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"Calm down. Let's get out of here," Sennhandd said.

"How can you be so calm? How?! Go save them! You've created them!"

Looking into his face, I suddenly noticed something that I had never noticed. I noticed the strongest indifference.
Something in me had changed and I could no longer control myself.
Grabbing him by the collar, I pushed him against the dirty wall and hit him with all my might.
And he didn't even resist.
I used all the fighting skills and I knew that he was in great pain now. Perhaps I wanted to inflict on him the pain that these innocent creatures were now experiencing.

"Why ?! Why did you do that ?!"
"It's Sennhandd, isn't it ?!"
"Is he hitting Sennhandd ?! Someone stop him!"

Suddenly, people began to gather around me.

"Stop him!"
At the very moment when I felt someone's hands on my back, I turned around.
Sleepiness, heaviness, seized me with such force that I, still hearing voices, could not wake up.
Is this how the Wizard feels when he dies?
"He is okay?"
"He'll be fine. He's just sleeping."
"I shouldn't have done that."
"You shouldn't go out into this world alone. It's too dangerous."
"He is waking up!"

I opened my eyes. The pain in my head was too much for me to get up.
But when I saw Moonlight, which was healthy and unharmed, I jumped up and, not paying attention to anyone, I threw myself at him.
It was a feeling of liberation and relief.
Now, the tears were the result of sadness.

"Where have you been? Why are you doing this to me? What have I done wrong to you? How have I offended you?"
When I felt his hand on my head, I cried like a child.
It was a sign of weakness. But I was not ashamed of it.
"I told you he was safe. But you didn't want to listen to me," Sennhendd's voice filled the room. Suddenly, I wanted to say thanks to him. But I couldn't.
Coming to my senses, I got up and looked into those indifferent eyes.
As I understand it, we were in his laboratory. In the same room where he usually liked to sit and think.
How long have I not seen him. And he seems to have changed a bit.

"Why don't you stop it all? You started it all. Why did you just stand there while they were suffering?" I asked, falling into a chair.
I knew he had nothing to say.
“My word doesn't mean anything anymore. It never meant anything, ”he replied.
"This is just an excuse. You are the great scientist who made everyone immortal, who eradicated hunger and poverty from this world. You have all the power, all the strength. And you manage to say that?"
"Times are changing. Trust me, I really can't do anything."
Grabbing the vase, I threw it in his direction, but it crashed against the wall.
"Take it easy!" Moonlight exclaimed.
I didn't want to turn into someone bad in front of Moonlight. Therefore, grabbing Sennhandd's hand, I led him out onto the balcony.
Still hearing the noise of the people, I pushed him so hard that he could hardly stand on his feet.
But he did not resist.
"Tell me, why did you create them? Why do you use them? Did you always want to read minds? Why do you need this? What kind of power do you want ?!"
"Do you think I'm not sorry ?! You don't think it hurts me to realize that they are suffering! Okinizeus, it hurts and I feel the same as you. But I can't help it! I can't just take and stop it all! Not me! I am not in charge. I mean nothing, "he shouted.
"You are a liar and a hypocrite!"
"I know I made a mistake. But I'm not the one who can do everything. There are also those who ..." He suddenly fell silent. "Just trust me. It’s hard for me too. I don’t want them to suffer. But I cannot stop it. It’s beyond my power."
"Then whose power can stop it ?!"

It was evident that he was hiding something and was even afraid.
Catching Moonlight's gaze, I thought, "Make it so that no one can read our thoughts."
He nodded his head.

"You can speak and think calmly. Explain to me simply. And try not to lie."

Realizing that Moonlight blocks our thoughts, preventing anyone from reading them, Sennhandd said, "Many, although probably everyone, thinks that I am in charge. They think that I am in charge of this whole world. But in fact it never was like that . Yes, scientists have become important, and have become those who can make important decisions for the benefit of all mankind, but all this time, in fact, we were ruled by others. And these others, now have created a whole network from the Wizards. And they want to know what everyone thinks about. Well, I am just a puppet who does everything that is told to him. I am also a kind of one of these creatures. And we are scientists, we only fulfill the desires of others, those about whom no one knows. "
"Now you want to make a victim of yourself. How is it all faked."
"You don't believe me. But you will believe him, right?"
"Don't involve him in this."
"Believe it or not, just know that things are about to change. Be careful."
"And you will continue to make yourself a victim of circumstance while they mock them?"

Below, I could see the crowds of people just triumphant at the sight of the blood of another Wizard.
"You should know, if they will find your thoughts aggressive and dangerous to society, then it will be the end of everything."

"Are you out of your mind or are you just playing?"
“The main enemy is you,” I said and left him alone.

Now, I had anger towards Moonlight.
Grabbing his hand, I probably hurt him, and I immediately released him.

"What were you doing here and why did you leave the house without telling me anything?" I asked, and heard my own words so clearly that I felt ashamed and I added, "Sorry. It's none of my business. This is a stupid question. You should know that this world is too dangerous. You've seen people, haven 't you? And what are they doing to creatures like you. "
“I wanted to see Harmony and show her this,” he said, and handed me the book.
This was my book. In a very real binding.
"Forgive me. I just wanted to give her your first book and tell her that you are already the great writer. But then, I suddenly saw the wounded Wizard and could not pass by. I helped the Wizard, but then, I just got lost. Senhand found me. "

I didn't want him to look so guilty. And I said, "Stop. You don't have to report. But from now on, you don't have to do that. You know I'm worried. If something happens to you ..."
Five years. Only five years and I should have remembered this. But five years is a long time. This is enough to say what I wanted to say.

“I don’t want to lose you like this. I’m scared to think that you’ll just leave. ”
Now, looking at me in surprise, he asked, "You asked me how you offended me and what you did wrong. Now tell me, if I leave you, will you blame yourself? Does it work like that? I mean, does love work this way? "
Only now I felt the passage of time. The arrows of time really stretched in different directions.
We left the past behind. The endless arrow of time stretched far back, making room for the present, which slipped right out of hand.
And there was a future ahead, for the first time, too frightening.
Moonlight taught me to feel the passage of time. And this skill will help me in knowing how much is left.
Is this how love works? A question that has always been too difficult for everyone and too easy for everyone.
When we were back home, I felt tiredness.
Now, looking at this tired but happy face, at those closed eyes, which may have already been asleep, I understood and decided my future fate. I made a decision.
Meanwhile, crowds of people were fleeing in the streets, as well as crowds of soldiers who were dressed in snow-white suits, despite the fact that there was blood and broken Wizards everywhere.
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