All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Every time I get in the car, I squeeze my seat tightly and close my eyes. Despite the fact that in the world everyone can fly as an experienced pilot, I still am afraid to fly.

Height scares me. And at the very moment when my mother turns on the engine and presses the take-off button, I close my eyes and count to three.

Three seconds, this is the time needed to take off and be among the clouds.

This time too, I closed my eyes and one, two, three, and we were already in the sky.

“Why are you so afraid of heights? I want to buy your own car.”

“Don’t. I think I’ll always be afraid to fly.”

“Once, I also was afraid of heights. But over time, I’m used to it. It’s worth getting used to. Otherwise, how you’re going to move around the world?”

“In the 21st century, people drove cars on the ground, and it was much more convenient than it is now.”

“Why do you always talk about this 21st century? Is this century so interesting? What was memorable about this century?” mother asked and removed her hands from the control panel. Now, our car, in the shape of a drop of water, flew forward without needing anyone’s control. And that, I think, scared me, too.

“I don’t know, just recently, I came across a book about the 21st century. And I was curious. But life was much different then, than it is now. People used to drive cars, they enjoyed life, they went to work and learned new things. Sometimes, I think, the 21st century was the age when people were just people. Without immortality and all sorts of crazy ideas.”

“Worked, studied, were mortals, do you think they really were happy with such a life?”

“I don’t know. But it seems to me that the past was much livelier and happier than the present. Look at this world, people don’t do anything. They stopped following the knowledge. They stopped dreaming and making plans. Everyone is immortal, rich, no one needs to work, study, everyone just lives. But can it be called life?”

I looked down at the city, which seemed to float under our feet.

A city that had a million skyscrapers, and flying cars that closed the sky.

I looked around and saw in front of me round glowing doors that led to other dimensions that were created by people.

Cars flew into these dimensions, and only we flew past whole rows of doors that hung right in the air.

Other dimensions, the entrance to which was through the door in the air, that’s what modern science has achieved. But this is certainly a good thing, because the extra dimensions have solved the issue of the lack of land because of the growth of the population and immortality.

People now need a lot of space to live.

One planet won’t be enough for anyone.

Feeling my mother’s tender embrace, I looked at her and saw a slight smile on her face.

She said, “You are so special.”

When our miracle transport finally landed, I found myself in front of a tall building with multiple columns and a hologram in the form of an image of my mother.

“Well, let’s go.”

“Mom, wait.”

Before I went forward, I hugged her a little bit and said, “You’re a great human. Tonight, this evening and all this is in your honor. I’m very proud of you.”

Not being a sentimental person, she still lowered her eyes to hide her tears. “Let’s go,” she said and smiled.

Following the train of my mother’s dress, I stared under my feet and paid no attention to anyone until I came across my old friend.

“Okinizeus! Where have you been?”

It was the first question this tall brunette asked me, with purple eyes and many tattoos that were moving right on his skin. (And this is another achievement of science, moving tattoos.)

The man who hugged me tightly is Yundoran. And he, as everyone already knows immortal. That’s probably everything you need to know about him.

“I haven’t seen you in so long, and all you can do is just look at me like you’re seeing me for the first time,” he said, and slightly pinched my cheek.

Yundoran and I have been friends since we were kids. But over time, when I got older, I for some reason began to distance myself from him. Although, there was no good reason for that.

“I’m glad to see you,” I said softly, and remarked that there were too many people in this too-spacious hall with white walls and ceiling. And all the people were clearly set up for fun and happiness. It could be seen in their eyes, which tried to sparkle.

“And that’s all you want to say to me?” And then I remembered why I started to distance myself from him.

He asks too many questions.

I looked into his eyes, which were much brighter than the others. Now, looking at his sincere, not fake facial expression, I suddenly felt ashamed that I ignored his calls and messages. Yundoran, indeed, was a very good friend whose heart was still beating and remembering that it was alive.

A lot of strangers passed by us, and each of them smiled the same way. Because of that, literally everyone was alike.

“Let’s find a quiet place,” I said, and taking my best friend by the hand, led him away from the center of the crowd.

While my mother was talking to important people, I found a cozy place right on the balcony. I sat on one of the chairs and silently continued to look somewhere ahead, but not on Yundoran.

It happens to me, if I haven’t seen anyone for a long time, then I have to get used to this person anew. And it may take some time.

Feeling his hand on my own, I looked at him and caught a glance full of sadness and longing.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Tell me why we stopped communicating?” he asked, approaching me.

I shrugged my shoulders and removed a strand of hair from my face. “I guess, over time, I just have nothing to say to you. I just don’t know how to start talking to you.”

He suddenly pushed me and said loudly, “So this is it?! You just don’t have anything to say to me! And I, then, began to blame myself that maybe I offended you somehow. You’re a weird person, so I’m not used to it. So, between us, everything’s fine. That is a relief.”

Embracing me, he put his head on my shoulder and laughed joyfully. It was only now that I noticed that he was wearing a red shirt and leather pants that made his legs even longer than they were.

“What have you been doing all this time?”

“Me? Well, actually, during this time, while we didn’t communicate, I did a lot of useful things.”

“Which ones?”

“I read the book you told me about,” he said, and laughed loudly.

“Have you read the book? Really?”

“Who do you think I am? Of course, I read the book to the end.”

“How do you feel? Do you even remember the names of the two main characters?”

“Romeo and Juliet.”

“You’ve really made progress.”

He hugged me again and this time, with all his might, he literally climbed on me and began to push me into the chair.

“I think you’ve become too brazen!”

“Enough! Let me go!”

When Yundoran began to tickle me, he did not stop until a woman with a dissatisfied look came up to us.

“What are you doing?” she asked, holding a very long glass of golden content inside.

She looked like an octopus.

“What are we doing?”

The woman made an even more dissatisfied look and quickly walked away.

I was wondering why she came up to us at all.

“People are so strange,” I said, and finally, I freed myself from the strong embrace of Yundoran.

“Romeo and Juliet, even weirder.”

“Do you think they’re weirder than modern humans?”

“Well, yes. What kind of thing is this love. And why does love make you do such terrible things?”

“You don’t understand anything.”

“And you do. Well, of course, you live in the past. And what do you like about the past? Look around, this world, there is no better time than now.”

I paused and just looked into my friend’s eyes. I haven’t spoken to anyone in a long time.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked, propping up his chin with his hand.

“It turns out I missed you.”

“Missed me?”

“You don’t know that feeling?”

“I don’t know.”

I remembered that feelings in the modern world have become not important at all. And no one really gave them much importance.

Feeling the faint wind, I looked around.

The evening around us was beautiful, but I wanted to see Moonlight and the stars instead of the artificial glow of these huge buildings. I wanted to hear the sound of the sea and the rustling of the leaves than these sounds of flying cars and the ringing of musical instruments that tried so hard to be like a violin or a piano.

Sometimes I felt like I didn’t belong to this era. Sometimes I felt like I was from another world, a different time.

“Boys, what are you doing?”

My mother came up to us and gave us a little hug.

“Why are you sitting here?” she asked.

“We talked about Romeo and Juliet and it seems your son just admitted that I am the most important person in his life,” Yundoran said and winked at me. I kicked his leg.

“The most important person? I thought that it is me.”

“You’re my universe, mom. And this guy, he’s just an insensitive robot.”

“Speaking of robots, Okinizeus, someone wants to meet you.”


“Someone who makes robots, machines and immortality.”

I think I knew who she was talking about.

After following my mother, we walked through the crowd, which threw suspicious glances at us. And to surprise or shock everyone, Yundoran hugged me and lifted his chin.

I followed his example, and we walked through a crowd that diverged on both sides like kings.

When my mother stopped, she straightened her hair and looked at me with a cursory glance.

Then I realized she was nervous. But I did not have time to say anything, because the next second, we were approached by a tall man, with white hair and blue eyes. From the manner of his movement, I realized that this man, the very popular scientist, who literally built this world.

I used to see this man on TV or his big image right on the sky or on the walls of houses.

But it was the first time I’d seen him in front of me and it was worth it to get closer, as I noticed that he had qualities of women and men. Then, I realized that this most popular person, possibly in the whole world, is genderless.

But do not be surprised, in such an advanced age, people can easily change their appearance and essence. And to become something, like a creature that does not belong to a man or a woman.

And so, that the gentlemen, the man who created immortality, flying machines and rings of the earth, as well as artificial dimensions, was Sennhandd.

He was very beautiful. “He” had long white hair, a thin face with perfect facial features, and large blue eyes. The clothes on him were always white or pure black.

But most of all in this man I liked his look. A look that was filled with questions that never knew the end. And now, it is rare to meet a man with lively eyes, though everyone was immortal, but the eyes of almost everyone had an inanimate, frozen gleam.

“Harmony, how glad I am to see you,” Sennhandd said, and lightly hugged my mother. (Yes, I forgot to say that my mother’s name is Harmony)

“How are you doing? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”

“That’s for sure. But what time is it now? I think time has long left us alone,” Sennhandd said. His voice sounded melodic and pleasant. While he was talking, I was looking at him and I was interested to get to know him better. He must have a lot of interesting thoughts.

Seeing me standing still, next to Yundoran, he suddenly made a surprised expression.

My mother stepped aside a little and pointed at me and said, “Let me introduce, my son, Okinizeus.”

“Okinizeus?! A beautiful name,” he said and reached out to me.

I shook his hand and felt that his palm was colder than the ice.

“It’s a great honor to meet you. My name is Yundoran. And I’m Okinizeus’ most loved person,” Yundoran said with a broad smile.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Sennhandd said.

To which Yundoran replied, “I thought you were an arrogant person with whom it is almost impossible to talk.”

Sennhandd laughed and directed his dreamy look at my mother. “Harmony, it’s time for me to go.”

When he left, my mother looked at us, and I noticed that she was a little dissatisfied.

“What? Did I say something wrong?” Yundoran loudly asked.

“You haven’t changed a drop.”

After that short conversation, mom left us in the middle of the crowd and soon, we all took our seats in front of the stage.

Bright outfits of people and strange voices, which seemed to sound from some muffled place, surrounded me.

And sometimes, I heard my name in conversations.

Throughout the room, I only knew one person. And he was sitting next to me.

“Tomorrow, are you free?”

“Tomorrow, I don’t have anything to do. Do you want to go somewhere?”

“Yes, I want to show you something.”


“And today I will spend the night at your house. I have a lot of things I want to tell you about.”

I nodded my head and the next second, the light in the room went out, and only the stage glowed with bright lights of joy and eternal celebration.

When the lights went out on the stage and then immediately lit up, Sennhandd appeared in front of us.

Now he was wearing a white suit with a delicate shirt with ruffles. His long hair hung perfectly on both sides of his shoulders.

Well, blue eyes, even in such darkened light, sparkled just like two stars. And even if people couldn’t see the stars anymore, they all had these two stars. And those were the two eyes of the great scientist.

“I am very happy to see you all today. After all, today is an important day, an important triumph of the human mind. And the human for whom this evening was created is true proof that the human mind knows no boundaries. Since the moment when human entered the age of immortality, since then, science, art, literature, all this has changed a lot. But talent remains a talent. And the creator of the next talent, another masterpiece, is Mistress Harmony! She created a whole world filled with the ability to think, speak and create. From - under her pen came a lot of masterpieces, and her way of thinking gave our world, the most beautiful and ingenious creations of art. For her creative thinking and desire to develop the world, I want to give her the Mind Creator Award. And in handing over this award, I know it’s a great honor for me and for all of you. Please welcome, Harmony, a great artist and the creator of new ideas!”

When Sennhandd finished his speech, to the sound of applause, my mother came on stage.

And she looked just fine. My heart froze with pride and happiness at the sight of her smile.

Sennhandd, handing her a statuette in the form of a human holding planet Earth, whispered in her ear and then left her alone on stage.

No sooner had she started to speak her speech, as everyone began to clap their hands again. I looked around and through the twilight I noticed that there were no emotions on people’s faces. They were just doing what they were supposed to do. All actions, words, emotions, were automatic. And it made me feel a little uncomfortable.

When everyone fell silent, my mom started talking.

“The goal of my life is to create and create a lot. And all my efforts, of course, are not to stand here and listen to the sounds of applause. My efforts, of course, were for the development of art and to show you all emotions, feelings, and what is important for the human soul. My sculpture is dedicated to all the efforts and sufferings of mankind. It’s also a symbol of the future. The symbol of a new human who has left his past in order to take off and never fall again. When I was working on this sculpture, I was helped by my son, who with his unusual thinking and view of this world, taught me a lot. Without him, perhaps, I would not have been able to make this sculpture a reality.”

When she stopped talking, a thin ray of light fell on me and now, all the attention was on me.

I got up from my chair and smiled, looking at my mother.

After a few more words of gratitude, my mother left the stage.

Upon the return of the light to the spacious banquet hall, everyone got up and returned to their former places. But the faces of all were still the same.

And most importantly, no one really talked.

“Your mom is so beautiful,” Yundoran said, sipping fresh, orange juice.

“Have you seen the faces of all people? It’s like they’re not alive.”

“Forget it. Leave them alone. I’m like, I don’t care about people. I’m just enjoying eternity.”

“And what do you plan to do for the rest of eternity?”

He scratched his head and made a confused expression. I liked looking at him when he thought. I’ve always thought it was funny.

He said, “I don’t know yet. But I guess I’ll just live and explore this world. And also, I will always be there for you.”

I was amused by what I heard.

“What’s so funny?”


Once again, when he hugged me, he almost knocked me to the floor, but he stopped at the sight of Sennhandd, who was heading in our direction.

Sennhandd, striding as if he were floating, came up to us.

I didn’t know how to behave next to such a great man.

Yundoran, not daring to stand and remain silent, said, “It is a great honor for me to see you so close.”

I heard a sarcasm in his voice.

Sennhandd, lowered his eyes, as if he felt ashamed. I liked his personality. He always acted like he was an ordinary man. He never shouted that he was a great scientist, without whom there would be nothing.

“Your mother is very talented and intelligent. Now, such minds are rarely met. You too are probably just as smart,” he suddenly said without looking at me.

“This guy is very smart. He reads books at the speed of light and I think he’s read all the books in this world. He’s the smartest man,” Yundoran said and patted me on the back, then hugged and proudly lifted his head up.

Sennhandd, now staring at me, asked, “What books are you reading?”

“Basically, history books.”

“So, you like the story?”


“Interested in the past, well, what about the present?” he asked and came closer. But it didn’t make me feel any awkward. To my surprise, in the company of this man, I was calm.

“The present scares me a little bit. But the past, studying those times, I feel safe.”

“Unusually. I like the way you think.”

“Why don’t we take a walk? Look, I think I see the stars. Come on, ” Yundoran said, and taking us both by the arms, led us forward.

He was right. Once we were outside the building, as my gaze caught the distant glow of the stars. It was only three stars and then, a few minutes later, the machines closed them, and this beauty remained only in the memory.

“How pathetic. The stars disappeared again,” Yundoran said and sighed.

Sennhandd, looking at the sky with eyes full of dreams, smiled and said, “I think I know why you like the past.”

“And why?”

A traffic patrol flew past us in the form of small glass spheres, the purpose of which was to catch those who violated the celestial movement.

I loved looking at these little glass spheres. They reminded me of something fabulous and pleasant.

Looking at these spheres, Sennhandd replied, “In the past, the sky was always open. People could watch the stars and admire the Moon. You probably like stories where people looked at the moon and dreamed. And then when they saw the first morning rays of the sun, they felt a new hope.”

“You’re right. With the sky, it was different.”

“A boy who lacks the sky,” Yundoran whispered and directed his romantic gaze high into the sky. But iron drops floated slowly and without any sound over our heads.

“Previously, people could see beauty in simple things. And also, all lived side by side with nature. But not now. And when I lack beauty, I just start reading and immediately go to the distant past. When someone ran on the green steppes and felt the fresh wind, and then with the arrival of the night, admired the sky and fell asleep, expecting from tomorrow something new. I think then, a man valued his life more. Because a man had time. Now, what does a man have? Only a cold eternity that stretches far ahead. In a straight line.”

Sensing Sennhandd’s gaze, I stopped talking, even though I had so many words, so many emotions. And it was easier for me when someone listened to me.

“I understand you,” he said, and slightly touched my shoulder.

“But we need to be grateful. If before, people had beauty and nature. That wasn’t for long. The man was mortal. And now, thanks to you, everyone is immortal. And I think that’s a good thing. Even if before, a person could admire the sky, the stars, now, everyone can fly into space and look at the star up close,” Yundoran said and pushed me lightly as a sign that we should go.

Hearing my mother’s voice, I turned back and noticed that she was waiting for me.

But before I could leave, Sennhandd stopped me and said, “If you want to see the sky, come to my lab. You know where I am, don’t you?”

I was surprised by his words.

“Yes, I know.”

“Can I come too?” Yundoran asked.

It seemed to me that he would start jumping and hugging the scientist with happiness.

“Of course,” Sennhandd replied, and without saying anything else, slowly and silently left us.

“What were you talking about?” mother asked.

“He invited us to his lab! I can’t believe it! I always thought he was an arrogant man! And he is so simple and ordinary!”

“Sennhandd is very kind. I’m glad you found common ground with him.”

“He just invited us to his lab. You don’t have to make a noise out of it.”


Have you ever felt like you were short of air?

Every time I go out, I feel like I have no air to breath at all.

Walking through narrow streets, past tall houses, past bright buildings, and noisy advertising boards, I look up at the sky and see thousands of cars in the form of silver drops of water. Sometimes, I feel like it’s just raindrops that have mutated and turned into such huge iron drops.

Remembering the pictures from one book, which shows how people used to travel by cars or trains, I wonder why people even came up with flying.

And today, too, walking on deserted streets, among the thin as the blade skyscrapers that reached the cosmos, I, feeling the artificial sunlight that came from artificial little stars, looked at the sky and as always, saw millions of cars that just hovered in the air as the movement suddenly slowed down.

Feeling the heat, I took off my jacket and continued on my way to the diamond-shaped building, near which Yundoran and I agreed to meet.

Passing by neon signs and a huge cluster of small robots, which were happy to help a tourist, I still changed my thinking and tried to see the beauty in this world.

And that these thin as a blade skyscrapers, deserved praise and respect in the direction of the architect.

But still, these tall buildings were too many and when you walked the streets, you could feel yourself like an insect.

I lacked space and fresh air. But the only air that everyone had was the smell of the heated engine of the flying machine and the evaporation of artificial stars, which released into the air some substance to improve the quality of human life. Although what quality could we talk about, if this smell was similar to the most ordinary sweat.

I didn’t really get into the science of the modern world. I didn’t know how most of the things that surround me worked. But what I knew 100 percent was how the most ordinary machines and planes work, how the most ordinary fan or microwave oven works.

I guess I spent a lot of time in the past. And perhaps for that reason, I felt like a stranger to everyone.

When I finally reached the diamond-shaped building, which was always closed, and no one knew what was going on there, I stopped and took a deep breath. But it only made me feel worse. Hot, unpleasant air with a touch of artificial aromas of flowers made me feel nauseous.

I regretted not taking a water bottle with me. Although the water, too, had an unpleasant taste.

Maybe it was because, water too, was artificially created.

No sooner had I come to my senses, I immediately felt someone’s hands on my back. And then a big hug.

“My friend, why do you always have such an expression, as if you are ill?”

“Let me go.”

“Why are you always so gloomy?”

“Why are you always so happy?”

“So, are you ready?”

“Ready for what?”

“To meet the greatest man of our time!”

Noticing the joy and excitement on his face, I smiled. I felt so warm on my soul only that even though my only friend is still able to show emotions and not be fake like everyone else.

“Let’s go.”

“Do you even know where his lab is?”

“Of course, I do.”

“I thought you only know where the museum is.”

“What kind of clothes are you wearing?”

“It’s a classic. Grey, the color of the future. You don’t understand anything anyway.”

“You look like this robot.”

Stopping in front of a tall robot that was standing just right in the middle of the alley, Yundoran said, “I’m much prettier than this robot.”

“Do you really think so?” the robot asked in response to his words.

I laughed loudly, thus attracting the attention of all passers-by.

“They’re going to think you’re crazy.”

“Because I’m laughing?”

I kept laughing until we reached the white building.

If you thought that the laboratory of the greatest man of this world looks like a tall skyscraper with towers and multiple robots around, or like a spaceship, then you are wrong.

The lab, where the most ridiculous and clever ideas are born, actually looks like the most ordinary house, which is depicted in my history books.

The usual three – story building of white color, yet more like a simple box.

And at first glance, this lab looked rather boring, against the background of all those houses in the form of swords.

But once we took a few steps forward, we were in the middle of the forest.

At first, I thought it was an illusion, but once I touched the tree, I knew right away that it was reality.

“What kind of place is this? And where, that building?”

“Welcome to my house.”

I had real grass under my feet. There were real trees all around me. And most importantly, everywhere there was the freshest air that had ever been felt on my skin.

Never in my life have I felt such a fragrance as I do now. It was a mixture of those scarlet flowers and the smell of fruit.

I raised my head up, so neatly, slowly, afraid to scare the moment, fearing that all this would disappear and turn out to be just a dream.

But when my gaze was raised up, I saw a blue sky.

The sky without a single cloud. The sky that was clean and spacious.

“It’s impossible,” I whispered.

“It’s impossible, but science has made it possible.”

I looked to where the voice was coming from and saw Sennhandd.

Today, he looked like a character from a fairy tale. Long white hair and a long silver robe, and as always, calm, almost sleepy facial expression.

“It’s just an illusion. But a rather realistic illusion. And the air here, too, is artificial. But still, you can be sure that this wind is the same as it was centuries ago,” he said, looking at Yundoran, who was running far away from us like a deer.

“It’s an illusion, but it’s so beautiful here. I’ve never seen so many trees. And the sky!”

“Yes. The sky is beautiful.”

“Is that a white building, it was just a projection?”

“Yes,” he said.

“Are you hiding from someone or you just don’t want anyone to see your house?”

“For people, it looked just like a building. But it doesn’t work for everyone like that. I was just waiting for you, so the system let you in. By dispelling the hologram.”

“The hologram hides another hologram.”

Sennhandd laughed softly.

“That’s the modern world,” he uttered and smiled.

His smile was beautiful, a little feminine, incomprehensible.

“But you built this world.”

“Do you despise me? After all,” he suddenly asked.

“You don’t care if I despise you or not. Nothing will change from my opinion.”

“Maybe for me, it matters. Maybe I haven’t heard anyone else’s opinion in a long time,” he said and went ahead.

I followed him.

I still couldn’t believe the beauty around us.

Tall trees surrounded me from all sides. I could hear the real rustling of leaves. I felt a warm wind that touched my hair slightly.

I wanted to take off my shoes and feel the ground with my feet. At the same time, I felt an unprecedented fatigue. I was very sad.

Why was I so sad? Is it because of the feeling that made me remember a past I never lived in?

I looked ahead, I wanted to calm down and seeing a tall figure in a silver robe in front, I suddenly felt calm.

Noticing my strange state, Sennhandd stopped. And then, I noticed, that he looked so much like a beautiful woman. But the second changed, and he became a man.

Looking at me as if he knew every thought I thought, he asked, “What happened?”

Feeling tears flowing down my cheeks, I turned away and immediately felt the gentle embrace of Yundoran.

“My friend, what’s wrong with you? Professor, did you offend him?”

“I’m fine.”

“Do you want to leave?”

“Stay a little more. Believe me, I’m very happy that you are here,” Sennhandd said.

“Does no one come to you? You’re so famous. I think you have a party every day,” Yundoran said and I heard a note of discontent in his voice. Suddenly, I remembered what a good friend he was. And why didn’t I talk to him for so long?

“Alas, you are my first guests in many years,” Sennhandd replied and went ahead.

When we were alone, in the middle of incredibly beautiful trees, among which were spruce, oak, aspen. I was so well aware of these trees, following stories from books.

“Don’t you think he’s weird? How is it possible that a man like him has no one to visit him?”

“I think someone like him never lies.”

The farther we went, the more beauty I saw. There were even mountains in this hologram. And there was even snow at the top of these mountains.

I just couldn’t find the right words.

“Are you happy?”

“What’s going on? Are you interested?”

“Of course. You’re my best friend. My sun and my happiness. I want you to be happy. And if this cheap hologram trick can make you happy, just tell me. I’ll make the same world, though no, I’ll make the hologram much more beautiful than this.”

I pushed him a little and laughed.

“Better tell me, where are we going?”

“I’m not joking!”

“What’s the smile on your face?”

“I always smile like that!”

No sooner had I said anything, he began to tickle me and I had to run away from this strange man.

The faster I ran, the more I felt the coolness of the wind. How pleasant it was to feel fresh and not to smell the smoke from the machines and the smell of newly created robots.

There was infinity in front of me. But I knew it was a green field, just a hologram that ends up near that little house with a fountain in the shape of swans.

“And this is the home of the great Sennhandd?”

“It seems that yes. Let’s go!”

And later, I learned that Sennhandd also loves history and he still appreciates the usual coziness that was many centuries ago. I learned that he doesn’t like to surround himself with robots that are created in his own lab, and also that he doesn’t like to spend time looking at races or fights. (which I’ll talk about later)

His laboratory, which was also home, was no different from a simple and cozy dwelling, where there were many books and a lot of cozy furniture.

As I understand it, he was working on his great inventions right in this house, at that small, wooded table.

There was no highly developed technology or housewives. It was just a house.

Sitting on a chair, I looked at a stack of books that were written in another language.

“Look, this is the book that Sennhandd himself wrote!” But his attention immediately switched to some strange equipment in the form of a large microscope.

“Look at this! I wonder what it is?”

“Don’t touch it.”

“It’s the same thing that makes fruits and vegetables!”

“You’re right. This machine creates all fruits and vegetables,” Sennhandd said.

Returning from the kitchen with a tray of three glasses of juice, he smiled and looked at me.

“You’re just a magician! But you know, before, to grow apples or other fruits, people worked day and night. But you changed everything,” Yundoran said.

Just so you know what kind of machine you’re talking about, let me take a little break from the conversation with Sennhandd.

In order to improve people’s lives and make life in affluence, Sennhandd invented a device that is able to copy any fruit or vegetable and, in a few minutes, from one apple, the magic apparatus will create a whole sea of apples. And it is not only about apples, you can copy anything and increase it in amount.

By copying the DNA of the fruit, this device creates a replica of the same fruit. This is how modern farming works. And that is what I like about modern world is that there is no hunger anymore.

“Okinizeus, tell me about your hobbies,” Sennhandd suddenly said, holding out a glass of fresh orange juice.

“About my hobbies? Do you really want to know?”

“Yes,” he said.

“We are ordinary people and our interests are simple. Is that true?”

“Well, if you’re interested, I love history. That’s probably all I’m interested in.”

“And he likes to read Shakespeare!” Yundoran exclaimed. I looked at him and noticed that he was a little nervous.

“Shakespeare? I didn’t think you remember him,” Sennhandd said.

“He often rereads Romeo and Juliet!” Yundoran exclaimed. And why didn’t he hold back his emotions? Or was he so glad to see the great scientist in front of him?

“And what do you like about this play?”

I sat down more comfortably and took a few sips of juice. To my surprise, the orange juice was a bit cool and very refreshing. After taking a few more sips, I, without noticing, emptied the whole glass.

And I still could not believe that outside the window, in front of me was a real natural landscape and the real sky.

Having caught Sennhandd’s curious gaze, I realized that he needed normal communication just as much as I did.

I realized that this great man lacked such simple things as discussing books and admiring nature. Is it possible that we are similar?

“What do I like about this play? It probably sounds ordinary and strange, but it’s love that interested me,” I replied.

“Love? Now this word is rarely heard.”

“You’re right. Now, everyone has forgotten about love. And they don’t know what it is.”

“Do you know what love is?”

“I know. But I can’t explain it. Perhaps love is a great illusion. Just like your hologram. But without this illusion, is it possible to understand the true essence of things?”

He thought and for a while he was silent.

I liked to see how he thought and didn’t hide what he didn’t understand.

“Love, I read that before a man and a woman fell in love and created families. And why would you do that? I mean, a person can develop and be happy when he or she is able to be responsible for their lives. I don’t think love between two people led to anything good. You just remember Romeo and Juliet,” Yundoran said and put his head on my shoulder.

“Love between two people led to many problems. But still, people found solace in each other. But what is in this world? People act as if they don’t want to know about each other.”

“I don’t know. But I personally find it very comfortable to live alone. I’m happy with my life. And I think all people are happy too. And a family created by a man and a woman, it’s just hopelessness. And of course, escape from loneliness. The man was just afraid to be alone with himself and it’s sad,” Yundoran said and then hugging me added, “Although, in my life there is you. And that’s enough for me. Okinizeus, perhaps, what I feel for you is true love.”

When I pushed him away from myself, I suddenly felt funny. And then I remembered why I stopped talking to him. His jokes and brazen demeanor sometimes make me feel uncomfortable.

“You still don’t believe my love?”

When he began to tickle me again, he made me move closer to the scientist.

Sennhandd, meanwhile, has finally regained his senses.

He said, “It’s sad that people have forgotten a lot of simple things.”

“People have become selfish. Isn’t that for the best? There used to be a lot of conflict in the world. The human did not understand the human. But now, everyone is on their own. I don’t know why you’re so unhappy. But if you need love, then I’m here,” Yundran said, and laughed loudly.

So loud that Sennhandd shuddered a little.

“Yes. Now everyone has become much calm. But there is a catch in this.”

“Are you saying that everyone has become the same and with the advent of immortality, all have become lifeless and have ceased to appreciate anything?”

Sennhandd looked at me. Now, in his look there was anxiety.

“I just wanted to make everyone happier,” he said quietly.

“The two of you are alike,” Yundoran said, and laughed.

I just looked at him.

“Look at the sky. Okinizeus, that’s what you wanted to see,” Sennhandd suddenly said.

Not noticing how the night came, I looked out the window and saw my dream.

And at the sight of such true beauty, I could not sit in one place.

As if on the wings of happiness and mild disappointment, I took a few steps forward.

They were the real stars and the real Moon.

Never before have I seen such a beautiful moon. The silver disk glowed, created a tunnel out of clouds, mesmerizing and whispering.

And those little stars, at times blinking, frozen, as if inhaling and exhaling, they talked about something.

I indulged in this beauty, forgetting that it was just a hologram.

But I didn’t think about it. All I was thinking about was how the trees were slowly being swallowed up by the gentle moonlight.

Have you ever seen trees become part of the moonlight?

At such moments, everything around seems to hold your breath and gives you the opportunity, at least for a moment, to become the master of such beauty. But you don’t want to command such impossible beauty, because you realize that this beauty has always commanded you. Your heart and soul.

“The moon you’re seeing right now is real. It’s not a hologram. Here, my technology allows you to see through the machines,” Sennhandd said quietly.

“So that’s what the moon looks like,” Yundoran whispered.

I was silent.

The moon was real. And it was enough to feel joy again.

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