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But only now I noticed that I was sitting in the very center of attention, at the head of the table. And on both sides of me, there were about twenty people, although maybe more.

"If you start from the very beginning, then the beginning of my life is like everyone else's life. I was created in a laboratory, together with other children. And I only remember that from childhood I loved to study the history of this world. And so, I became a historian. History helped me to understand that I want to write. And so, I wrote my first book. "
“Tell us about your first book,” another stranger said, without taking his curious but witty gaze from me.

"My first book is simple. In this, I just wanted to capture the flow of my thoughts. I don't think my first book is something grandiose. Rather, it's just the prose of a melancholic man who tries to understand this world through the prism of irony, philosophy and kindness. "

At that moment, Moonlight dropped the spoon and climbed under the table and, in a special way, touched my leg.
For some reason, he did not leave the table for quite some time, and I continued to answer questions.
When people finally started talking to each other, I inhaled fresh air, and climbed under the table. Because I was curious about why he is hiding there.
Moonlight was sitting right on the floor, looking at something very small.

"What are you doing?" I asked quietly.
"Look," he said, pointing to some insect moving slowly across the carpet.
“It looks like an ant,” I said.

"That's interesting. Such a little creature," he whispered.
"Come on. You can't sit here."
"Wait. Maybe I should go home? If they all find out that there is a mind reader among them ..."
"They will never hurt you!" I hardly uttered these words with a cry.

Probably what he did next was because of my angry look.
He covered my mouth with his hand and moved closer.
Now, there was a smirk on his face and a hint of irony. I was right when I said that there was a whole universe in this creature!

“Let's go to the park after that. I want to show you something, ”he whispered, removing his hand from my mouth.
"What are you doing here?" Venice asked.
“There's an ant,” Moonlight whispered.
"Ant ?!"
"Okay! Get out from under the table! You don't need to sit there!" Bob exclaimed and suddenly, I was pulled up by both hands.

Once again in the spotlight, I began to speak without stopping. Suddenly, I felt such happiness that I was ready to take off! Guess why I was so radiant with happiness. That's right, your guesses are correct.

"I'm wondering why this dimension is called Shakespeare's Dreams ?!" I asked, emptying probably already the tenth orange juice.
“Probably because Albert is very fond of Shakespeare's works,” Neon said, greedily eating the cake.

Moonlight, too, sat, pretending to eat. Although for the whole evening, he tasted only orange juice.
"Shakespeare, people will remember him. Actually, I think people will remember many things. I don't think they can spend forever watching robots fight. What a strange world? Watching battles, feeling death, longing for weakness and pain!" Venice said and shook her head.

How I liked the freedom in her actions, words. She could talk about anything.
“I have read Romeo and Juliet several times,” I said, suddenly remembering a passage from this tragedy.
"Tell me, what did you like the most about this play?" and again some stranger asked me.

Catching the look of Moonlight, I hesitated, but suddenly, with happiness in my heart, I straightened my shoulders and said, "I liked the words and how the author created whole labyrinths for the soul. But now, I think about this tragedy, about every line, and it seems to me that love always brings pain. And nothing but pain. "

This is what happiness gave rise to! Love is pain!

"I totally agree with you. Before, people loved, although in fact, they just created the illusion of an ideal. Love, it's just a play of nature. Love is a way to preserve the reality," Lily said, and everyone supported her.
“But there is also such love, when someone just is in your life. Like the Moon in the sky and you can’t do anything about it. And you don’t want to, ”I said feeling my heart beating so fast that I could hear the drums and then the whole orchestra in my soul.
"You speak very beautifully. You will definitely become a famous writer!" Bob exclaimed. "I wish you good luck! And I hope that you are the one who will change this world for the better! Still, a word hits harder than a sword!"
"But you just need to be careful with your thoughts. Considering that every second our thoughts are under constant surveillance, and given that one person was recently taken away and there has been no news since then, I think that someone just started hunting for those who think a little differently, "Lily said, thereby making everyone serious.

Suddenly, silence reigned around.

“I heard that Sennhandd was involved in this. He did not create the Wizards for nothing. I knew right away that their ability to read minds was not for nothing. Now, they created a whole network of these creatures. And I also heard that in charge of all this is a woman. "
"Yes. I heard that too."
"I know who it is. This is Lain. She is the whole brain, the whole consciousness of this world. Well according to her thoughts. She always wants to remind this world that she is omnipotent. See, now she got to the thoughts of people. I bet the idea to create the Wizards belongs to her!"
“We all need to be careful with our thoughts. I don’t know for what reasons these three flying saucers take people away. Perhaps they thought about something bad, I don’t know. But it seems that there is already a whole council, a whole community that wants to annihilate all thinkers and those who don't want to waste forever on idle entertainment. Lain just wants to turn all people into puppets, that's all, "Neon said.

I listened attentively to everyone and with every word they said I became scared. What world do I live in? And was it right that I left Mom and Yundoran? Maybe I should go back home?

"Well, in any case, I do not think that they will humiliate all of us. After all, a person cannot be killed. I just wonder what happens to those whom they have already taken?"

"I hate these wizards. If I saw one now, I would not be able to contain myself! I would destroy this creature right here!" a man in a leather jacket suddenly shouted from the very end of the table. And how did I not notice him before? That red hair and a wicked look that carried the greatest disappointment.

But I felt only anger, anger, for these words, I wanted to make him regret what he had just said. After all, these words, I took as a danger in relation to Moonlight.
I could not resist and got up from the chair.
As soon as I wanted to take a step in his direction, Moonlight immediately grabbed my hand and with all its strength, just took me away.
He ran, and I stumbled after him.
And all those people who looked after us were left behind.
Behind, far behind. Well, what was ahead? Pain?
How easy it is for a person to gain wings. You just need someone who will give your life some hidden secret, wonderful meaning that will only be understandable to you.
The night, although it was artificial, still seemed the most real.

Our legs stopped at the same time when we reached a tall tree that was unknown to this earthly nature.
The ground underfoot was covered with grass and this ground, like the back of a long-frozen dinosaur, created waves, hills that rose and fell.
It was a green field, and everything seemed so natural. As if, it was in this dimension that all the forgotten nature was hidden.

"In this world, everything is artificial. I no longer know where a real tree grows and where the real sky begins. But it turns out that everything depends on you. Where your world begins, your universe and where the world of other people begins . And it is very important to find your place, your home. Because only then, the illusion will become a reality, or it will disappear altogether," Moonlight said, the wind lightly touched his short hair.

Having touched the foliage, and then the white flowers, which were pink in places, I felt the smell of rain, the smell of the sea, and the scent of his skin.

I was silent. I wanted to be silent. I wanted to listen to him. Listen to him forever. Forever!

"There are really very few important things in this world. And basically, these things always go unnoticed."

"And what are these things?" I dared to ask.

Looking ahead, with a sad - happy face, under the faint glow of the night sky, he smiled slightly and replied, "They are hard to say aloud. They are hard to understand. But they are easy to feel."
How many times can I tell myself not to get used to this creature? It was all useless. It was already too late.
Perhaps I will regret it, but I decided not to act like a person, because if you think too much and complicate what is easiest in this world, then what is a person capable of?
At that very moment, I took his hand and when I felt that his fingers squeezed my palm, I pulled him to me with sharp movements and buried my nose in his shoulder.

"Can you feel the most important thing in the world? Like this?" I asked quietly.

In response, Moonlight hugged me tighter.
I admired the night view of the green fields, which were sleeping not knowing what was happening outside this world.
That night, we fled from the whole world and we were not going to return there anymore.
And only when our heads touched one pillow, and our bodies shared one blanket, under which our dreams were able to find one way, I was still squeezing his shoulders in my arms.
There was no turning back. And he knew it too. But the more I knew this, the more I hugged him, trying not to fall asleep, trying to look at the patterns of small flowers on the wallpaper, trying to look at his face, which was covered with a light veil of sleep.
But peace, so long forgotten peace, brought the sweetest dreams to my heart.
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