All you need is - Immortality [COMPLETED]

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As soon as I had a good sleep, walked down the street, saw the sky through the leaves of the trees, I immediately caught inspiration and the next day of my stay here, I managed to write the beginning of my new book.
And the idea that everyone was expecting me tonight in some ballroom didn’t let me be fully happy. The desire for seclusion was stronger than ever.
But as it should be in any society, if you want to become important, then you need to come to terms with the fact that you have to communicate with people and smile.
Looking out the window, I already noticed Albert who was walking back and forth, with a wide smile on his face.

"How do you like this suit?" Moonlight suddenly asked.

I turned back and almost fell. So, what does it mean to be shocked to such an extent that the ground disappears from under your feet and your knees tremble. Maybe I'm too emotional about Moonlight, maybe I'm too dramatic, too theatrical, but this is the purest truth.

“Today, I heard that your books are already being printed and that soon they will loom before everyone’s eyes,” he continued to speak, so that he didn’t care about my condition. I could hardly breathe and stand on my feet. But he didn't care!
As if on purpose, he began to walk from side to side, showing all his elegance and grace. And why did he wear this particular crimson suit? Why this particular black shirt and why didn't he buttoned it till the neck? Why?
And then I realized that here is the true beauty! True beauty lies in this genderless creature! But I can't even call this creature He or She! So how do I feel about Moonlight? What should I experience? Did Sennhandd do it on purpose? His goal was definitely to drive me crazy!

"Oki, are you okay?" he asked and only this question brought me back.
"I'm alright."

The words seemed useless, helpless.

"What is your new book about?" he continued to ask, and he himself casually fell into a chair and, just as casually, his movements a relaxed attitude, twisted a pencil in his hand.
"It's still a secret," I replied. Truth. It was a secret. And like any other person, I could not reveal this secret for him. After all, this secret is about him.

Trying not to think about the book, about him, I said, "Well, let's go?! I think we should go there early. What if we get lost. Have you seen these streets? They are bigger and more confusing than I thought ! "

"There are fifty houses here and some of them are empty. If you get to the end of the street, you will see a staircase that leads to the park. It's very beautiful. Everything looks natural. And I noticed even the shades of the sunset. We should go there. Tonight, "he continued to speak.

Suddenly, it was so hard for me to listen to him. Each of his words, this gentle voice ...
"Come on!" I exclaimed, thereby surprised him with my human, mysterious nature.

In the end, the evening came faster than I thought, and in the end, I went to the ball in black pants and a simple white shirt. And my hair was slightly disheveled. I regretted that I had not combed them. Especially when he touched my head and began to comb my hair with his fingers. Pulling strands of my hair around his fingers.
At that moment, the ground again went from under my feet and I was ready to faint.
But I was saved! Stranger, oh lovely stranger! How grateful I was that he grabbed my hand and began to squeeze it and repeat loudly, "Albert always talks about you! So that's what you are! It is so obvious that you are a very smart person!"
He was a grown man with a perfectly curved mustache, just like Salvador Dali's. And his appearance radiated peace and comfort. Especially this beige sweater that reminded me of a forgotten holiday called New Year.
Despite the fact that he was an adult, his eyes still retained a childish naivety and purity. I immediately liked this man. But this is probably due to the fact that he saved me from Moonlight, from his hands, eyes, voice.

"My name is Bob. Just Bob. I'm a poet and a bit of an artist. Have you seen the pictures that hang on your wall? So, I painted them."
"These pictures radiate comfort."
"You can be honest with me. I know who your mom is. And I know that you grew up with real art. My paintings are just a hobby. They are just the voice of my soul. Nothing special," he said and smiled warmly.

Overall, this person looked like the sun. With the same blonde hair and fancy cheeks.

"And this, I suppose, your Muse ?!" he asked, looking at Moonlight.
I did my best not to turn in his direction. Because I knew I couldn't take it anymore.
“You could say that,” I answered quietly, although I wanted to say more.
"Well, let's go. Everyone is waiting for you there!"
To my surprise, to our surprise, there were very few people. And this spacious hall with golden tones and rich-looking furniture looked so empty that a small crowd of people standing in the corner looked so tiny.

I noticed Albert, Neon and the woman in the black dress. And this time too, she was wearing a black dress.

"Okinizeus! And here is our star!" Albert shouted.

As soon as he stood between me and Moonlight, we immediately split.
Leading me aside, Albert began to introduce me to people I did not know.
But from all that he said, I did not hear anything, because, my ears, my eyes were directed towards the high window, near which Moonlight stood, in the company of Bob and some other person.

"What do you think of it?" It was a question that finally came to my ears.
"Excuse me, what are you talking about?" I asked, catching the gaze of Venice.

The woman in the black dress, whose name turned out to be Lily, said, "You did not hear my question, it means that this question is not so important."

And it's true, these people still retained humanity and rationality in themselves.

"It seems that our young writer is a little tired and even scared. Just look at his face! He's all red, just like a tomato!" Neon exclaimed.
"Speaking of tomatoes, I think it's time for us to eat!" Albert spoke and pointed towards a long table on which were various dishes.

First of all, I reached for orange juice. And when I emptied the entire glass in one go, Moonlight pushed two more glasses over to me.

"I see you like orange juice a lot. The night we first met you, you also drank orange juice," Venice said, moving a whole basket of citrus fruits in my direction.

"Yes. I love oranges. I can drink this juice all day long."

"Okay, tell us a little about yourself. What do you like, what books do you read, what are you writing about now? Why did you decide to become a writer?" a man still unfamiliar to me asked me.
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