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In normal clothes, this creature still looked unusual. And at first glance it was clear that this is not a human.

But the gait of this creature was very graceful, as if It did not walk, but danced.

Smooth posture, imperceptible smile, kind look and sharp mind, managed to surprise me.

Trying not to think, I walked and just concentrated my attention on the breath.

Thinking that using teleport would be the best way to avoid friends, I quickly moved forward.

I knew it was the first time this creature had seen the world. It was obvious from the eyes that everything was new to this.

Now, among the crowd, I noticed many Wizards who dutifully followed their masters. No, Sennhandd didn't create the Wizards, he created the real slaves.

And in some of these creatures, I even noticed scratches and bruises.

Cruel people, have found a new entertainment.

Suddenly, in me again, woke up that hatred to this deceitful scientist.

Noticing how we got to the right place, I stopped in front of one of the doors of the teleportation booth.

Sensing the sight of this creature, I said, "You know I want to return you. I'm sorry, but I can't be responsible for your life. I'd like to find my place in this world."

"Find a place in this world," it whispered.

The sad, surprised, wise expression of this creature’s face made me feel sorry for this being.

Yes, the Wizards were beautiful, they were too perfect for this world, and it seemed as if Sennhandd had reminded everyone that beauty and perfection does not last forever.

"What's your name?" I asked, wondering why every teleportation booth wasn’t empty. Or people have started to use this mode of movement again?

The creature replied, "I don't know. I don't have a name yet."

Without saying anything, I continued to wait for the cabin to be vacated. Finally, when the green light on the door appeared, I opened the door and said, "Come in. Now, you'll see how teleportation works."

Once in a cramped space, I was suddenly nervous because I felt the warmth emanating from the body of this being.

I couldn't stop my thoughts anymore. If this creature reads them, then let it. I still have nothing to hide.

By pressing the right button, I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down and my rapid heartbeat.

Never before has a teleportation worked so long. While we were standing face to face, I felt the time and I bet it just stopped.

Hearing the long-awaited sound which reminded me of a bird singing, I opened the door and quickly left the booth.

Seeing, instead of the SCIBMAG lab, abandoned skyscrapers and a number of disconnected robots, numbering several thousand, I said, "It seems the teleport has broken down. What kind of place is this?"

"Who are they?" the creature asked, pointing to the robots whose eyes were staring forward.

"These are robots. But they don't work anymore."

"So, in this world only people are immortal."

"Yes. Just people. Come on, we need to get out of here," I said, and after hearing a strange sound, like crying, I accidentally grabbed the hand of this creature and, without noticing it, hid behind a broken flying car.

The cry was getting worse, but no one could be seen. But something told me that we should sit here and not make a sound.

Still clutching a warm palm, I whispered, "Don't move. I don't know who it is, but it doesn't seem to be a very friendly place."

Suddenly, crying gave way to a strange laughter, and now, I was scared.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here," the creature whispered in my ear, and from that melodic, gentle, slightly coarse voice, I trembled.

Looking into these black eyes with long eyelashes, I realized that in this world, my place was next to this creature. I suddenly realized that only this creature could understand me. Looking into these expressive and impossible kind eyes, for the first time, I felt at home.

“What are you doing here?” suddenly, someone’s voice was heard.

I lifted my head and saw a young girl in a red cloak.

She stood completely alone and at the same time spoke as if she were supporting a conversation with someone.

And the strangest thing was that weeping and laughing continued until another person appeared on the “stage”.
It was Higgdalph. When I saw him, I could hardly contain my surprise.

He was wearing the same red cloak as that girl.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, and waved angrily. "Do you even know what this place is?"

The girl, continued to stand silently and look at the robots.

"If I see you here again, I won't be kind. Remember that. Now, let's go."

“What should we do now, brother?” the girl loudly asked.

Brother?! Does he have a sister?!

"Just leave it. I'll deal with it. Now let's go. If we're late, I don't think they'll be happy."

"Wait, did you see that?"

They suddenly began to look at something. Something which was hidden behind the robots.

"Don't tell anyone about it," Higgdalph said and quickly left, leaving his sister alone.

Five minutes later, she followed him.

"Let's get out of this place," I said, and only now noticed that all this time, I was clutching the hand of this creature tightly. "Excuse me," I whispered, though I didn't know what I was sorry for.

I didn't know where we were or how to get to the teleport station, I didn't know anything about the place that surrounded us.

Deciding to just walk straight, I walked in front, feeling the look on my back.

Soon, abandoned houses were replaced by new buildings, from which came too bright light and a strange aroma, like strawberries.

"Are we going to the scientist?" it asked after a while.

"Yes," I said.

To my great surprise, the whole world seemed different to me when the Wizard was around. Maybe it was part of him, to do everything around so beautiful, but for the first time, I wanted to slow down and just walk and enjoy the world.

"Do you know what kind of world it is?" I asked, looking at the lights of the city, which said it was night.

"This is a planet called Earth. The satellite of this planet is the Moon," It replied.

"And that's all you know?"


"What do you think of people?"

"I don't know. But they must be wonderful creatures. They are powerful."

I laughed.

"Are you funny?"


"Why are you laughing?"

“Now I am sad.”

"Why are you sad?"

"Because you don't know anything about this world or people."

"I don't want to know and understand everyone. I only want to know and understand you," it suddenly said and stopped.

The weak wind caused these long strands of hair to swing from side to side.

And I liked the way the shirt emphasized the slenderness and tenderness of this inhuman body.

Suddenly, I remembered that these creatures have no organs other than the brain and heart.

"Soon, I'll leave you where you were created," I said, but my voice said otherwise. That I didn't want to leave this creature at all.

Looking at me a little surprised, the creature accelerated its step and put both hands in its pocket, said, "I know that there are many creatures like me in this world and I know why I am here. I am ready to fulfill any wish, but it seems to me that I have another purpose in my life. For some reason, I felt it when I saw you for the first time."

Now, it was hard for me. So hard and sad that I felt tears accumulate in my eyes.

I didn't know what to say.
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