All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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"You wrote five books. And which one is your favorite?"
In the twilight, under an iron-colored sky, feeling an unprecedented comfort, impossible happiness, I was sitting, every second forgetting about the whole world, about the chaos that was happening everywhere. I simply dissolved in those black eyes.

"My favorite book? You already know what favorite means."
"How long have I been in this world?" he asked, smiling slightly.
This light, invisible smile made my heart clench with pain and joy every time.
"It's been three months now."
"Three months. During this time, I learned a lot."
"And what did you learn?"
"You haven't answered my question."

When I was alone with this creature, which became so dear to me, I was embarrassed a thousand times, I rejoiced a million times and I was sad without ceasing.

"My favorite book. Well, I guess I don't have a favorite book that I wrote. To be honest, I don't like what I create at all."
"I love your every book. Every word, every thought, every sign, everything."

Looking at how he spoke, it sometimes seemed to me as if he was now drowning in his emotions, in his words, which kept sincerity in themselves.

"Probably every writer doesn't like his own creations."
“Your books will change this world. I know that for sure,” Moonlight suddenly said with a look as if he knew the whole future.
"People don't really like to read now. I don't care, though. I just write because I like it. But I don't expect anything."
"You will become a great writer," he whispered.

For three months, Moonlight lived with me. And during this time, he has already managed to change his appearance. From golden hair, his strands were black again.
Also, I began to notice that his sense of style began to form. Previously, he was comfortable in my jackets and trousers, but now, he preferred to wear leather coats, plaid trousers, tight vests, and wide shirts that reminded me of the Victorian style.
He also had a soft spot for different hats.

And every time he looked at me from under the brim of his hat, I wondered who it was that was looking at me, a beautiful girl or a beautiful young man.

“Sometimes, I wonder how Sennhandd is doing,” he said suddenly, lying on the artificial grass behind the house.
"I didn’t speak to him for a very long time either."
"Have you been friends before?"
"Tell me, what do you think a friend is?" I suddenly wanted to ask.
Moonlight looked at me and those thick eyebrows frowned and the little nose quivered slightly.
But the answer came quickly.

"Friend, this is someone with whom you can feel at ease."
"I am your friend?"

Lost in thought, he sat down and moved closer to me. Now, our knees were touching each other. And why did I attach great importance to this?

Looking at the wall of our house, he replied, "No. You are definitely not a friend."
"How nice to hear that! I'm not your friend!" I exclaimed, although for some reason I was a little sad.
“I don’t take you as a friend. But you are someone else to me,” he said and it was obvious that he wanted to continue.
"Don't worry. You don't have to name everything. Friend, brother, what's the difference. You, me, we just have each other. And nobody's going to change that. We just are. Just like the moon in the sky."
From these words, his eyes lit up with a happy light.
"So, do you want to watch the robots fight or do you want to look at the sky? You have never flown!"
“Fighting robots, I've already heard about it. And I also heard that people spend days and nights looking at how people chase the various kinds of dangers. It's not interesting to me. It even scares me a little. But I want to see the sky.”
"Come on then!" I exclaimed and ran towards the door.

Mom was not at home today. She was at another party where everyone praised her work.
Running to the iron box that was floating in the air opposite the door, I took the key and remembered my mother's words, “If you need to go somewhere, you can use the car.”

Following me to the garage, Moonlight buttoned the collar of his black, leather shirt and when he saw a car in the shape of the drop of water, he said, "People fly, people create, evolve. It's incredible."
"And people spend every day doing nothing and forgetting what it is like to think. Well, sit down."

In the cabin, there were only two seats and there was a steering wheel in front of me, and several buttons.
The improved car model was now much simpler. It was only necessary to press one button, and the soul of the robot, which was in this mechanism, turned on the engine and the car slowly but surely rose up.
As soon as the car left the ground, Moonlight grabbed my hand. I could feel him shivering. Although his gaze was directed forward, in anticipation of something wonderful.
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