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"Hold them! Faster!" It was a scream that continued for several hours in a row.
"Hold them! Faster!" the scream gave way to another scream.
"These people, they need to be caught at any cost!"
"Richard, Sophie and Jupiter. There are three of them and each of them ran off in different directions."

"How are the Wizards? Are they sending information? We need to know everything they think about!"
"Right now, a lot of information is coming to me. But mostly their thoughts are only about one thing, about where to hide. But no, thoughts are cut off."
"Why are you standing there! Go look for them!"
And again screams filled the streets.
These were the troops, the real living soldiers, who belonged to a community called the "Three and Seven".
Three and Seven, the community who now read everyone's thoughts, those who intruded into the dreams of the sleeping people.
And now, having chosen a goal for themselves, they were chasing three completely different people who had nothing to do with each other.
Richard, a middle-aged man with gray hair, ran as fast as possible, even if soon he ran out of strength. He did not know the reason why the soldiers in too snow-white clothes were chasing him. He did not know which of his thoughts seemed dangerous to the new government, which so loved to read minds.
Although, perhaps, over time, while he was running forward, on the dirty asphalt, he guessed. Perhaps in his case, it was all about his work. Namely, he loved to write poetry and discuss modern people and their interests at night. Although, in this, he still did not find anything strange and bad.
The only thing that distinguished him from everyone else was that he considered this world, these people as too cruel.
This was his only sin.
And now, he had to climb high on a brick wall in order to hide from the patrol even for a minute.
And when he climbed over the wall, he jumped to the ground and saw a young woman in front of him with a very frightened, but lively look.
Her name was Sophie. That's all he knew about her. Just her name.
"They won't find us here," she whispered softly and immediately covered his mouth with her hand.
"Tell me, what have you done that they are chasing you too?" Richard asked breathlessly, gasping for air, stumbling.
Sophie lowered her green eyes to the bloody asphalt.
"It's obvious. They don't like our thoughts. They decided that our thoughts are a danger to the whole world. That is why we are here."
"This is already beyond the boundaries of what is permissible. Who do they think they are?! How dare they do that?! These are our thoughts!" Richard shouted, though he immediately regretted it. But they were lucky. At that time, the snow-white patrol was already at the other end of the street.
"Do you like this world? Do you like the way people live? Do you think this age is normal?" Sophie suddenly asked, tilting her head in his direction.
"Do I like this world?! And what can I do if not! What is normal in this century?! Everything is immoral here! What do people spend their eternity on?!" Richard screamed again, now, he just couldn't contain his anger, which had accumulated while he was running away.
"Everything is clear with you. You think against everyone. That is why they also think that you are dangerous."
"This is stupid! Everyone has the right to their opinion!" Looking at her with some caution, he asked, "What did you do? What did you think about ?!"
Sophie took a deep breath and answered with a sad voice, "I'm just like you."
Richard suddenly laughed. It was a nervous, convulsive laugh.
"What if they catch us?" he asked.
"I don't know. Most likely they will take us away and keep us somewhere for an eternity."
"It is impossible to kill a person. So yes, they will just keep all those who think, who still understand what the others do not understand."
“There is one more, his name is Jupiter. He managed to tell me that he wrote short articles for people to remind them that life should not be like this. He was against all those death races and fights between robots. He was against all this fun. Therefore, they decided to catch him. "
"They want to catch birds that are too free. And for what purpose? Is it really possible that only those who have forgotten about the mind, about the soul and turned into a simple creature who is not even able to understand what planet he lives on remain in this world? "
"In that case, they will never catch me. We have to fight."
"Fight?! Even now, our thoughts are read. And you still think that they will give you the opportunity to fight?!"
"Don't think. This is the only way. Just don't think," Richard said and seeing the fear in her incredibly beautiful eyes, he suddenly wanted to hug her. To create a sense of security. “Everything will be fine,” he whispered in her ear.

Sophie, a young girl with a kind heart, hid her face in his jacket and so, they froze in one place, stopping the flow of their thoughts.
Well, the third "rebel" found shelter in an old abandoned building, where the battle was about to take place. But this fight was between a man and a Wizard.
Jupiter, the blond-haired guy, sat behind a mountain of broken robots and dead Wizards, trying not to make a sound. Even if, bouts of nausea haunted him.
And only when the battle began, when the man struck the first blow and the weak Wizard fell to the ground, with blood flowing from his nose, he could no longer stand it and simply bent over.
The bouts of vomiting made him scream. Grabbing onto the inanimate body of one of the Wizards, he was able to stay on his feet and when he heard the voices and footsteps of the patrol, he ran away.
While, the fight continued. It continued until the innocent creature stopped moving at all.

Away from the noise, he hid behind an old staircase, and only now he could cry. These were tears of pain and real human suffering.
Tears flowed like water, the screams grew louder.
"We mustn't let him go. No way! You understand that!" a voice was heard.

Jupiter, despite the chaos around him, began to meditate. Although, he did it with difficulty.

"Don't stop looking! Mistress Lain will not forgive us this time!"

Lain! The name was so familiar to him. Lain! He wanted to shout that name out loud. And suddenly, something changed in him and he just gave up.
Coming out of his hiding place, he crept up behind and lightly touched the shoulder of the main soldier.
And as soon as he saw him, the soldier immediately grabbed his hands and pushed him against the wall.
“Giving up is always good,” he whispered to him and laughed.
“I want to see Lain,” Jupiter said and now, he was not afraid.
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