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Throwing a rock at me, one of the guys hit me, but that didn't stop me.

Even though they were afraid, they decided to attack me. And then I realized that it turns out I'm a good fighter.

While I was fighting two of them, the other half of this gang went back to Comet.

"Do you think he's human? Now we're going to show you who he is!" shouted a girl with red hair.

Pinning Comet against the wall, the tall guy punched him in the stomach and when he was in pain, he struck him in the face.

I wanted to go to his aid, but someone clinging to my hair from behind, did not allow me to take a step forward. Then I felt a sharp and terrible pain in my back, and I just fell down.

"Look what he is! He's nothing!"

After tearing up all his clothes, the tall guy threw it in my direction and grabbing Comet by the hair, he lifted his face and said, "Look! It's not even a man or a woman! It's the mistake of the nature!”

"He doesn't a gender?" the girl screamed loudly and then laughed loudly. "Look, he's got nothing there! What kind of robot are you?"

"These scientists are completely out of their minds. Look who they've created! And why would you create such a thing? It's disgusting!"

I didn't look away from Comet and "his" white skin, which glowed slightly in the dark.

He, too, looked at me and managed to smile.

"Why are you smiling?"

Through the pain, feeling a new surge of energy, I grabbed the hands of the person who held me, and without waiting, I was able to throw him over my back.

Grabbing the hand of the robot, which was lying on the ground, I struck a sharp blow, thus forcing the tall guy to lose his balance.

"What do you allow yourself?! You're the lunatic! What do you spend your eternity on!"

Starting this strange battle, where everyone continued to brandish broken parts of robots, I shouted, "Get out of here!"

Not going to give up, I just did everything I could until help came out of nowhere.

"What's going on here?" Yundoran's voice was heard.
Noticing that I was attacking everyone like some kind of monster, Yundoran ran up to me and as if nothing had happened, "Do you mind if we go to the restaurant tonight? I want to eat ice cream."

Surprised by his words, I stopped and the next blows touched Yundoran.

"Who are these people?" he asked, skillfully running away from blows.

"I don't know. But I'd need your help right now."

"Wait, I think I know her!"

"Who? Me?" the girl with the red hair asked.

“Yes you! It is you! I know you! You are that girl!”

"What?! It's not me! What are you talking about! Guys! Let's get out of here!”

Finally, hitting that tall guy again, I said, "Just make fun of him again! I promise I won't let you go!"

Yet in the end, I was the winner with the fewest wounds that healed within minutes. (Thanks for immortality in my cells)

"Do you know this girl? Who is she? And why did she run so abruptly?"

Yundoran, pretending to be in pain, put his head on my shoulder and then laughing said, "I don't know her."

"Why did you say you knew her then?"

"You're so naive. You don't know anything about people. I said it, I pretended to know her worst secret, and she believed me and was afraid that I was going to tell everyone about it, and that's why she ran away so quickly. People, they have secrets, a lot of secrets and sins, and so if you say that it's you, I know you, the person begins to be afraid and lost. So, she has something that she clearly hides from others."

"What secrets can people have now?"

"People always have something they are ashamed of."

But what made me angry about this situation was that Comet didn't resist anything that happened a few minutes ago.

Higgdalph was here, too. Looking at me, he had, as always, a slightly surprised expression.

"Take off your cloak," I told him, and when I put on a long cloak on Comet's slightly trembling body, I decided to go somewhere. To be more precise, someone to visit.

"I need to see your creator."

Sitting in the car, despite the fact that anger was still in me, I still felt fear and excitement during takeoff.

"Life is still interesting. You never know what's going on around the corner," Yundoran began to say.

But none of us was going to support his words.

Within seconds, when I reached the main building of SCIBMAG, I took Comet by the hand and got out of the car.

I didn't think about anything, I didn't feel anything. But I wanted to say something to Sennhandd.

As if feeling a problem, Sennhandd ran out to meet us as we entered the grand laboratory.

Seeing Comet and his slightly tired appearance, Sennhandd asked, "What happened?"

"Why did you create him?”


"Tell me, why did you create such a creature? For what purpose?"

"What happened? Tell me."

"I'm asking you, so just answer my question. Why did you create him?"

"Don't scream," Comet said, and pulled my hand, but anger again took hold of my sanity.

Looking into Sennhandd's indifferent, greedy eyes, I noticed for the first time that he was just a scientist who could not stop experimenting and creating something new. In front of me, now, stood a man whose selfishness and ambitions filled this whole world. Suddenly, I stopped recognizing the great scientist who is just the kindest and most honest man in the world.

With his eyes down, Sennhandd was clearly aware of everything he had created. And I knew that he was ashamed of everything he had done, giving this creature a life that would last only five years.

"Tell me why you created him? For what purpose? What do you want from him?"

"Okinizeus, calm down. Better tell me what happened and in general, Comet, where have you been? Where did you go?"

Now I have realized the purpose of this "naive" scientist, just to create all sorts of things to feel that he is creating the whole future.

Looking into his eyes, I said, "Do you know what a monster you need to be to create someone who's only going to live five years, and who has the kindest heart? Do you realize who you've created?"

That night, I got no answer.

And looking into those innocent and intelligent eyes, I knew this was just the beginning.

The beginning of something terrible and beautiful.
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