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When we were almost in the sky, I was not afraid, on the contrary, I felt responsible for the creature that was squeezing my hand.
Suddenly, I wanted to bring his hand to my lips, to smell this soft skin.
My hand, against my will, brought this fragile hand to my lips, and I took a deep breath. Lips themselves stretched, folded so that I applied a light kiss.
Moonlight's hand trembled and became a little cool.
We took off. And I didn't care. The gravity of the planet Earth pulled us down, I felt like I was falling. But I didn't care.

When I returned to my senses, I noticed that Moonlight looked at me in surprise, but at the same time, he blushed slightly.
Letting go of his hand, I looked around. We were high in the sky.

“This is heaven,” I said, now realizing all that I had just done and experienced.

In fact, the sky was not at all what I saw in my dream. After all, as usual, everything was filled with cars, which were waiting for an eternity when they would reach their destination.

Moonlight, despite the fact that it was his first time at such a height, looked down somewhere, at his shoes. Suddenly, it seemed to me that he was sad.

"What are you thinking about?" I asked, and at that moment I realized that I wanted to know absolutely everything about this creature. Everything!
Without looking at me, he replied, "There are so many thoughts in my head."
"If so, I advise you to start writing. Write everything down. Then it will be easier for you."
"I will become a writer just like you."
"If you want it."

"I want."

To my surprise, the car moved forward and the voice of a robot that came from somewhere above asked, "Where do you want to go? I heard that it is fun at the White - Black Star Arena now. Maybe you want to have fun and forget about your problems?"

The voice of the robot was a little funny and it seemed to me as if this robot himself was aware of the awkwardness of his situation.
"White - Black Star Arena?" Moonlight asked.
"Yes. This is the place where people usually have fun and also dance, play and socialize. You can also take your Wizard or Robot with you there," the robot's voice said.
"Look, they see Wizards as pets," I muttered.
"I would not like to be where there are a lot of people. Tell me, is there a place with trees and a beautiful landscape?" Moonlight continued to ask.

Here, even the robot laughed loudly and ironically.

"Trees? Beautiful landscapes? Are you an alien? You won't find natural landscapes anywhere else! Although, you can admire nature in any dimension."
"Moonlight, if you want to look at nature, then I know one place. Of course, everything is artificial, partly holographic, but you will like it."

Realizing that this being who was sitting next to me is possibly my soul mate, I smiled. How much joy and warmth can a human heart collect in itself? I think the heart is the only and first organ that has comprehended eternity long ago.

As soon as the car moved forward, so quickly that Moonlight involuntarily grabbed my hand, I said, "Do not be afraid. I am here."

And then, my words sounded like that, as if I was some kind of hero from some long-forgotten novel. I didn't want to be so obvious and ordinary in words and deeds.

The next few minutes, the car raced only forward, leaving behind whole rows of iron drops.
At times, we could see pale clouds that turned out to be dirty gray. And no hint of sunshine.
I looked down at the city. The skyscrapers almost touched the cars. And from such a height, everything seemed so strange. Perhaps because it was actually strange. Like a hologram, just a game of imagination, not the real world.
Suddenly, the car stopped so abruptly that the robot's voice said, "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

"Yes. But don't do that again. I nearly fell."
"Where are all these people going?" Moonlight asked, catching the eye of a young boy who kept laughing and shouting about something to his girlfriend.
"Some just fly, without any purpose. Well, some ..." Suddenly, interrupting me in the middle of the sentence, a black car in the form of an elongated drop of water opened its doors and a man in a leather suit looked around and jumped abruptly.
But before jumping, he looked at me. I noticed tears in his eyes, but at the end, I was able to notice a sly smile.
This smile made me scared.
Falling down, he kept his body straight and after a short period of time, he disappeared among the sharp skyscrapers.
Leaving behind an empty car, he also piqued the interest and curiosity of everyone who witnessed it.
The woman sitting in her car not far from us opened the window and clapped her hands and shouted loudly. These were not words, it was just a cry that came out from the depths of the soul, carrying those rare emotions that belonged to happiness.

People, looking down, with open mouths, and with enthusiastic looks, were expecting something else. But the man who decided to jump has long since disappeared. And no one knew what became of him.
"Why did he do that?" Moonlight asked, looking fearfully at the happy people who continued to look down.
"People, strange creatures. That's all I can tell you."
"But people have everything. They are immortal, healthy, powerful, intelligent. So why, they want to destroy all this?"
"Man is made like that. He does not appreciate what he has. But then, when he does not have it, he begins to appreciate his past. Man always does this. Look at them. They are all immortal. They have an eternity ahead of them. Do you think they are happy? No! And guess why? Because, they suddenly began to miss the times when they were weak. That's why this man jumped. To feel the weakness that everyone once had. "
"So they want to be mortal?"
I looked at Moonlight, who was a little scared. I didn't like the fact that he witnessed something like this at all. But on the one hand, I wanted him to see all the shades of this world.
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