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"Do you want to go home? I think it's time for you to sleep. When was the last time you slept?"
"Yes. You're right," he said further, when I ordered the robot to turn the car back, Moonlight was silent and looked somewhere down at his shiny shoes.
But as we flew over the rows of shops, he suddenly said, "I want to taste the orange. You always eat this fruit. I wonder how it tastes."
“Farmer’s Lane,” I said, and the robot gave a sound of agreement.

Finally, when I stepped onto the asphalt, I could breathe a sigh of relief.
Farmers' Lane, a place that was like a market, was actually a whole warehouse of vegetables, fruits and other food.
Here, everyone could take whatever they wanted and completely free of charge, rather than in the 21st century, when people had to exchange paper for food.
Passing by various fruits, the number of which increased with every second, Moonlight sincerely smiling, showing the whole row of his teeth, asked, "Where do all these fruits come from?"
"Do you see those pipes? From there, these fruits fall here. Do you see this building? There, there is an apparatus that copies the DNA of each fruit and creates the same fruit. That is, this is an eternal process of copying. People call this apparatus - the Savior. In fact, yes, it is. After all, this invention is able to feed the whole planet. Let's take this one apple for example. If you put it in that apparatus, it uses the DNA of this fruit and creates the same apples, only a few tons. And, as always, it is Sennhendd's credit."
"One apple, and a whole ton of apples are created. Human is really very smart."
"Smart, but you saw that human. Now tell me, how can intelligence and stupidity be in one person?"
"How did people get food before?"
"Before, people had to work to be given such special pieces of paper, which they called money. And then, they exchanged this money for food. And the food, in turn, was created by farmers who worked all day in the fields to grow trees on which apples grow. Or other fruits. "
"It used to be much harder."
"Yes. Perhaps, for me, of all the achievements of mankind, this apparatus called the Savior is the most important."

Having collected as many oranges as possible, Moonlight, holding a basket in his hand, stopped to inhale the scent of one or another fruit.

"Are you done? Let's go. Soon, there will be a lot of people here."
"Yes. Let's go home."

Let's go home.
These words sounded so pleasant, so tender, that the word "home" were now the only thing that mattered in this world.

On the way back, flying over the strangely shaped houses, Moonlight had already begun to fall asleep. Every time he fell asleep, I just couldn't hide my smile.
And every time, I had to lay his head on my shoulder so that he would not be crippled by hitting somewhere.
But this time, he gave me the opportunity to become even happier than I was.

Fully asleep (and these creatures had a very deep sleep), Moonlight relaxed, with tightly closed eyes, and did not show any signs that he was alive.
Yes, it's a little scary when the Wizard is sleeping.

Without thinking, I lifted him up and felt how light he was.
It was the weight of a feather. Grasping his thin waist with my hand, with the other, I lifted his legs and so went towards the house.
His head continued to rest on my shoulder and at times, those long eyelashes twitched, trembled, swayed, making my heart repeat the same thing.
Mom was still not at home. The whole house was swallowed up in darkness.
I slowly climbed up the steps, wishing only one thing, so that these stairs never end.
But unfortunately, soon, I found myself in front of my room.
Gently putting him on the bed, I covered him with my blanket and for a moment, froze over his face, which peacefully continued to sleep.
I could hear his heartbeat. I could feel his warmth from a distance. Suddenly, I wanted to touch his nose, his lips.

There was a knock on the door, then another, and I could no longer continue to stand beside him, losing myself.
I was prevented!

Nervously opening the door, I saw a tall man in front of me, in a beautiful dark blue suit, whose shirt was completely unbuttoned, showing a tattoo that stretched at the neck to the belt.
I didn't recognize this person the first time. But as soon as he got closer, I saw this smart and cheerful look.
It was Albert.
Only now, he had golden eyes and a hairstyle with the effect of hair after the rain.

“I didn't recognize you,” I said, taking a step back into the house.

"Yes. I decided to change something. May I come in?"

"Of course."

"You came to talk about my books?"


Standing on the threshold, Albert looked around, and I noticed that he was a little nervous. Even too nervous and full of anxiety. I wanted to ask what happened, but getting into other people's business was not my habit.

"Please sit down."

"Are you home alone?"

"No. Moonlight is above."

Still tense, Albert took a deep breath and slowly began to cling to the back of the sofa. “I am so tired,” he said suddenly.

I expected the continuation.

"This world, these people, where is this going?"

"Yes, a man is not free even in his thoughts."

Making a surprised look, he nodded his head.

"Yes. I also think that this is too strange and impudent. Reading thoughts. I wonder why someone needs this. And who needs it at all? As far as I know, all high-ranking people and scientists who now lead everything in this world , are not interested in people's lives. All they are interested in is what to invent and create."

Looking at the ceiling somewhere, he said, "What a strange house you have. Mirrors are everywhere. You can get lost here, in your own reflection."

"Yes. Sometimes, I am scared of my own reflection."

Closing his eyes, Albert was in no hurry to move on to the most important thing.

But it gave me the opportunity to look at him.

In fact, this man was young, and judging by his figure, he looked like a ballet dancer.

"You know Oki, after reading your books, I realized that I was so very tired. And all this time I was so tired. I realized that I need a good rest. This whole world, all this chaos, I just need a rest. Just a day when I can sit down and just enjoy the silence, or the singing of long-forgotten birds. Tell me, how did you manage to write such wonderful books in such a hectic world? "

"I just wanted to get away from this world as far as possible. That's why I wrote all these books."

"Oki, you are a genius. You are just a genius. And it seems to me that you are smarter than this Sennhandd. The father of modern, and possibly all science! Who is he anyway?!"
Now, he spoke as if he harbored an old grudge against the great scientist. But I didn't ask.
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