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Keeping the existence of Moonlight in secret was impossible. And I knew it.

Next morning, when I opened the door and wanted to spend some time outside, enjoying with the warm “wind”, I stumbled upon Yundoran.

“You like romance, don’t you?” he suddenly asked.


“Remember you complained that now, people forgot about love and all this romantic stuff.”

“Yes. And?”

“Let’s go. I want you too meet someone. Actually, it is a girl,” he whispered and winked.

“I didn’t say that I need a girl or any romance! I won’t go anywhere. I am busy.”

The moment when I wanted to enter the house and close the door, Yundoran closed his mouth with his palm and made a loud sound as if he was frightened.

Yes, that was unavoidable. He saw Moonlight, who was already standing behind of my back.

“Good morning,” Moonlight said.

After examining him, Yundoran asked, “Who is he?”

There was no point to keep Moonlight in secret anymore, so I said, “Dear friend, this is Moonlight. Moonlight, this is my best friend Yundoran.”

“When did you buy Wizard and why didn’t you tell me about it?”

“First of all, I didn’t buy him. It is Sennhandd’s present.”

“I can’t believe it!” Yundoran exclaimed.
Thus, making Moonlight tremble.

“Try to be calm. Moonlight is a few days old. He can easily get scared.”

“Moonlight? What kind of name is this?”

“He is beautiful and pure, just like Moonlight,” I said and didn’t even notice that I was smiling like crazy.

“What?! What is happening here?”

“Anyway, now you see that I have no time to meet that girl. And I don’t need any love. I have to stay at home,” I said and pointed towards the door.

“He is so beautiful. Wait, Wizards are agender. Am I right? Tell me something about you,” Yundoran said, still examining Moonlight. “Look at these strands of hair. Sennhandd knows how to express beauty. This feminine tenderness, and there is also something from men. Look at this! Now, I want to have one too. Also, he can make any wish come true! Tell me, what was Oki’s first wish?”

“To touch my skin and feel my heartbeat,” Moonlight seriously said.

“What? Oki, what is happening? What kind of wish is it?”

Feeling awkward, I said, “I am busy today. You can go and have fun.”

“No! I came after you and you perfectly know, that I won’t leave you! Now, put on your best suit and be ready to act like Romeo tonight.”

“Romeo and Juliet?” Moonlight asked.

“You already know them? Poor creature, I bet Oki forces you to study and read a lot,” Yundoran said and hugged him.

When I saw his hand on his shoulders, I felt something, which was close to jealousy. Or maybe it was the real jealousy.
Because what I did next, was the indication of it.

I took Yundoran by the hand and led him towards the door. “Leave. I really don’t have time for your adventures.”

But of course I knew that he wouldn’t leave me just like that.

The next minute, I was already standing in my closet.

“Do you want to go with me?”

“Can I?”

“Of course,” I said.

Moonlight, already feeling himself at home, approached me and whispered, “I think your friend is a bit scary. I don’t know how to behave next to him.”

“He is not scary. Actually, he is very good person. He is sincere and kind. And believe me, that is very rare qualities these days. Don’t worry. You don’t have to talk to him. Just don’t leave me.”

“Don’t leave me”, these words made my heart ache. These three words, were already like knifes, which were ready to hurt me after five years.

But five years are enough, to call this amount of time - eternity.

Wearing a simple white shirt without a tie and simple black jeans, I combed my hair.

“Oki, can you help me?” suddenly, I heard his voice from the closet.

Standing only in simple jeans, Moonlight was holding a simple T - shirt in his hand.

Seeing his skin which was perfect, I couldn’t help but to wish for another touch.
Fearing that he might read my thoughts, I quickly began to meditate.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

“How can I help you?”

He showed to me a T - shirt and said, “I don’t think that I know how to wear this.”

“Here. Like this.”

Feeling the warmth which was coming from this body, my hands trembled. No, they were shaking, and I couldn’t control it. All my ten fingers were hardly holding the thin fabric of cloth. And all because, this creature was too close to me.

Finally, when I helped him to wear it, I stepped aside and lowered my eyes.

I thought that I calmed down, but no. The next second, feeling his hand on my forehead, I almost fell down.

“You don’t feel alright?”

Sitting on my knees, I felt the storm inside of me. And this storm was coming right from my heart.

“I am alright. It is fine,” I whispered.

“I can hear your heartbeat. It sounds almost like mine,” Moonlight said. And to make the situation even “worse”, he put his hand on my chest.

Looking at his face at such a close distance, and seeing that majestic features which were the part of the Universe, in these eyes, in these eyebrows, on this lips, I could see the traces of the cosmic beauty. I could see galaxies, stars, planets, moonlight.

“Yes, I think we have similar hearts. Our hearts are beating together. One rhythm,” he said. His palm was still on my heart.

“We should go now,” I hardly managed to say.

What happened next was beyond of my mind. Because, I was still in my closet.

But when I came back to my senses and to this reality, I realized that we were on the roof of one tall building.

Everything around was beautifully decorated. Candles, lamps, round tables with small vintage plates and many flowers, created a perfect atmosphere for reading poems and feeling love.

But it was worth waiting a little longer, as we were overwhelmed by a small crowd of people who enthusiastically began to meet Yundoran.

As I understand it, he had a lot of acquaintances. And among them, I noticed a young girl in a leather skirt and in a green blouse with lace.

Well, other people were just men in multicolored suits, in which they looked like clowns.

"My friend, all these people are actually very smart. Look at them! Are they just like everyone else? They're different! And so they are all here!"

"Is that you, the writer and the historian?" asked one man, who had a glass of strange liquid inside.

Sensing a smell that was supposed to be pleasant, I felt the desire to step aside and try not to splash out the contents of my stomach.

But this man wasn't going to take a step away from me. And I had to support that conversation.

“What do you do in this world?”

"I'm a writer too. But I write novels. The ones about ancient times. You know what I mean. Novels that capture love stories, war and the desire to live."

"I have no doubt that your novels are very interesting," I said, wanting to step aside as soon as possible, so as not to feel this fragrance coming from his mouth.

With my eyes, I was looking for Moonlight, and when I found him, I mentally asked him for help. But the promise that was between us did not allow him to read my thoughts.

But someone else came to my aid. And this one was a girl in a leather skirt and a green blouse.

When I saw her, I knew right away that Yundoran was talking about her. About Juliet, for whom I had to be Romeo.

She came up to me and said, "Sorry, but I need to talk to Okinizeus."

"In that case, I won't bother you," the man, whose name I never learned said, finally walked away, with his scent of cologne and mouth.

"Thank you," I said, feeling relieved just by the fact that she didn't smell anything.

"You're actually a real introvert, and you're also looking at the beautiful creature who is standing by the table, examining a strange dish that looks like jelly," she said.

I was very surprised by what she said, because I didn't expect so many words and besides the fact that she understood my feelings and to whom my attention is drawn.

Noticing my astonishment and redness of my cheeks, she smiled and sighed. "Don't worry. I can be a good friend to you. And don't worry. I don't want to become Juliet for you. I know what Yundoran told you. But I'm not interested in love and everything to do with it. Now it's a century when a person lives on his own, without needing anyone, and at the same time being happy."

She spoke a lot and her words were coming out of her mouth.

She was graceful and so slender that it seemed to me that these thin hands and fingers were ready to break under the weight of this simple glass of juice.

But I knew perfectly well that it was in her, in her fragility, that the most powerful force, the force, was able to move mountains, if that would be necessary for this unnamed girl.

Again, as if reading my thoughts, she looked at me, but her gaze never lingered for more than a second. Her look was jumping from one person to another.

She said, "My name is Venice. It's nice to meet you. I hope you won't disappoint me. You should know how many unpleasant personalities I have met along the way."

I wanted to shake her hand, which I did. And when she squeezed my hand, I felt that she had more strength than any man around us.

"It's nice to meet you. Venice, I love this city."

"Me too. That's just, I would like people to remember the beauty that lies in every corner of this city."

"People keep their memories of perfection in the farthest corner of their minds. But the bulk of their memory is clogged with something like robotic racing and fighting."

"As well as a fall from the height."

"What's this?"

"You don't know? People have come up with a lot of things to experience death again. To feel weak again. It's scary. Why shouldn't everyone just be happy?" she asked, and her voice sounded so loud that it seemed to me as if her words reached the ears of every resident of this bustling city.

"You're right. Humans, strange creatures. But you are a pleasant exception."

"You too," she said and slightly touched my shoulder. I liked the fact that, between us, immediately there was a brotherly friendship, where no one was obliged to the other. I liked that ease and sincerity, when none of us tried to hide something from each other.

"So, Venice, what do you do?"

"You won't hear such a question very often. Usually, people do not know that in this life you can be busy at all. Don't you think the whole world has turned into a big repository of lazy people?"

"I've always thought so."

Venice replied, "I write, think, draw, compose poems, study how to grow vegetables, try to understand the mysteries of the cosmos."

"Very exciting."

"Yes. Yundoran told me that you write books. And that you have already written a few."

"Yes. Except I haven't published them yet. They're ready, but I'm still thinking about whether I should do anything to publish them. And besides, now it doesn't matter, no one reads books. Maybe it's just my hobby. I don't even know. I'm very insecure."

Feeling the presence of Moonlight behind me, I straightened my shoulders and my heart began to beat again in a frenzied rhythm.
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