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As always, his innocent and kind smile concealed, perhaps, the most terrible monster.

"Okinizeus, meet this great artist Elijah and his brothers Silver and Nate," mom said, pointing to three men who were equally dressed. They all wore long black cloaks, and had the same black hats on their heads.

They were almost the same, but Elijah was clearly older than the others.

But what was noticeable most was their almost sparkling amber-colored eyes.

At the same time, taking off their hats, they equally made a bow, as was customary in antiquity, and Elijah said, "It is very nice to meet. I can see that you are a very intelligent young man."

"And what kind of sculpture do you create? I've never seen any of your works," Yundoran said, as always, showing his dislike for new people.
Elijah laughed loudly, which surprised me a lot. I thought this elegant and sophisticated gentleman had never raised his voice in his life.

"Perhaps my creations are not as great as that of Mrs. Harmony," he said.

I noticed that my mother had a blush on her face.

"Are you, I suppose, a friend of Mr. Okinizeus?" he asked, looking at Yundoran from head to toe.

"Yes. I'm his best friend."

"For the first time, I see such young people," he said, addressing my mother.

"What do you mean?"

Elijah looked at me mysteriously, but he didn't answer. I thought it was a little hard for him to talk.

And besides, his two brothers, who continued to stand silently and look at us, seemed a little strange to me. Especially their silence.

As if reading my thoughts, Elijah said, "My brothers, Silver and Nate, can't speak. One day, something happened and since then, they have lost their speech."

"Why don't you cure them? Now medicine will cure anything," Yundoran said and pushed me slightly.

"Yes. But, as strange as it sounds, they like to keep quiet," Elijah said, and I felt the ominous aura that came from him.

When I caught Sennhandd's sad look, I said, "Mom, maybe we should go."

"Young people now live as if they have an eternity ahead of them. Although wait, they have an eternity ahead!" Elijah exclaimed and laughed loudly. But his joke wasn't funny at all.

"Okinizeus, I need to tell you something," Sennhandd whispered in my ear as mother led the three brothers into the living room.

"I have nothing to talk about," I said, and wanted to leave, but he grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the hallway.

"Let me go."

"I know you're angry, but understand, I didn't create these creatures on purpose," he began, but I interrupted him, "Why are you making excuses in front of me? My opinion doesn't matter anyway."

"I don't want to seem like a bad person. Believe me, your opinion is very important to me. Maybe it's weird, but I consider you my friend," he suddenly said and made me laugh.

"Do you even hear yourself? You, the great scientist, say such words. What kind of friend am I? Don't make me laugh."

"In this world, I didn't have someone who understood me as well as you did. I really appreciate knowing you."

"And what do you want from me?"

"Don't go anywhere. I have something for you," he whispered and quickly headed toward the living room.

Feeling angry, remembering Comet and his kind face against those angry and cruel people, I ran to my room.

Every time I remembered that day, my heart started beating so fast that it became difficult for me to breathe. And that's because I felt sorry for all these creatures who didn't even know they were created for fun and cruelty.

When I began to read the book, I tried to calm down. But I was able to do it with difficulty. I saw my reflection in the opposite wall, and I felt uncomfortable that all the walls of this strange house are made of a mirror. I was everywhere, and it kept me from calming down.

"Oki, what's wrong with you? Don't tell me you're still worried about what happened to Comet three years ago," Yundoran said, snatching the book from my hands.

"Get out of here. I want to be alone."

“Why are you worried about these creatures? You know that human demands more for his or her happiness. Such is the world, and people, for fun and happiness, are ready for anything.”

“But to create creatures, and also to sell them to all, so that they fulfill all selfish desires of people, it is too cruel. Tell me, haven't you seen Sennhandd pretending to be so kind and smart? I know he has other goals. He doesn't just do everything in vain.”

"I think you're thinking too much about him. If you feel sorry for them, just stop thinking about them. Nobody's forcing you to buy one. You don't have a Wizard."

"I would never bring home someone who will live only five years."

"What an unusual you are, my friend. But that's your beauty, you so naively want to change this world, these people, that sometimes, it's so cute."

"You should go home. I want to read."

"That's good. Then I'll go, but if you want to talk, just call me."

"Previously, people used the most ordinary phones for calls, and they heard only the voice of the interlocutor. And now when you call someone, you're suddenly at home with someone who's calling," I said, recalling how the hologram phone works.

"Maybe soon, Sennhandd will invent a time machine, and then you will finally go to your favorite past and start living in ancient Italy or in ancient England."

"That would be fine."

With a sigh, Yundoran left my room.

Without noticing I fell asleep and plunged into dreams.
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