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What is the price of dreaming? What's the price of becoming a dreamer and stepping on the solitary wolf’s path? I wasn't like that anymore, though. I wasn't alone.

How many times do I have to forget all the love that surrounds me? How many times do you have to forget about the most important things in the world. And that's because, one day, you think you're the center of the whole universe.

It was only today, when Moonlight was near me, that I could see the love that surrounds me.
As soon as I entered the house and saw my mother's radiant smile, I immediately understood everything and felt ashamed that I had taken it for granted all this time.

But that smile, that love in her heart that was directed in my direction for no reason, was the most expensive, most important thing that can be in life.

And suddenly, looking into these eternally kind eyes of my mother, I felt sorry for those people who are chasing infinity, not noticing those two eyes, that smile, that love that has no boundaries.

Standing at the door, I looked at my mother, who was sitting surrounded by some people, as if I had seen her for the first time.

Did Moonlight affect me that way?

"Here's my son. Great writer," Mom suddenly said. And even her voice, and with what a proud look she looked at the guests, made me want to kneel and express my immense gratitude.

But my mood, my gratitude, which could at any moment show itself interrupted by the quiet voice of a man who was in a beautiful red suit.

It was only now that I noticed that there were five people sitting in our living room, and they were all well-mannered people.

In their manner, I immediately realized that they belong to that rare part of society, which still keeps all writers and artists, scientists.

"Okinizeus, finally! You're hard to catch. I thought you were always sitting at the table. And you turn out to be the same young man as everyone else," said the man in the red suit. "My name is Albert. I'm a good friend of yours," he added and surprised me with this statement.

"I didn't know I had such a good friend," I said, looking into those dark blue eyes that were screaming, "You can trust me!"
He laughed and looked at the other four people who continued to drink coffee or tea with the expression like they had just come from the desert.

"Oki, Albert is writer too."

"Just now, I'm looking for talent. I have to say, it's not a very easy thing to do."

"I'm sorry, but I gave him your book. All your books. I decided I just had to do everything to make everyone see how smart you are," mom said. Noticing a glimmer of guilt in her beautiful eyes, I sat down next to her and took her hand in my own, said, "Mom, what would I do if it wasn't for you."

A little surprised, my mother smiled and squeezed my hand tighter.

"Now, it is very hard to find someone like you. You know, right now, people are chasing other dreams. And basically these dreams are connected with fun, with eternity, which awaits them ahead. But you are the exception. I've read all your books. And I have to say at once, I liked every word in your books. It's probably best if you take my place and be the leader of our society. You'll probably be able to remind everyone of art," Albert said. And as he spoke, I looked at his fingers, which were so long and thin, that it seemed to me that they belonged to some alien.

"I'm flattered. I really have nothing to say," I said and caught the sight of Moonlight. Every time I caught his look, I was trembling.

"No, you have something to say. That's right, you have too many words and thoughts. And why were you hiding at home all this time? Tell me, if it wasn't for your mom, you would never have shown the world your creations?" said another man who was almost the same age as me. And from the beginning, I noticed that he looked like Yundoran. Noticing the question mark in my gaze, he added, "I'm Albert’s friend. My name is Neon. Me too, part of that forgotten society."

"Sorry, but what kind of society are you talking about? How can I trust you with Oki?"

There was complete silence in the room.
I froze. And Moonlight repeated his sudden question, "How can I trust you with Oki?"

Silence was long, until a woman in a beautiful black dress replied, "You can trust us."

"Yes. I know all these people," my mother said, smiling nervously and looking at me as if to say, "After that, I need to talk to you about something."

"I suppose you're a very close friend of Oki?" Albert asked.

Moonlight, looking at me, said nothing.

After that, I couldn't say anything. I was just sitting there listening. While all five people spoke in turn.

"If before, there were publishing houses in this world, now everything works not so well. Now, the writers are forgotten. But our organization works in much the same way as the publishing houses of antiquity. If you don't mind, we'd like to make as many copies of your books as possible and then distribute them around the world," Albert said.

I still couldn't say or ask.

Perhaps after reading my thoughts, Moonlight, now sitting next to me, asked instead of me, "And how do you make all people read his books?"

"Sorry, are you a writer too?" Neon asked.

"No. I'm still undecided about my dream," Moonlight replied, and with every answer, he became a person, a great being, an individual who knew he was free.

"You are a very interesting person. I'd like you to write a book, as well. I'm sure your thoughts are priceless, too. And besides, you're very beautiful. Just like one of the Wizards."

"I like your appearance, too. Especially your eyes. They're like the sky before the rain," Moonlight said.

He was changing right in front of my eyes. I was a little scared that he would change so much that he would leave. But I didn't have the right to hold him. The whole world was open to him.

"Answering your previous question, I will tell you that our secret is very simple. We publish books and just send them to all corners of this world. Every country has the same societies as ours. And we just take the book and send it everywhere. And also, we have a good friend who deals with those talking advertisements that interfere with each of us every day."

"But why didn't I ever hear anyone mention at least one book in those high-profile commercials?" he continued.

"Moonlight, maybe you should trust them. Or maybe you are tired already?" my mother asked quietly.

But he continued to sit next to me, sometimes, as if specifically touching my foot with his.

A woman in a black dress answered with seriousness, "Because we have not had such talented people for a long time."

"So we agreed? How about trying to change this world?"

And I was finally able to say, "I agree."

So I signed a contract with a society called Owl.

A society that has echoes of the past.

"Well, in that case, here's our address. Come to us anytime, and I promise you, I will do everything to make your dream of becoming a writer come true," Albert said at last.
And then, to my surprise, he just hugged me, so tightly so that I had to open my mouth to take a breath.

"I'm very glad there's a thinker like you in the world," he whispered.

When we were alone, I helped my mom set the table.

"Mom, I really couldn't make up my mind to publish my books," I said as soon as the three of us sat down at the round table.

The aroma of freshly cooked vegetarian dishes reminded me of a distant childhood, when I often helped my mother to cook and despite the fact that everyone has long forgotten about the culinary arts, we on the contrary, created different goodies in the kitchen.

Although over time, my mother and I had less time for this kind of pastime.

"I knew about it. So I decided to send your manuscripts to Albert. And Moonlight, I've noticed that you're very worried about Oki," Mom said.

Moonlight, just sitting at the table, not touching the food, but pretending that he was going to try the potatoes, replied, "Yes. I'm concerned about Oki."

I smiled nervously.

"You really can't eat?" mother asked, pouring orange juice into the glass.

"I don't have a stomach. But I have taste buds. I can taste the food," he said, and lightly touched the apple with the tip of his tongue. "Very interesting."

"It's an apple. And it's sour. But sometimes it's sweet."

"The world is full of surprises," Moonlight whispered and plunged sharply into his silence.
In silence, I quickly finished dinner and quickly went upstairs.

Mirrored floor, mirrored walls, mirrored ceiling, mirrored doors, everywhere, I could see my facial expression.

And when I was in front of the window, I felt his presence behind me.

“I am tired,” I whispered.

"Could you teach me how to dream?"

I turned back, and in that moment, I saw the future in his eyes.

I replied, “Dreaming is hard.”
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