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After we left the scientist’s house, I kept thinking about the moon. Suddenly, I found out I was a poet.

During all this time, I managed to compose several poems and each of them was about the moon.

I still couldn’t forget that silver light that gently touched the trees.

And I refused to believe that the forest and all nature was just a hologram. I believed in what I wanted to believe.

But now, once again in the middle of skyscrapers in the form of swords, I still had to return to reality.

“Sennhandd is a very unusual person. I thought he was a little different,” Yundoran said.

Slowly striding towards my house, which was in the busiest area of this city, we passed by a crowd of robots and youth who continued to pretend that they were having fun and that they were happy.

“Tell me, have you ever seen the races that everyone always talks about?”

“Why would you suddenly be interested?”

“You’ve seen these races. Tell me about them.”

Suddenly, I was wondering about modern interests of everyone.

“Do you want to finally leave your history and immerse yourself in this world full of possibilities?”

I nodded my head.

Happily embracing me by the shoulders, he began to say, “Fire races or as they are called Races of the Stars, is the only fun that everyone has. These races allow for a person to feel like the master of everything. On the face of it, it’s just a race where everyone wants to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. But in reality, these races are nothing but a reminder of the past.”

“These races are a reminder of death, aren’t they?”

“Why remind about death? It’s just a race. But it’s hard to explain. You better see it yourself.”

“Let’s go there right now. Where do these races take place?”

But it was not only in the race, but in the fact that I wanted to understand the modern, immortal human.

“Now? I’d love to! But we have to go to the Alley of Doors.”

“I never loved this alley,” I said, recalling everything that was going on in that mysterious place called the Alley of Doors.

“You just weren’t there with me. Believe me, today, you will see real life,” Yundoran said, and grabbing my hand, just ran forward.

And the next thing I remember from that day was that I was running after him, and people were running past me.

Crowds of people, without any purpose, went in different directions. And suddenly I remembered the 21st century.

The century when people worked and were busy. But even then, they were miserable.

What about now?

Now, no one worked, did not study. Everyone just lived their eternity. No one suffered from lack of food. No one knew what money was and what it was when it was not enough. No one studied, let alone, no one asked you for a diploma. Everyone just lived and “enjoyed” their lives.

Following the books on history, people used to live at least 90 years. The constant race with time eventually led the person to an end. But to find a quiet end, person did everything for the sake of his or her happiness and the happiness of others.

But what happened now? What was in the heads of all these people who ran past me, as if they were late for their flight.

People, perhaps, had only eternity and nothing else.

And of course, all sorts of games that reminded them of the dangers. And most importantly, about death.

“Before you see it, I have to warn you. You’re not going to like this. But you just try to have fun. Sometimes, you need a break from your own thoughts. So, just go with the flow, with everyone together.”

Having said that, Yundoran smiled at me ominously and entered the territory, where there was nothing but single lampposts.

I looked back and noticed that the whole city was far behind.

The place that was ahead of us was abandoned on the outskirts of the city, where darkness began.

“Is this the Alley of Doors? I can’t find any doors.”

He kept walking silently. I followed him.

Now, the further I went, the more I noticed that this place really was an alley.

The lampposts were at almost every turn. And soon, when the most ordinary wood benches began to appear on both sides of us, I began to notice the doors.

These wood doors seemed to be the most ordinary, but as soon as I approached one of them, I heard someone’s loud voice and then the music.

“What kind of place is this? It’s so weird.”

“See these doors? This is the entrance to other dimensions. This is the place where you can feel all the power of human,” Yundoran said and stopped at one of the doors.

Each door was similar to the other. And soon, when I got used to the local lighting, I saw that these doors were just hanging in the air.

Black space in the form of tunnel and hundreds of doors that hovered in the air.

From all this, I suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Noticing this, Yundoran came up to me and touched my face. In his eyes, I noticed a certain care.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m with you,” he whispered and pulled my hand forward.

To my surprise, there was no one around us. Only a strange, damp wind walked back and forth.

Suddenly, I remembered that book that was written by Lewis Carroll. This book seems to have been called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Knocking on the door, Yundoran waited a little and then said, “Let’s go.”

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