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Whenever I wanted to understand the world I live in, to understand people and their motives, first of all, I went towards an abandoned neighborhood, where the ghosts of the old years lived.

From there, from a place where there were only the wreckage of old houses, I could see almost all the skyscrapers that were stretching upwards. I could see all the people who were like ants, rushing somewhere.

Human, yet remembered that once they were mortal. Even now, they were all in a hurry. Hurry, in everyone's blood.

The last time I was on this abandoned street, where bricks and broken toys were everywhere, and some old photos with blurred faces, a few years ago. And then, when I looked at the whole city, it seemed to me that if I came next time to this place, I would be different. I'm not going to be the same, I'm not going to be who I was then. And now, I see that my premonition was right.

Now, I had Moonlight by my side.

Now, there was a creature near me that could change me in just a few days.

Yes, now everything was different.
"Everything is so beautiful," Moonlight said, looking dreamy at the skyscrapers in the shape of swords.

"Everything is always beautiful when it is far away."

"You know, when I first opened my eyes and saw my creator's face, I thought I was dead. It's weird, isn't it? I was just born, so why did I think that?"

"It's really weird," I said, though his words stuck in my head, not wanting to leave me.

"What did you think when you first opened your eyes?" Moonlight asked, now looking at me. Every time, I just lost myself when I saw my reflection in those eyes.

"I don't remember. I don't think I was even thinking. I was a baby."

"What is a baby?"

"It is a little human."

"Little human," he said and smiled. "You were created by Harmony?"

“Yes. She is my mother.”

"And who created all these people? Where did they come from?"

"It's a whole story. Centuries ago, human was born thanks to a man and a woman. They got married, and then they created a child. But now, things have changed so much. Right now, no one's getting married. And children are created in laboratories. I was created in the laboratory too."

"Just like me."

“Yes, just like you.”

"How many years have you lived in this world?"

"21 years."

"It's a long time."

"Not that long."

"Tell me, what do people do to be happy?"

"Interesting questions you have," I said and inadvertently touched his shoulder. "People do different things. But I have to say, before, people have created just wonderful things. Poetry, literary works, scientific inventions, paintings, sculpture and many other things. Knowledge, achievements, that's what made a person happy, but now everything is wrong. Now, to become happy, a person wants different kinds of dangers and spends time by looking at how robots break each other, and how people walk on fire."

"Aren't people just happy that they are immortal?"
"No. Humans are very complex creatures. They will never be completely happy. Because human is the most ungrateful being in the world."

"Now I'm scared," Moonlight whispered.

I suddenly wanted to take his hand, which I did.

Feeling my hand on his own, Moonlight made a slightly surprised face, and wanted something to say, but restrained himself.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here," I whispered, and to make this situation not so dramatic, I said, "Let's go. Let's go shopping! I want to give you a present."

The shopping center was the place to start.

There were a variety of buildings and small shops where you could find anything.

Having entered the multicolored asphalt, which also created the illusion, as if you are walking over a waterfall, I was surprised at how diverse everything here is.

The shelves with all sorts of elixirs that could make you not need sleep or eat, various little robots that are ready to sing for days on end, strange toys, various porcelain dolls that can talk and blink, and even, in some places, people sold wizards, who were left by their owners.

Stopping in front of the Wizard, whose face was bruised, Moonlight pondered, lowered his head down.

It was painful for me to realize what Moonlight was experiencing.

Abandoned Wizard, continued to stand in the very corner of the entire long street. There was so much bruise and injury on that little face that I just couldn't contain my anger, and I just punched the wall.

"That's what people are! That's who these people are! Look at them!" I exclaimed. Now, all the Wizards were looking at me.

There was disappointment and pain on their faces. They've already become disillusioned with everything. And what was evident was that now, they would never trust anyone. Now, they will just live, just exist, not wanting to feel anything again.

Remembering again the anger I felt for Sennhandd, I felt very dizzy, I could not stand on my feet.

"Oki, what's wrong with you?"

Moonlight, for the first time, embracing me like no other, led me away from the horror in front of me.

"Have you seen them? That's what people do! They love to cause pain and suffering! That's who the person is!"

Pressing me against the wall, Moonlight hugged me tightly.

Feeling the smell of the body, the smell that reminded me of rain and strawberries, I suddenly felt so weak, so timid, that I involuntarily burst into tears.
My tears finally flowed down my cheeks, and then found shelter on the shoulders of this creature.

Having buried my nose in these strands of hair, I calmed down. Inconspicuously, as if not of my will, I embraced this creature in response. I embraced this creature so hard that he made a strange sound. The sound that happens when someone is short of air.

I regretted that I had embraced this creature so tightly, because, now, I never wanted to let go of him.


Trying to calm myself down, I didn’t want to spoil Moonlight’s mood. And I wanted to make him happy.

Suddenly, he touched my cheek and looked at the tear drop that was in his hand now.

“What is it?”

“It is tears. You know, people cry when they are hurt or sad.”

“Hurt or sad,” Moonlight repeated these words as if they were very important. Then, looking at me, he asked, “Are you sad now?”

“No. Now, I am happy. But a few minutes ago, I was very angry.”

“You can change your mood so fast.”
“That’s what people are. Happy, sad, angry and then happy again.”

“I am happy too.”

“That’s good. But you should be ready to feel sadness, anger and other kinds of emotions.”

“I will learn everything,” Moonlight said.

If earlier, I felt so lonely among the crowd, now, every feeling inside of me was replaced only by one - happiness.
If earlier, I thought that happiness was too commonplace thing and person who craves for it, is too naive, now, I understood that it is not like that.
Happiness, is the reward, it is the indicator of the best life and to feel it, one needs to go through many things.

Moonlight, stopping next to the shop with various kinds of things, pointed forward and said, “Look, I think I know what it is!”

“What? You mean this?” I asked, looking at the strange statue.

He opened the door and entered. I followed him.

Later, I found out, that he was pointing to the vintage notebook.
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