All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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"What's the matter?"

"It's okay. Just a scratch. Albert was right. These lovely roses can hurt," he said.

So this is how it feels when you see how someone so dear to you is in pain. Even if this pain is insignificant, temporary.
So this is what you feel when someone close to your heart writhes in pain, even if this twitching of the facial muscles is only a matter of seconds.
I was scared, it hurt and most of all, I felt hopelessness and lack of any strength. I could not save this creature from pain, from death.
Still in a panic, still hearing his voice in my head, or a scream, or a slight cry, I grabbed his hand and saw a thin line of blood that stopped at his wrist.

"It's okay. It doesn't hurt."

This is the first time I've seen the blood of a Wizard. Rather than that of a man, his blood was light red. Slightly orange tinged. Just like the sunset.
And the worst thing was that this little scratch was not going to heal.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have admired and touched these flowers. I ruined your mood," he muttered quietly and now, he seemed guilty, as if he was just a slave.

Now, I felt angry. And I screamed, "Don't make that face!"
Suddenly, hatred, anger carried me away from him, just to calm my ardor.
I walked forward without knowing where. I walked quickly, along a quiet street, along even rows of trees, under a pale sky.
I don't know how long I walked like that, but over time I noticed that I was already running.
It was hard to run in shoes and a suit, but I ran. Because, this way, I wanted to escape from the pain, from the reality that is hidden in the eyes of Moonlight.
But I was stopped by another voice that belonged to someone who must have followed me.

"Okinizeus! I knew you would come here."

This was Venice.

"What happened?" she asked. She had a basket full of books in her hands.
"Nothing. I just, it doesn't matter anymore."
"The writers are so strange. So many emotions. Especially you," she said, as if she knew me better than anyone.

Not feeling the need to play the role of a happy modern person next to her, I sat down right on the ground, under a tall tree.

"Why does this world always bring so much pain and disappointment? Is this really the main law of the universe?"
Looking at me knowingly, she put her hand on my shoulder. Her thin, small face radiated sincerity and tenderness.
"For people like you, this world is full of difficulties and sadness. But for many, this world is just a stage."

"Do you live here?"
"Yes. Since this dimension was created. This is my home."
Feeling the coolness, the fresh wind that suddenly surprised me, I wanted to protect Moonlight from the cold.
"I think I should go. I haven't even seen home yet."
"Let me give you a tour. This place is actually mysterious."
“What do you mean? There are only houses and trees here. And nothing else.”
“Come on,” she said and took my hand. “This house belongs to one poet. And these rows of houses belong to a whole family of writers who write mostly historical works. They are trying to write down what is happening now. Well, in short, here, all the people are like you.”
"What's so mysterious about that?"
"You will find out later. All the mystery is in people."

When we got to my new home, I frantically began to open the door. I left him all alone. With blood on his hand.

But when I opened the door, the small room with a fireplace and armchairs was empty.
I realized that he was gone. But where?

“You know, this is none of my business. But I would not advise you to get so used to Moonlight so much,” Venice suddenly whispered. Her words disturbed me, but I knew there was anxiety in them.
I didn’t say anything, I just fell into a chair and, as it happens in old films, covered my face with my hands to add drama to the moment.

"I will leave you. I have to go. If something is needed, you can find me in the end of the street."
"Thank you."

Now, there was a sense of emptiness in me.
I looked around. It was the most ordinary house. Brick walls, small paintings on the walls, with simple natural landscapes.
Everything was simple, but very comfortable.
A small corridor led to two rooms, one of which was a study.

Feeling tired and the desire to just close my eyes, I went into the bedroom and fell on the bed.
The soft mattress under my back had a calming effect and I immediately fell asleep.
The same dreams, the same landscape. But who was that, just next to the house?
Waking up in sweat, I looked around in horror. The walls with pictures of small flowers, pink-beige, seemed so strange to me, and all because they were not mirrored.
I noticed that I was covered with blanket. And that black curtains were pulled over the window.
Moonlight was at home.
Suddenly, hearing the conversation, I quietly walked to the door of the room and began to listen.

“Okay. Thank you,” Moonlight said and in response.
"Every day, I will bring all the necessary groceries. But if you are not comfortable, then you can come to the dining room, which is located at the very end of the street. Breakfast, lunch and dinner await you there."
"Okay. Thanks again."
"Don't thank me. This is my job."
It was clear from the voice that it was a robot. I looked out the window and the truth is, it was a real robot. Only in perfect human form.
He was wearing a snow-white suit that looked like a cook's outfit.
Walking quickly, he carried an empty basket in his hand.
It means that there are robots here and superiority over them ...
“You're awake,” a voice came from behind me.
I felt ashamed, I could not just take it and start talking, as if there was not that scratch, rose, that panic on my face, that escape and the absence of Moonlight.

Instead of words, I just hugged him so hard that we both almost fell onto the bed.
I didn't know what to say. Probably the words had no more power.
And I just thought, "I'm sorry."
What did I apologize for?
But it seemed he read my mind, because his hands grabbed my back tighter and we froze.
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