All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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"Have you seen my dreams?"
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. It's just that when you sleep, you smile so happily that I'm curious. And what struck me the most was that you always see the same dream. I asked Harmony what she saw when she was asleep. And she told me about all her dreams in a week. They were all different. But you see in your dreams only that beautiful place, and that little house."

"Yes. I've been seeing this dream for years. I don't know why. Perhaps because my soul wants to be in such a beautiful place. In the woods, among the mountains, where birds always sing."

"Is that your wish?"

"That's my dream," I replied, without thinking that I had just given Moonlight a command to fulfill my wish.

Also, I didn't have time to say that he didn't need to fulfill my dream, about that nature.

I didn't have time because, when I blinked, and then for some nanoseconds, I felt such a strong gust of wind that seemed to take me somewhere up. But I didn't know if it was the wind or the sea waves.

As the short time passed, I opened my eyes, I saw in front of me a green field, sprinkled with millions of yellow flowers, which will soon turn into dandelions.

"Have you always dreamed of such a place?" he suddenly asked. I looked back and saw him standing by the tree.

"Is this all real? How did you do that? Or do you know how to travel through time?"

"No. I can't, but I'd like to learn. And that's just the reality that was in your dreams. I just connected your dreams with reality, and now everything is real."

I couldn't believe it. And I couldn't help but feel respect for Sennhandd for being able to create someone who was a real magician.
"It's impossible, " I said, looking around me.

And far away, I saw the outlines of the mountains, on top of which there was snow, which hardly touched the gentle clouds that floated across the clear sky.

"You could also make your thoughts a reality. It's very easy," he said.

"Easy? Are you joking?"

"No. It's true."

"I think I understand why you can materialize any thought. You only have a heart and a brain. And people have a lot more. We have the most complex feelings, hormones, the most evil thoughts, and a strong attachment to the past. Therefore, people cannot develop any abilities in themselves. But you only have a brain that doesn't have a single evil thought. You only have a heart that doesn't know what hate is. And most importantly, you have a soul. The purest, most honest, soul. So that is why you can work miracles."

Slowly stepping in my direction, Moonlight looked at me like no one had before. And unlike the other Wizards, he dared to raise his head as if he were proud of who he was. I liked his manner, his difference from the others. He had freedom, and he knew it.

Within a second, his face changed to a woman's and then a man's. I just had to compose a whole ballad dedicated to such beauty.

"Human, unlike us, is a very complex being. But in complexity, sometimes there is something beautiful," he said.

Feeling the warm wind and the sun's rays, I lay down on the grass and closed my eyes.
Sensing his finger, the touch of his hand, I was able to stop the time.

"Tell me, what do you dream of? And what are dreams?" Moonlight continued to ask.

"Dreams? It's the meaning of life. It's what gives you the strength to live. A dream, it is power, ability, skill, to create your own world."

"What are you dreaming of?" he repeated his first question.

I didn't say about it to anyone before. But now, I was ready to open my whole soul.

And I said, "I dream of writing. I dream of creating whole worlds on paper."

"I have a dream too," he suddenly said.

The sun was hidden behind the clouds, and I could smell the rain. I feel solid ground under my back. It was all a reality. I was in the world I always wanted to be.

I was interested to ask what a creature like him dreams of. And I dared to ask, "What are you dreaming of?"

"It's a secret."

Here, he made me laugh a lot. But when I stopped laughing, I noticed a smile on his face. A smile that did not hide the even row of his white teeth. This smile was brighter than any star and cleaner than any river.
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