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The shop owner, an elderly man, suspiciously looked at Moonlight but didn’t say anything.
I walked around the statues of people and planets, and I found out that here, there were too many vintage things.
Candelabras, old books, music players, notebooks, and other things.
I wondered why I haven’t been in such a place before.

“Can you tell me, what is it?” Moonlight asked the owner, showing a necklace with tiny watch.

The elderly man gently smiled and answered, “It is a watch. I know, nowadays, no one knows about such things. But in the past, people liked using these kinds of things as accessories. These things show you the time. Look, they are still working. Or maybe it started working because you took it.”

Moonlight made another curious face and his eyes became so wide, that I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Young man, there is nothing funny about it. Nowadays, no one knows what it is. So I don’t think that you know anything about these old things either.”

His words were so funny, that I couldn’t remain silent. So, I said, “The first mechanical clocks, employing the verge escapement mechanism with a balance wheel timekeeper, were invented in Europe at around the start of the 14th century. And the first wristwatch was created by Patek Philippe, a Switzerland based Swiss watchmaker in 1868. But there were many debates about who invented watch the first.”

The old man made a surprised expression. Nodding his head, he smiled and said, “Looks like you know history.”

“Ask me anything and I’ll answer you without any hesitation,” I said. Now, I wanted to make a good impression in front of Moonlight.

“Really? Alright then. Now tell me, how did ancient people tell time before clocks?”

Standing in front of two of them, mostly, I was directing my gaze towards Moonlight, and I tried hard to look smart and elegant.

“People observed the world around them. These observations were about reading the stars, the changes in the seasons, and also by the presence of day and night. But one of the earliest of all devices to tell time was the sundial. And another early form of clock was the water clock. And then the hourglass.”

I knew that this elderly man with blue eyes and white beard won’t just leave me. He decided to play a quiz.

And I didn’t want to stop either, because I wanted to make a good impression, because I liked to see how Moonlight’s eyes was becoming brighter and brighter with every of my answer.

“Tell me what is obelisks?” the elderly man asked.

I began to walk around the strange statues in the surrealistic forms. Feeling Moonlight’s gaze was enough to feel myself like a superstar. And I answered, “The ancient Egyptians built tall obelisks that would cast shadows to help divide the day into sections. These obelisks worked in much the same way as sundials.”

“What shape did these obelisks have?”

“It is a rectangular pillar with a tapered top forming a pyramid - like shape.”

“Amazing,” Moonlight uttered and I noticed a blush on his cheeks.
“Bravo. You are so young and yet, you know many things. I think you are like History?” the old man asked.

“Yes. I like History.”

Noticing that Moonlight liked this necklace, I asked, “Since this shop is a vintage shop, I think you still prefer using an old method of payment. How much does this necklace cost?”

“You mean money? Boy, even I, at my age, don’t use this kind of payment,” the elderly man said, laughing. “I think nowadays, no one uses money. But I see that you are more old - fashioned than I am. No, I don’t need your money. This is not a shop from 21st century. All I need is just a person who truly values the History and vintage things.”

“Well, I think I made it clear that I know something in this field. Since, my…” Here, I stopped and hesitated. I didn’t know what to say next. Is Moonlight my friend or what?

“I won’t take your time. You can take it,” he said and tenderly smiled, looking at Moonlight.

“That is very kind of you. You are very kind,” Moonlight said, almost bowing in front of him.

“Stop it. I am not the King!”

“Anyway, thank you. And thanks for this lovely quiz,” I said and wanted to leave, but an elderly man stopped me.

“Wait. If you have time, can you visit my shop one more time?” he asked.


“I haven’t talked to someone like you. I mean historian. I really want to talk about past centuries. If you don’t mind of course.”

Catching Moonlight’s begging gaze, I had nothing to do but to say yes.

Holding the necklace in his hand, Moonlight was so happy, that I thought that he would dance and sing.

“You can lose it. It is a necklace. Here, let me show you,” I said and snatched it from his hand.

Almost hugging him, I fastened the clasp of the necklace.

The tiny golden watch was showing the exact time. And the chain of the necklace was lightly touching this tender skin, which never felt anything so cold and old before.

“You know so many things about History. I want to know everything too,” Moonlight said.

This creature has only five years and yet, I can see the desire, the longing for knowledge, for life and for everything.
People too, in the past decades, were longing for new things, for new ideals and new ideas.
Maybe when time is flowing ahead, mercilessly taking any chance to seize the moment, only then, people can develop and create the history.

Now, when this tiny watch was showing the time, I knew that there are only five years and then, I and this creature will have to say farewell. Ahead of me will be eternity…

Interrupting my thinking, Moonlight grabbed my hand and exclaimed, “Look!”

The reason of his exclamation was an artist who was painting something without even touching the canvas.

Moonlight, maybe the only creature who was showing an obvious interest and liveliness among all people, went up to him and asked, “What are you doing?”

An artist, with a great sadness in his eyes, without even looking at him, answered, “Isn’t it obvious? Or what? Did you just fall from the Moon?”

I didn’t like the tone of his voice. Rude, angry and tired.

Ever since Moonlight became part of my life, I became his own guardian who ready to attack anyone and protect him no matter what.

So, I, the person who loves peace and calmness, said, “He just asked you. There is no need to act so rudely. At least, you could look at him. What a disrespect!”

The man finally lifted his head and now I could see that there were too many scars on his face. Right away, I felt sorry for him.

In his deep and sad eyes, I could read such a terrible story, that feeling the pain which was in his soul, I just took Moonlight’s hand and quickly walked away.

All of a sudden, this place turned into something dangerous. With all these people, with their angry gazes, I wanted to run away from here and hide this creature.

“Do you want to go home? Are you hungry?” I asked and remembered that Wizards can’t eat.

“I don’t have stomach. But I can taste the food. Just taste it.”

I looked up. The sky was behind the iron curtain of cars.

It was getting darker and the neon lights began to illuminate the city.

“I think you are tired. Let’s go home,” Moonlight said and on this, our tour came to an end.

“This world, isn’t the right place for gaining more knowledge and for aesthetic joy. Next time, I will take you to some other place.”
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