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Opening his eyes, Albert straightened his jacket and said, "Sorry. So why am I here? Yes! Oki, about your books. But no. First, I need to tell you something. Do you know that there is a special society that continues to value and try to preserve long-gone writers and their works? Well, all modern writers, poets and ordinary thinkers represent a single society. And this society is in a small dimension, which was generously presented to us by the Council of Scientists. In this dimension, there is everything necessary for life. That is, some peace and a small part of beauty for creative development. There, we all live peacefully and every day, we discuss books, writers and just plunge into our worlds. We live as if there is nothing else in the world. Except books, thoughts, and of course development. Now let's get down to business. Okay, since you have now become a part of our small society, I invite you to the Dimension of Shakespeare's Dreams ! There is a sky for you. A great house in which you will continue to work on your books. Well, what do you say to that?"

"Dimension of Shakespeare's Dreams? Did you come up with that title?"

"Yes. Isn’t it original? Although when people hear this, they ask who Shakespeare is, which makes me sad."

Hearing that the Moonlight was awake, I became nervous, although something told me that I can trust this person.

"So, do you agree? Do you want to live among the writers? Make new friends? I think people like you are bored here."

Suddenly, unexpectedly for myself, the idea of living separately, on my own, together with Moonlight seemed interesting to me and I, unexpectedly, agreed.

"Really? That's nice! I'm very glad! I hope your mom won't mind? Although, she's a great artist. She can also live in Shakespeare's Dreams!"

"She's very busy these days. But I would love to move into this dimension."

"In that case, tomorrow night, I'll come for you. And now, some people don't trust Wizards. And our community, too, treats them a little bit hostilely. This is mainly due to their ability to read minds. Therefore, I don’t know how will you keep the identity of your Moonlight in secret? Let's just say, change his appearance. Make him look more like a man or a woman. Well, in short, like a common human."

“Yes. I get it,” I said.

I was in no hurry to turn on the light in the house. For some reason I felt comfortable because all the objects around me were slowly enveloped in the light of the night.

Back in my room, I noticed that he was already awake.
The long hair covering the half of his face fascinated me and made me tremble.
And even in the dark, I could see the sparkle of those eyes.

“Tomorrow, we're leaving,” I said quietly, still standing at the door.


"To the world of writers and thinkers. There, I will feel comfortable writing on and not needing to seek inspiration."

"It's good for you."

"If you want to stay with my mom, then I don't mind."

Then he ran to me and grabbed my hand.
His voice trembled and for a moment, it seemed to me that he was about to fall. It was a weakness and in this look, I noticed something that looked too much like attachment.

“I want to go with you,” Moonlight whispered.

"You know that you don't have to be by my side? You know that you are a separate being who owes nothing to anyone?"

"Yes. I know. And this is my wish, to be near you. This is purely my decision, wish, dream."

Decision, wish, dream, these words made me fly high into the sky, and from there into space, to the Andromeda galaxy and return back to earth to embrace this beautiful creature.
The embrace in which I was drowning turned out to be my home.

That night, I did not sleep again. Instead of sleeping, I was thinking about how to change the appearance of Moonlight.

"I would not want people to look at you with malice. But I also do not want you to hide your essence," I said as he looked at my books.
"Life is about trying, thinking. It's just my appearance. And I will do whatever you say," he said and smiled.
"Most of all, your long hair betrays you. All Wizards have the same hair length. Maybe you should change your hairstyle?"

"Do you want me to cut my hair?"
"Yes. And preferably shorter. Like Albert."
"This is your wish?"
"Yes. Of course, if you don't mind. If you are comfortable with long hair, then it is not scary. My opinion and wish does not matter. Remember that."

Moonlight, without saying anything, just opened the closet door and disappeared.
After exactly three minutes, he returned. And now, before me stood a completely different creature.
Short hair, perfectly styled back, and a few short strands of hair brushed against his eyes.
With this hairstyle, his gentle face became even smaller, which gave him a kind of feminine sophistication.

"How do you like my new hairstyle?"

I was speechless. And then, I doubted that I would ever find the right words for this ideal creature. But deep down in my soul, I had a whole book dedicated to Moonlight.
The next day, much to my surprise, my mother took the news with ease. And instead of worrying, she simply said, "It will do you good. You will find your own circle of friends. Otherwise, you always complain that now people do not have the mind and ability to think normally. Albert, I trust him. And besides, I will not have much free time. Therefore, it will be better for you if you create your own world. You really want to become a writer. Therefore, I have no right to hold you back."

Thinking about her words, I packed my suitcase and by evening, Moonlight and I were ready to meet our new life.
Leaving the house, I felt like a hero who stood with his head held high. Looking to a bright future. And most importantly, a hero who shared this future with another creature who stood by, experiencing nothing but happiness.
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