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When immortality appeared in the world, everyone was happy.
When all the diseases in the world disappeared, everyone was happy.
When poverty disappeared in the world, everyone was happy.
When in the world there was equality, the absence of the rich and the poor, everyone was very happy.
The suffering is over. Death was defeated. In front of all, now there was eternity and happiness that no one could destroy.
But as is customary in books, in stories, in films, when Happiness comes on stage, it is quickly replaced by misfortune.
And all because, happiness, quickly bored a human.
What is a happy person capable of? Only to complain all day long and remember those past days when everyone had to survive on this small planet.
And now, Wizards have come on stage, as well as the thoughts of all who live on planet Earth.
Now tell me, what will you feel if your thoughts aren’t private anymore?

My sleep is disturbed. I couldn't lie down and just close my eyes. I was restless. And I wanted to scream about it.

Nights on end, I wrote and wrote as much as possible. Although I knew that at that moment, my thoughts were being read.

The lonely candle that was burning on my window table illuminated only a piece of paper. But it was enough for me to see in front of me only one word, which by that time was written on paper.

I didn't feel safe anymore. Although I needed to calm my thoughts and just rejoice that there is still a society in this world that praises the great writers and great minds who literally built this world.

And in the morning, with the arrival of artificial sunlight coming from the skyscraper towers, I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes.

Suddenly, feeling someone near me, I opened my eyes and noticed Moonlight.
"I want to tell you something," he suddenly whispered.

Time has stopped again.

"I'm listening."

"Your thoughts, they can't read them anymore," he suddenly said. I turned my head in his direction to see the beauty of his face in profile.

"What are you talking about?"

Looking at the ceiling, he continued, "When I'm around, they can't read them. Because I don't let them do it."

Seeing his eyes in the mirror, I felt tired all over my body and couldn't say anything. Although there were a lot of questions in my head.
"I know there are billions of creatures like me sitting there, and they're creating a whole network that reads everyone's thoughts. But I don't know where this data is sent or for what purpose. But you don't have to worry. No one can read your thoughts."

"You don't have to do that. You remember what you promised me. You are not my slave, and I am not your master."

"I just want to help you. I think when you help someone you care about, there's no reason for doing so."

Moonlight was changing, he was evolving. And I was so interested to keep watching him.

Suddenly, I really wanted to touch his hand. And I just took those thin fingers and squeezed in my palm.

Any other person would think it was a hint of closeness, of feelings. But not Moonlight. He was pure, honest and wise.
I closed my eyes and plunged into the world of my dreams.

Meanwhile, in the "secret" headquarters called "Three and Seven."

The short-rise man, in a black T-shirt, had been walking from side to side for two hours. His small eyes were directed at bright monitors that contained millions of small letters that rose upwards at the speed of light, making space for new information.

It was the first computer which was recording billions of thoughts of just one person.

Behind this bright, almost blinding monitor was another, the same computer, which every now and then constantly repeated a quiet, but unpleasant sound, reminding of some breakdown in the system.

The man scratched his back and with a disgruntled face, grabbed a stick and hit the table.

"Fix the bug now!" he shouted and immediately straightened his hair, which was perfectly combed with a special hair gel.

Despite his "business", this man managed after a short display of anger, to look at himself in the mirror and with a happy look, continue to walk from side to side.

Endless rows of computers that did not know the rest, flashed the incessant flow of information.

The short-rise man threw the iron stick aside and shouted with a tired look, "I'm going to go to bed! I am tired of you!"

But no one said anything.

When he left the infinite room, which knew neither the beginning nor the end, the computers stopped for a moment and quiet conversations were heard.

The Wizard, in a white robe that was too wide for such a slender body, raised his head and, as is customary in humans, he whistled.

From behind another monitor, suddenly another Wizard raised his head and whispered softly, "Oddly enough, but I begin to feel tired."

After these words, the other million monitors stopped their work and the Wizards, numbering more than millions, stretched their hands forward and at the same time stood up from their chairs.

They all had white robes that gave their appearance innocence and wisdom.

Despite the rest of the Wizards who served the people in their homes, these were the same, not counting the difference in emotions on their faces.

The short hair combed back was the same color. And what made them all part of one whole was that their hands and feet were chained to chairs.
Almost invisible threads, held them in one place, allowing only to stand up and stretch their hands and feet forward.

Considering these creatures a little dangerous, the head of this new "society" decided to protect herself first, and therefore, she took away their freedom. Although, from the very beginning, when they were created, there was no question of any freedom.

These creatures, impeccable models of wizards, were created to read the thoughts of every inhabitant of the planet.

How did they do it? It's very simple.
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