All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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In the morning, waking up with joyful laughter, I opened my eyes and found that I was lying on the floor, by the window, covered with a blanket.

Remembering what happened last night, I suddenly smiled. And this smile told me that I am happy.

When I saw the pictures that Moonlight took, I couldn't stop smiling.

For the first time, life seemed full of hope and dreaming. For the first time, the morning seemed like a fairy tale.

Dressed, I went down to the first floor, and saw in front of me what made me shine with happiness.

My mother, standing at the stove, with our new occupant, baked pancakes.

Moonlight, having gathered its hair in a bun, stood beside her, completely strange to me.

"What's going on here?" I asked.

When the Moonlight saw me, it dropped an empty plate and immediately exclaimed, "Good morning!"

"Moonlight learns very quickly. This morning, it learned to bake pancakes, cook some dishes and also maintain the wisest and most intelligent conversation," mom said.

"Can I try these pancakes?”

Today, for some reason, I tried not to look into the eyes of this creature.

"I haven't cooked anything in so long. And why don't people spend more time in the kitchen now? Homemade food is much tastier than that artificial."

"Or worse, food in the form of a chip that feeds the body for three months."

The sweet taste and aroma of fresh oranges made me smile again. And even that noise, and the voice that shouted, about something - on the outside, did not bother me at all.

"What are you planning to do today? When will you take your book to that publishing house?" mother asked, pretending that she hadn't noticed my sudden change of mood.

"I think the publishing house is no longer working. There are some people sitting there, and they just pretend to love books. But Yundoran found out that they were just going through old books and magazines and burning unnecessary ones."

"But you know that you can always publish the book yourself. All you have to do, is to call one of my friends.”

"I don't want to ask for the help of your friends. If you mean that artist and his brothers, no. I'm not calling them. I want to achieve everything myself," I replied and caught Moonlight’s gaze.

It looked at me like it knew what I was talking about. It was such an understanding look.

My mother, putting her hand on my shoulder with a look full of anxiety and tenderness, said, "I don't want you to have any difficulty. Now, everyone can make their dream come true. Maybe you should see more opportunities around you than try to do everything yourself."

"But you are a sculptor and an artist. Your work was created by you, and you have achieved everything yourself. So why don't you want me to achieve my dreams myself?"

"I just don't want you to spend your youth chasing a dream. You know you've got an eternity ahead of you. Now, why don't you just enjoy the life?"

"Previously, parents forced their children to study hard. And now, they're making the kids enjoy the life."

"Because now, you have eternity. There's no point in rushing. Previously, people had limited time. That's why they tried so hard to fill the years with some meaning. But now, a time when a person can just live. To live for life itself."

"Living for life itself," Moonlight repeated.

"Yes. To live for life itself. That must be your life motto," my mother said, and suddenly, plunged into silence. From her look, I realized that she had a new idea.

"Mom, thank you for breakfast. I haven't tasted such delicious pancakes in a long time," I said and kissed her.

"Why don't you show the books, your favorite alley to our new guest?"

I looked at the creature that was sitting opposite. Why every time I look into these eyes, I feel like time stops?

"I wish you good inspiration," I told her in response.

Back in my room, I couldn't relate my thoughts to each other. I wanted to show Moonlight so much that I forgot that only yesterday, I wanted to return this creature back.

Looking at me silently, Moonlight smiled a little.

I asked, "Aren't you tired? Maybe you should get some sleep. After all you have only recently been created, you must be getting tired quickly?"

"Creatures like me don't need sleep. But I probably should sleep once a week. But also, this sleep lasts only an hour," it replied.

"Do you see dreams?"

“Not yet.”

There was an awkward silence that made me pretend to look for the books and look for something.

Having dropped a collection of poems of a one long-forgotten poet, I wanted to take it, but as it usually happened in old films, we touched each other’s hands which made me tremble.
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