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“I hit Sennhandd because I blame him for creating such beautiful creatures and just throwing them into this cold and cruel world. Yes, I hate him for that. I think he is the most evil, the most artificial and the hypocritical person of all of you. And yes, I speak the purest truth. I do not like him. I don’t think he is that great. After all, if he were great, then he certainly would not have created such ideal, innocent and too kind creatures. With only one purpose. To read minds and fulfill any desires. While they are subjected to bullying and ridicule simply because they have only two organs. Brain and heart, isn't that enough to be the most sincere, the most beautiful? Sennhandd had no right to create life. After all, he is just a human. He had no right to give people power over these fragile creatures. I hit him because he deserved it." I stopped talking because, I felt a gaze from the darkness. And this look shone with a bright light of kindness and intelligence. Moonlight, I could see only him. And I, directing my gaze to him, continued, "I would do everything to protect every Wizard. I would do literally everything. After all, these eyes will never deceive, and even if they can deceive, this deception will be the most innocent. The heart will never betray, and even if it does, it will only be for seconds. And this pure soul, which is richer than the universe itself, will turn out to be a real home for you, where you will find yourself after a long, eternal wandering. I would have allowed him to do everything, if only he was happy. I do not like to use the word happiness, because before, I did not believe in it. But I want to do everything so he will be always, forever happy. After all, next to him, there is no impossible. And the world ceases to exist at all. This is a Wizard, and he is beautiful. This is the most real miracle that I have ever seen. The ideal of beauty, the ideal of kindness. A bright star in this darkness, in this life."

I didn't know, I didn't listen to myself. Words just flew out, reflecting my most honest thoughts. I did not give an account of what I am saying now. After all, I looked into his eyes. Into the eyes of Moonlight, one who lives only with heart and soul. Who is not a man and not a woman, who is just life in all its guises.
When the light enveloped me from all sides, I noticed that Moonlight was standing there and his eyes shone like never before. Maybe he was crying. But no, it was a shine of sadness, happiness.

“You made me cry,” the TV presenter said, covering his face with his hand.
Until now, there was silence around.
Now, I expected screams of hatred. I was ready that the crowd would never love me.

"Okinizeus, tell me who you are?" he suddenly asked. This question puzzled me.
"What do you mean?"
"I have never heard anything more beautiful in my life. And you really are, a real writer!"

Suddenly, the crowd began to rustle and began to applaud.
"What a wonderful words! The words of a man in love, although I know you would not waste time on such an old concept as love. My dear friend, you just surprised me! Am I right?!"
"He's the real enemy! Don't you notice this at all?" It was the only voice that expressed dissatisfaction and hatred.
"So you decided to become the protector of the Wizards ?! Tell me, do you have one?"
"Yes. It's hard for me to realize that such creatures live side by side with humans."
"It was a little offensive. But there seems to be some truth in your words. So, do you have a Wizard?"
"No. I don't have it," I replied, trying not to look at Moonlight.
"It's a pity. This creature would be very lucky with such a kind master. But you know what, now I understand that we were all wrong. Why did we behave so cruelly with them?!" the host asked, although there was not an ounce of honesty in his words.
"We are their owners, so we have every right to do whatever we want with them!" someone shouted.
"Hush! Don't get angry! We have such a sensitive and romantic person as our guest, you shouldn't scare him! I think he's not used to screaming. Am I right?!"

“You're absolutely right,” I said, and now, I was acting the same way. A strange, deceitful smile became my mask, which hid my real emotions, as well as excitement that tonight, I will be alone with Moonlight.
"So you're not going to ask Sennhandd's forgiveness?"
"How can you say that?! Do you even know who he is? Do you know?" another scream was heard.
"Hush! Hush! Let's not scare him!"
"I am not scared any of you," I said.

Then, the crowd began to shout and even curse me.
Suddenly I felt funny.

"And you are really very brave. Maybe you are just arrogant?" the host asked. I knew that he would not just leave me alone.

"I do not think so."
I tried to answer briefly and clearly.
"Tell me, are you really not going to ask Sennhandd's forgiveness?"

The screams grew louder. I knew I needed to stop. After all, among this crowd there were people close to me.

"Okinizeus, it seems to me or are you trying to create a certain image for yourself this way? Could it be that you hit Sennhandd just to be here and for your books to become popular?"
"Where do you get all these questions from?"
"Where does everyone get their questions from?"
"I have already said why I hate this great scientist. I think I have nothing more to say to you."

Then, as I expected, someone threw the most ordinary stone at me. But this stone, without reaching its goal, simply fell in front of me.

"Tell me, are you afraid of anything?" the host continued to ask.
"You mean, am I afraid of the community? Society? Those who read minds? No, I'm not afraid of them."

Why did I say that?

"And you are really an unusual person! Your mother is an artist named Harmony?" he asked, implying that everyone knew something about me that could be used against me.
"Enough questions for today, I think."

They all fell silent again. Sennhandd has now entered the scene.
Raising his right hand, he made it clear for the artificial man to shut up.

"How long can you ask him? I think Okinizeus has so much to do."

"Mr. Sennhandd, how unexpected."
The great scientist looked at me with a seriousness I have never seen.
Stopping beside me, he touched my hand, and said, "Okinizeus, my best friend. I would entrust him with everything in this world. Therefore, what he did, perhaps, is right. After all, every day, I feel guilty because I couldn't stop my ambitions."
Suddenly, something told me that he was telling the truth.
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