All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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Noticing this, Venice whispered in my ear, so quiet and close that I felt the touch of her lips and her words sounded almost in my head.

She whispered, "This is the first time I've seen a man so much in love with the Wizard."

I wanted to object, I wanted to exclaim, but no, I just stood and was quiet.

"And what's your name?" she asked, now turning to Moonlight.


"How poetic. I like your originality," she said, and then, at the sight of her relaxed facial expression and the kind of solidarity in her words, in manners, I realized that I could trust her. She continued, "You must have given him that name because this creature is as beautiful and pure as the light of the moon."

I didn't have anything to hide. "Yes. That's the truth. He is as pure as the light of the moon."

"Speaking of your books. I don't think you should keep them in secret. You know how to think, and it's a rare gift these days. Therefore, you need to do everything to stand out from the crowd, to be able to speak and show everyone what you are capable of. In this gray world, people like you shouldn't sit on the sidelines feeling like an alien among the rest. It's people like you who've always made whole stories! So why aren't you sure of yourself?"

"Now, after what you say, I'm kind of feeling confident. But I wish I could know where I would go so that my books would be published."

"Don't worry about it," she said and handed me a piece of paper. As I understood, there was an address.

“Here, the very place where you can feel yourself at home.”

“Thank you.”

"Oki! I see you've already become friends with each other?! Venice, how do you like my friend? Do you think you can love him?" Yundoran shouted, embracing me.

When I pushed him aside, the first thing I saw was Moonlight. Suddenly, I felt a strange feeling, as if I needed to stay away from other people's touch.

"There's a very different connection between us," Venice said and winked at me. It was only now that I noticed that she had short black hair that was perfectly combed back.

"Different connection! How unusual!"

"Who are all these people?"

"These are all real thinkers."

"The real thinkers," Moonlight muttered.

Among all, he was so different, so much so that I felt a strong desire to just hide this creature from other people's eyes.

In these simple, old jeans, in this ordinary T-shirt of incomprehensible color, and in the simplest leather jacket with an eagle pattern on the back, and in sneakers, Moonlight stood and could shine with his impeccable soul.

A soul I could describe for ages. And even eternity will not suffice.

Perhaps at that moment, he read my thoughts, judging by his lost and at the same time found look, which was directed somewhere.

But suddenly, none of us had time to say anything, when suddenly, three flying saucers rose above our heads, which shone with unpleasant light, right on our faces.

Immediately, hearing the voices and noise of the engines, I grabbed Moonlight by the hand and ran away.
When person faces the danger, he or she, takes the most important thing and runs away. And I did the same. Yes, he was the most important…

Now, I wasn't alone. And if it was just me, I would continue to stand under this light, under these voices, waiting for something strange that people could do.

But I wasn't alone. I had a responsibility and I, holding a warm hand in my own, quickly walked away.

I didn't even care about Yundoran or a girl named Venice. I didn't care about the world. And that confession, that honesty, was because of the hand of another being in my hand.
I became selfish. But, probably, everyone becomes selfish when in his hand the hand of another creature.

Hearing the angry voices behind me, I stopped and looked back.

Tall people, in black leather suits, with the same faces, with the same manners, without saying anything, just grabbed one man by the hands and led him away.

And only Yundoran dared to ask, "What are you doing? What does all this mean? I know him. And what did he do?"

An elderly man with a sneer on his face, went up to Yundoran and for some reason looking at me replied, "Maybe you did not know, but this man has no pure thoughts."

"So that's what's going on? You've already started reading minds!"

The man with a sneer threw at me another strange look and on this, he ended the conversation and left.

"What's going on here?"

"James! I'm coming for you! Just tell me where you're taking him?" asked someone in the crowd.

But three flying saucers flew away. Leaving behind a trail of mystery.

Moonlight let go of my hand and coming closer whispered, "This man was thinking about you."
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