All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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They just caught waves, signals of any person's thoughts, and recorded them. And so, they caught the waves, signals of everyone, just like once, people caught radio signals.

Sitting in a snow-white, almost sun-bathed dimension that was specially created for such Wizards - Observers, they all never saw the world outside this place, they knew nothing but to read minds and record them. But most importantly, send this perpetual flow to the main computer, which was out of their reach.

"These people are such interesting creatures. Just read the thought of this man," someone said, pointing to the monitor.

Despite the fact that these Wizards were recently created, they still grasped the art of maintaining conversation and experiencing a different spectrum of emotions.

"Yes, and I also realized that people like to think about death. I wonder why is it so."

"Yes. I've noticed that, too."

"Death is what makes your heart stop. You're just turning to stone. And that's it."

Hearing this voice, which was slightly feminine, everyone looked forward.
The Wizard, with long hair that was slightly curly, stood in front of all of them, and in his hands "he" had a book.

When this soulless eyes to look at everyone, as everyone froze and returned to their places.

"Death is what will happen to each of you in five years. In the meantime, I hope you will appreciate your life," the Wizard said and returned to the book.

When everyone went back to their work, the Wizard with the book, headed towards the far end of this endless place. And with every step, “he” was getting closer and closer to the white building which was floating in the mid - air, like a balloon.

Wizards, looking at his steps which were confident and fast, didn’t dare to speak, even though, they wanted to share with their opinions.

When his tall and slender body approached the building, the voice was heard. The voice, which repeated these words three times, “Lane is waiting for you. Lane is waiting for you. She is waiting for you.” And the next, when this voice died down, almost everyone could hear a strange sound. Like something fell to the ground and broke into millions of pieces.

But when the door closed shut, the whole dimension went back to its sleepy, tiresome state with the tensed atmosphere.

The Wizard with the book, with his chin lifted up, went straight ahead, until he had to stop in front of the long table.

“Tell me, did you detect those people who live outside the Earth?” the gentle, kind voice was heard.

“Yes. I, myself, found them and now, their thoughts are being recorded. Don’t worry, Lane. I will do everything, so every living creature will be in our system.”

“That’s good to know. I am proud of you.”
The woman, with a small, oval - shaped face, closed her brown eyes and sighed. And in her look, someone can notice the tiredness and some traces of hidden, old depression.

The woman, whose facial features were cold, frozen and indifferent, still showed some delicateness, some uniqueness and bravery. And even naivety, kindness and childishness.

But what was the scariest thing about her, was the innocence, the purity, which could confuse almost everyone.

And when you see this kind of woman, this kind of person, the first thing you think, will be, “Such a fragile person, with such a fragile and pure beauty, can not harm anyone. She is an angel.”

Playing with tiny statue in the form of the planet Earth, she lifted her “kind” eyes and said, “We are doing the most dangerous, the most important work. And I am glad that I have such a good and smart friend.”

The Wizard, still holding the book, with wide eyes and a weak smile asked, “A friend?”
“Yes. You are my friend. And you should never doubt that,” she said and looked at this creature, as if she was hiding some meaning in her look.

“Lane, thank you,” the Wizard said and now, happily smiled.

Lane, looked at her computer. Now, with a tired face, she sighed again and whispered, “Go back to work, my friend Ryu.”

When she was left alone, in the most emptiest building in the world, she looked around and then, fixing her melancholic gaze on piece of paper, she whispered, “Now, I need to find you, Madam Harmony and the great historian Okinizeus.”
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