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I knew it couldn't be that good. I knew that if happiness appeared, something would spoil it. Turn it into something unpleasant. Such is the world. Even the world in which magic has just begun to appear.
The next day, I woke up from ... No, not from screaming and noise, I woke up from an unbearable silence. It was the silence of absence.
Immediately, I looked to my right, but there was no Moonlight next to me.
Panic gripped my thoughts. But I just calmly got out of bed and went to the window.
Outside the window I had a view of the trees and the far corner of the green fields. On a narrow path, which was sprinkled with small stones, a girl ran. But I did not attach any importance to it.
Closing the curtains, I looked around me. I stood in front of the bed and saw another small table and two small chairs, on which lay the clothes of Moonlight.
Panic, still wouldn't let go of me. But I decided that he was probably walking around the outskirts of this town. With this thought, I went into the office and without feeling hungry I just sat down at the table and turned on my little computer, which was a perfectly created hologram.
For some reason, today I wanted to capture my thoughts not on paper. Perhaps because, I had too many thoughts.
Suddenly, despite anxiety and a premonition of something terrible, I began to type.
The first chapter began, followed by the second. And so until lunchtime, I immediately printed several sheets and, pleased with myself, leaned against the back of a leather chair and pulled my hands forward.
After a few minutes break, I suddenly felt hungry.
Calmly, ignoring the storm in my soul, I went to the kitchen, which was so small that only Moonlight and I could be here alone.
After making myself some coffee, I found a few rolls in the cupboard. Delighted with this find, I returned to my office with a smile on my face.
And so, with a sweet taste in my mouth, I started typing on. Not noticing that time flew forward and this time the time was screaming right in my face.
Words just wanted to turn into whole sentences, and then into a whole story, biography, a chain woven from imagination.
Never before, have I written so much and so avidly. But it was all because my book was about him. About a wizard, perhaps even an angel, an alien who ended up in this world to decorate, give meaning, or make my heart beat like this?
And without noticing it, another evening came. The artificial daylight went out and it was time for the faint rays of the night sky.
Turning off the computer, I suddenly heard footsteps at the doorstep of my house. Delighted and at the same time feeling the impending anger, I ran towards the door and opened it abruptly.
But in front of me was only Venice.

"Something happened?" she immediately asked.
"Have you seen Moonlight?"
"No. Is he missing?"
"I don't know."

Suddenly, hearing loud voices, I ran out into the street.
At the very end of the street, I spotted Albert. And he was in nothing but pajamas, with bare feet. By his appearance, I understood that something had happened.
With Moonlight?
Leaving Venice, I ran ahead, not noticing that I, too, had no shoes.
As I ran closer, I noticed that the crowd of people was a little scared.

"Albert, what happened?"
"The city is in a mess. I saw with my own eyes how people attacted a group of Wizards," Neon said, sitting right on the ground. I noticed a deep scratch on his right cheek.
"What?" that's all I could ask then.
"They found out that their thoughts are being read all the time. And that the fault is in Wizards. So now they began to attack them and try to destroy them," Albert said.

Suddenly, a thought came to me which confirmed that Moonlight was in trouble! Among people!
“But maybe it's for the best. Maybe we need to destroy these strange creatures! It seems to me that they are too arrogant. And don't think that if they are beautiful and innocent, then they are not bad. This is all a lie! I wouldn't mind destroying a couple of them,” said the man in the black cloak.

Here, I could not contain myself. I was scared, and when a person is scared, he does everything to throw out his emotions on others.
I punched his face and felt a severe pain in my fist.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

But I didn't stop. Having knocked a completely unfamiliar person to the ground, I began to kick him.
The head was spinning, there was a noise in the ears, the feeling of nausea squeezed the throat and the ability to take a deep breath.
The scream of the man who was lying on the ground, the screams of people around, and the next second I was already running away, feeling pain in my fingers and feeling how someone else's blood dripped down my skin.
After leaving the dimension, leaving the Alley of Doors, which was forever enclosed in the embrace of darkness, I finally found myself in the city. In the very place where the sky was forever gray, forever old and forgotten.
And right there, I heard the screams of angry people.
Through broken robots, unnecessary Wizards who wandered aimlessly through the bloody streets, I was able to get into the very center of the crowd. And when I saw something that cannot be forgiven, I could not stand on my feet. I felt bad and so scared that I wanted to cry from hopelessness.
But someone caught me. Someone hugged me, prevented me from moving. But it was not Moonlight.

Although, in front of me was his brother, sister, the same Wizard as he is. And this creature was subjected to the most severe beating.
People, using sticks, attacked a defenseless creature, which was completely without clothes.
The bright light that emanated from the most ordinary cars covered our heads, and most importantly, the part of the street on which the Wizard was bleeding.

"We will not let creature like you read our minds and encroach on our freedom!"
"This is our freedom! In our thoughts, everyone has the right to be free! We will destroy all Wizards!"
"Let us destroy!"

People shouted the same words over and over, and their hands brandished iron sticks, and with each blow, I could hear the crunch of his ribs and other bones.
Then, in the spotlight, a whole crowd with the same faces brought in a few more Wizards and threw them as if they were things.
Without a single clothes, shivering from the cold, from the damp, from the unpleasant smell of cars, they stood, trying not to move away from each other.
Long strands of hair, like brushes, painted patterns in blood on the wet asphalt. And people, without ceasing, continued to attack, beat, shout.
But the Wizards stood in silence, looking down, and none of them dared to fight back.

"Just look! So innocent, so kind! And how deceitful! Yes, you are the most real evil in this world!" someone shouted.
But I continued to sit on the ground, feeling a complete lack of strength.
Fear is paralyzing. Anxiety makes you weak. Panic turns you into a slave.
“No,” I whispered, imagining Moonlight bleeding.
The screams turned into applause. The words of protest turned into laughter.

"Okinizeus, get up," sounded a familiar voice. And suddenly, someone raised me by both hands, and against my will, like a puppet, I just walked somewhere.

Away from this crowd.
But crowds were everywhere. And everywhere, I saw the wounded, dead bodies of the Wizards. And each one seemed to me like Moonlight.

“No,” I kept repeating this one word until I felt the icy water on my face.
Now, I have come to my senses. Panic turned into a desire to act.
Sennhandd stood in front of me. And I pounced on him, squeezing his shoulders.
"Where is he?" I asked.
But he just looked at me. With a million questions in his eyes.
I didn't have time to wait for an answer and I just rushed to find him.
What will I do if I see him dead? What will I do if he lies on the cold ground, under the gaze of a thousand people? What will I do then?
It was pain. I was in more pain than all those creatures who were so desperate to focus their attention on me running forward.
But again, Sennhandd stopped me. He was in front of me so sharply that I fell.
Clenching my hands into fists, I screamed loudly. And my cry could not turn into words.
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