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"Okinizeus, the author of the book "The Milky Way in the Eyes", turned out to be an ordinary writer who so desperately wants to return this world to the past. Following the words and evidence of eyewitnesses and robots, a week ago, during a riot, this young man brutally beat our beloved scientist Sennhandd. While the great scientist did not resist at all. A writer named Okinizeus, pressing him against the wall, struck so hard that Sennhandd had to cover his nose with his hand. Maybe it is true that writers and all those who think they work miracles and write fate for this world, in fact dangerous people. After all, the attack on the great scientist Sennhandd, the father of immortality, is too cruel. But, it gave more popularity for the young writer. You can find all his books in any stores, and anywhere else."

This is how my day began and ended in the same way.
And yes, now, I became the main event, the main news, which was repeated twice a day. My face shone everywhere, as if I was a celebrity.
Everyone kept saying that I was the most real evil and the most ungrateful person in the world, once I hit a great scientist. But along with these words, glory came to me, which I could not even dream of.
My books spread around the world so quickly that Albert had to work day and night and now, he had a real publishing house.

I was evil, I was a cruel person, but at the same time I became a great writer who was able to get people to read.
They read my books, my thoughts, and perhaps they did it all in order to hate me even more.
But that didn't bother me at all. I did not care. On the contrary, it was funny to me that people found a new occupation, a new hobby.
But I didn’t even ask Sennhandd's forgiveness, because I didn't feel any guilt.
Sennhandd, a mystery of nature and perhaps the most cruel and ironic person. I didn't feel sorry for him. For all that he did, creating these innocent creatures who now roamed the streets, were attacked and at the same time managed to fulfill any desires of people.
But still, why was I so calm? Why didn't I care what people said about me?
I sat and thought about it, while the reason for my calmness was in the creature sitting opposite me and reading a book.
We were separated by only a meter, our chairs stood opposite each other.
Moonlight, in a black robe, with wet hair, was holding a book in his hands, his gaze slid over the letters, and he did not pay any attention to me. Well, I just couldn't take my eyes off him.
I became selfish, I became indifferent, I became cold-blooded. And all thanks to this being.

In the living room, something suddenly fell and I heard the voice of Albert and then my mother, who moved to live in this little house.
Immediately after she heard the news, she came to me, and since then, she has never been able to calm down.

“Everything will be all right. No one can harm him. I’m looking after him,” Albert said, raising his voice, specifically so that I could hear him.

I heard Mom sigh and then Moonlight suddenly asked, "Are you really not worried?"
I loved the way he continued to read while still managing to keep up a conversation with me. He looked so important, so sophisticated.

"No. What should I worry about? People, they love to gossip. That's their nature."
"They talk about you incessantly. It seems to me that soon everyone will demand forgiveness from you before Sennhandd."
"I will not ask him for forgiveness. Trust me, he is guilty for many reasons."

"You blame him because he created Wizards?"

Moonlight put the book aside and was now looking at me.
During all this time while I knew him, he managed to change outwardly. He looked older. His eyebrows grew thicker, his eyes grew bolder, the corners of his lips almost always smiled slightly in an ironic and sarcastic manner, and that hair, the color of the night, was always perfect.
There was a lot of kindness in his look, but also, he learned to look through irony and laughter. I loved that he now knew when to be kind and when not.

I answered his question, "Yes. He created Wizards, and watch what happens to them."
"I don't blame him. I never did. On the contrary, I am grateful to him."
I expected the continuation.
"If he had not created Wizards, then I would not have met you. And I do not care that I have to live for several more years. Do you know what is worse than death? More terrible than death is that I might never know you at all. Just never," he said suddenly.

The floor disappeared from under my feet. I almost fainted. In this chair, I lost myself and felt like ice in the sun.
I was so weak that I simply could not say anything. Even my thoughts fell silent.
And as if on purpose, to completely destroy me, Moonlight bent down in my direction, almost kneeling in front of me and smiled slyly. What did he want? Is it a heartbreak?
But as always, by chance or the law of meanness, my mother rushed into the room with Albert and I returned back to my feelings.

"I think it's dangerous for you to stay here. What if they find you?" mom asked.

They burst into our room at the very moment when something would have happened, and I wished to be far away from here, only with Moonlight.
"I want to stay here. Here, I can write without stopping. Mom, don't worry. Nothing will happen to me."
"And anyway, why did you attack Sennhandd? What did he do to you?" mom asked for the hundredth time.

"You do not know what is hidden behind this kind mask."
"Harmony, maybe you should calm down? Oki is here with me, and I can protect him well. Besides, until all this dies down, he will be here," Albert said.

In this short time, he became so dear to me that I could entrust everything to him.

"You know people, as soon as they feel anger, they will never leave you. You know that they are ready to spend an eternity just feeling anger towards Oki."
"Mom, I don't want you to worry. Well, think about what they can do? In a pinch, Sennhandd will say that we are good friends and that's it. Besides, you should be glad that now my books have become popular. I was able to remind people to nourish their souls by reading."

Mom hugged me and laid her head on my shoulder. I knew what she was going through.

"Oki is safe here. But if you doubt it, just live here."
Albert slightly nudged my leg and looked at me.

"Yes. Mom, stay with me," I said.
"Harmony, as long as I am with him, I will do everything to protect him," Moonlight suddenly said.

And again this sensation, and again this weakness.
Mom smiled and pulled him to her. Embracing us, she said, "In this world, it is so important to stay safe."

First, the pawns come out, and then the kings.
With this thought, I stifled the anger that was caused by the next reproaches.
The glory was mine. As well as everyone's attention.
But I did not know that with such speed, I would become the main, important writer of the century. And yes, along with all the news and gossip, people also started to believe that Sennhandd and I share some tender feelings.

I was invited to give an interview right in front of everyone. And as it was written in the letter, I had to confess to everyone, my feelings for Sennhandd.

From enemy, I became the character of some romantic fanfiction.
Did people turn those moments of anger into something romantic?
But what surprised me most of all was that all my books that fell into the hands of Albert spread around the world at the speed of light.
Through the iron sky, through narrow streets, past bloodthirsty battles, through the wheels of racing cars, my words reached everyone.
I felt like a kind of savior of literature, who was able to remind everyone of such things as a book.
But as it turned out, people did not understand the contents of my books at all, what they liked most was the fact that they were written by me, the man who dared to hit the great scientist.
They just bought my books because I was on the news now.
No, literature was still in a forgotten state.
But for that, I became a real star, like all those actors and singers from the twenty-first century.
I became even more convinced of this when my right foot stepped onto a high stage that floated in the air, in front of an innumerable crowd of spectators.
The screams and applause made me lose myself, but find myself again in the eyes of Moonlight, who sat in the very first row.

The TV presenter, in a too bright, golden suit, suddenly hugged me by the shoulders and laughed loudly into the microphone. His teeth, too, were too white, almost dazzling. And in general, I really thought that he was some kind of robot, with such an artificial face. But no, it was the most ordinary, modern person.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I know you've been waiting for this for a long time! And yes, just look at me, I am so nervous right now that look, I am sweating! But the truth is, standing next to this young man, who is also very handsome, is too dangerous. But at the same time, I feel lucky. After all, he is not just brave and too free, he is also a talented writer! " the TV presenter shouted into the microphone. Why was he so loud?! Why he can't be calm?
But he continued to hug me while too bright spotlights shone right in my face.
What was this place? This was the main building, where scientists usually gave speeches, as well as all the celebrities made fun of themself in order to make everyone happy.
There were no walls to be seen here, but the ceiling created the illusion of the sky.

"As we all know, on that terrible day when a real riot took place in our peaceful city, this young man found the courage to strike several blows in the face of our great Sennhandd."

When he said this, the crowd suddenly began to shout words of anger.
I was already preparing for something to be thrown at me.

"Yes. And now we all wonder why you did that?" the host suddenly asked. And when I looked into his eyes, I noticed that they were yellow. And the pupil was too black. This look frightened me.
I knew that I was called here in order to answer this question. Again and again. Same question. Why did I hit him? I was ready to tell the truth.
"Why did I do this to the great scientist?!" I asked.

Suddenly, it became too quiet around. They expected me to speak.
Finally, the lights went out a little. And the light emanated from the eyes of people.
I began to speak.
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