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Flying past the crowd of people, past the high walls of houses, I looked around and I understood that I will not be the same.
Perhaps the whole thing was in these labyrinths made of bridges that got entangled in each other. Perhaps this feeling was due to the fact that I was afraid. Yes, in fact, I was afraid to go forward to meet my future. I didn't know anything about what was awaiting me. And I was worried about my future, because Moonlight was sitting next to me. I was not alone. And when you are not alone, fear for the future only increases.

It intensifies to such an extent that you no longer distinguish between where the present begins and the boundaries of tomorrow.

The world is like a movie, like a song. It floats past me, but I do not want to grab hold of a thin thread called civilization.

While all people tried to hold on to the thread as tightly as possible and follow the world. On the contrary, I was chasing the past in order to feel the significance of my eternal life.

Yes, I'm old-fashioned. I am not trying to become a part of this world, but I involuntarily grab onto the fate of Moonlight. So desperately, I grab onto his future because I'm trying to do everything to keep him, me, our little world safe. Even if I know how it will end. Even if I know what the end will be for both of us ...

“I hope you don’t miss home. I don’t force you to come with me. You should know that,” Albert's voice was heard.
And only now, I realized that I was in a spacious flying machine, which slowly cut through the stagnant air.
"I always feel the need to go somewhere. I am always not comfortable where I am. So, the opportunity to live in another dimension is just a joy for me."
Casting a glance at Moonlight, who was sitting in a black suit with a small rose brooch not far from his tie, Albert said, "I see there is a special relationship between you."
None of us was in a hurry to say anything to his words.
"Whatever it is, the main thing is, be careful. You know that now, someone is reading all our thoughts. Therefore, we all better be careful. The world is changing. And no one knows what will happen tomorrow. I must confess, I'm even a little scared. I'm afraid. After all, the creation of the Wizards is not for nothing. Sennhandd and the entire Scientific Council are involved in something. They are planning something that will make this century memorable."
As he spoke, I looked out the window, and it seemed to me that I saw Sennhandd, who was sitting at the wheel of his car.

"I wonder what they're getting by reading our minds? Moonlight, don't you know?"
"No. And I don't think any of the Wizards know why they do what they are told to do. We're just created, and that's all we know."
"You are very different from the rest. Tell me, is it because Oki treats you like an equal?"
Catching Moonlight's gaze on me, I felt my cheeks start to redden.
"Okinizeus, my soul mate. He understands me. He listens to me. He creates a whole world for me," Moonlight said and each word sounded like a part of some great poem.

Albert laughed softly and said nothing more.

All the way, he sometimes looked at me, then at my companion. And only Moonlight knew what this man was thinking. But judging by his smile, I also understood what he was thinking now.

Once in the Alley of Doors, Moonlight, at the sight of a long tunnel that looked intimidating, closed his eyes and suddenly shivered.
The darkness, having completely engulfed our car, left us no choice but to sit and wait for us to arrive at our destination.

“This is just the Alley of Doors,” I whispered in his ear, feeling the seat shake from his fright.
“This place reminds me of something,” he muttered.
I wanted to hug him, hide, protect him, but because of Albert, I could not do any of this. And I just asked, "About what?"
"I don't know. But it seems, somewhere in the corners of my memory, I ..."

Covering his face as if he was in pain, Moonlight squeezed my hand and when we finally stopped in front of a wooden door, Albert said, "Come on. Hurry. He needs to rest. He probably has a phobia of dark space."
"Can you walk?"
Without opening his eyes, Moonlight quickly got out of the car and stepped forward.

But as soon as the wooden door opened, the trembling passed, and he again shone with his light of kindness and sincerity.
"Welcome to Shakespeare's Dreams!" Albert exclaimed, raising his hand and solemnly froze in one place.

As I expected and imagined, the dimension called Shakespeare's Dreams was a small town with small wooden houses that stretched far ahead along the trees.
The "sky" of this place was pale blue, in places white, reminiscent of a blurred canvas of some artist.
The trees, although they were grown artificially, were still not a hologram. And the air here was real. Cool and fresh. Inhaling the scent of foliage and flowers, for the first time in a long time, I felt alive and one with nature. With this planet.
Following Albert, the first thing I did was look at Moonlight, at his reaction. And only then, through the prism of his happy smile, I looked at the world around me.
"It's so beautiful. Just like out of your dream," he said quietly.
"And it's very quiet here. Perfect for a writer," Albert added. "These houses, trees, sky, all this was created with love and there is not a drop of a hologram here."
Hearing the ground crunching under my feet, I felt the presence of the Muse, who was already whispering in my ear about the future book.
This was not the world where robots lived and where everyone laughed when it wasn’t funny, it was a quiet world that had its own values. A world where time still existed, a world where Shakespeare could create his next masterpiece.
"I wonder where are all the people?" I asked, only now noticing that there was not a soul around.
"This is a city of creators. This is a city where everyone is immersed in their thoughts. Therefore, you rarely see someone walking down the street and talking loudly. Writers, poets, artists, quiet people."
"So unusual."
“Exactly. And so, this is your house,” he said, stopping opposite a small wooden house that stood between trees and rose bushes.

I knew that Moonlight would be interested in these flowers, and I knew that he would bend down to breathe in the scent of this flower.
"Caution. Roses have thorns."
Most of all, I loved watching Moonlight study every detail of the world around him.
"The house is not big. This is not your mirrored villa. But I assure you, here you will find the comfort that is necessary for a creative person."

“Everything is fine here,” I said, still looking at Moonlight.
"Are you talking about him, or about this place?" Albert asked quietly and laughed. "Well, I have my own business. And you get used to your new home. Moonlight, be careful with the roses. And remember, everything that is beautiful is always dangerous."
Leaving us alone among the bushes with scarlet roses, which kept in themselves eternity, Albert quickly walked away.

Suddenly, breaking the perfect silence, breaking it with his loud, but at the same time quiet, slightly aloof voice, Moonlight waved his hand and immediately hid his hand in his pocket.

His voice was unpleasant to me. Although no, hearing the sound of pain from his lips made me feel pain and remind me that after five years ...
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