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"Okinizeus, it is a man who is sincere and intelligent. I respect his thoughts and actions. Therefore, I ask you not to throw stones at him and not shout words of anger and resentment. He did nothing for which he should ask for forgiveness. On the contrary, it's me who must ask for forgiveness."

The TV presenter, with his curiosity, suddenly asked, "Mr. Sennhandd, could it be that there are some feelings between you?"
"Between friends, there are always feelings."
"No. I'm not about those feelings. I'm about those feelings that make your heart beat faster."

I did not like his sly smile, which hid not pure thoughts.
Sennhandd smiled and, as if wanting to add oil to the fire, took my hand, and suddenly for me and everyone, he raised my hand to his lips.
He didn't say anything. But his action shocked everyone. People who had forgotten about love and that there could be something between people suddenly remembered everything. This action was followed by questions that attacked us like a whole sea wave.

"Is it really true?! So, there are tender feelings between you?!" the host asked, and I felt funny from his look, which expressed fear.
Sennhandd, without saying anything to him or the crowd, just bent over my ear and whispered, "Sorry."
Then, grabbing my hand tighter, he simply dragged me off the stage. And so, we disappeared from sight, in an attempt to escape.
"Wait. There's Moonlight!" I exclaimed when we were in front of the door.
"Don't worry. Your loved ones are already at home," he said, and for the first time in this time, he smiled.

Without letting go of my hand, he ran forward, but in the meantime, several patrol robots were already hovering above, photographing us.
And only when Sennhandd pressed the takeoff button, he released my hand and began to laugh like mad.
The car took off and we were among the dark clouds of smoke.

"What are you doing? What just happened?" I asked pushing him aside.

Brushing his hair off his face, he threw his head back, took a deep breath and said, "Sorry. But I think it's better to let them think that there is love between us than to hate you and try to ruin the life of you and your family."
I believed him. But I had nothing to say to him. The words of gratitude would be strange.
"And you really are a very brave guy. You said so many things and now the entire population of the earth will easily hate you. But didn't you think about those who are dear to you? You know that now, the Patrol is looking for those who thinks differently? You know that a whole network of Wizards reads everyone's mind? And you still said what you said! From now on, you need to be careful."

Looking ahead, I sat silently. The fear of heights disappeared altogether.
"Look, I know you hate me," he continued, but I said, "Forget it. Hate will never get you anywhere. Even if I hate you, what difference does it make? Nothing! If you are real evil, then you will continue to be evil. It does not depend on me. How can my hatred change your nature?! So forget it. And anyway, I have to thank you for that kiss."
Smiling, he suddenly looked much younger than he was before. And I noticed that he became even slimmer than he was.
"Are you renewing your cells? You're almost the same age as me!" I exclaimed so that there would be no awkwardness between us.
Sennhandd looked at me and shook his head.
"Would you like to fly a little?! Would you like me to show you the moon?" he suddenly asked, accelerating the car.
After several presses of the button, a quiet voice of the robot was heard, "Do you want to take off to maximum altitude? Are you sure about that? I don't think I have enough fuel for such a flight."

"I'm sure."
Through the gray cars, we began to slowly fly higher, thereby making people nervous. After all, because of us, they had to move a little to the side.
And only when we "floated" to the surface, I was finally able to see the evening rays of the sun.

Orange rays fell smoothly on the dusty clouds, and because of this, the illusion was created, as if we were on the back of some robot.
A golden iron over which dusty, too-gray clouds spread. Such was the landscape that was supposed to be a romantic evening sunset.
But one thing pleased me most of all, it was that all the cars were left below.
The sky, as never before, was open, but even then, it was only for a few minutes, because then, there were starships that wanted to fly towards the ring of the Earth.

“I don’t understand why it was necessary to create rings for the Earth like those of Saturn,” I said, watching several starships.

"I personally worked on their creation. And I must say, they are very comfortable to travel around the world. They are kind of train tracks."
"But what about teleportation? Why did everyone forget about it?"
"Teleportation is actually more complicated."

Sennhandd stopped the car right in front of the clouds in the form of horses running towards us.
I looked in his direction and only now noticed that he was wearing a beautiful black suit and a red turtleneck today.
Without looking at me, he said, "I heard you speak. About the Wizards. Tell me, who is Moonlight for you?"
This question made me confused. But thanks to his habit of not making the person feel uncomfortable, he continued, "Your words were really beautiful. I think you were able to touch everyone's hearts. Moonlight should be lucky to have you."

"I wish every Wizard in this world would be so lucky. But you created them just for fun."

"Are you still mad at me?"
"Yes. Actually, I only hate you."

He laughed. And when he laughed, his eyes closed and his face turned into a real sun.
"What will you order me to do so that you do not hate me?"
Looking at the clouds that were changing shape due to the light wind, as well as looking at the transparent rings of the earth, which looked somehow epic, I asked, "Tell me, why do you care about my thoughts? Why do you want to be friends with me so much? I am simple man. And you, a great man."
"I ask this question myself. After all, before, and never at all, I did not need a friend. But when I saw you, then for some reason, I wanted to make friends with you. And your thoughts, opinions, all this is interesting to me. I don't want you to hate me. Yes, I admit that what I did was wrong, even cruel. I shouldn't have created Wizards. But in fact, everything is very difficult. Sometimes, I have no right to decide what I should invent and what I shouldn't. As I said before, I am not in charge."
"You are the puppet of that community called Three and Seven?" I dared to ask.

Sennhandd was clearly nervous, because then why did his cheeks turn red and his eyebrows tightened.

“You don't have to talk about it,” he whispered, so afraid he might be overheard.
"Why? Is it possible that you are just a puppet in someone's hands?"

Now, his gaze lit up with fire. I thought that this is the true face of such a great man. A face that knows no mercy. But no, it was just an expression of a person who is simply worried about another person.

"Okay, listen, you're a writer. So write your books. Do what you do well. Try not to think about other things. Try to think less at all."
Throwing a strange look at me, he pointed ahead with a happy smile. "Look, here's your Moon."
Through the golden shades of the sky, somewhere far away, I could make out the silhouette of the Moon in an embrace with the faint rays of the sun.
Yes, it was the Moon.

A circular disc that still kept the dreams and hopes of millions of people.
Have the dreams left on the lunar surface come true? And how many words of love were said under this silver disc, which once was the only one in the sky.

"On account of Moonlight, I will definitely think of something," Sennhandd suddenly said.
"I can't promise it. But trust me, I'm working on it every day and night."
"I believe you."

Feeling his hand on my hand, icy with excitement, I nevertheless decided to ask, and my question sounded somehow strange. From the depths of my soul, heart.

"Tell me, what is love scientifically?"
Sennhandd was not surprised at my question. He simply replied, "Love is just a natural trick so that humanity does not die out."

"Love is in order to prolong the human race. But tell me, can there be love outside of science, outside of nature?"
"Love is multifaceted. And the question is, which side of love you choose."
"What do you think is the purpose of love?"
"I don't know. You yourself must find out."
"So you admitted that you have things that your great brain does not know about."

Sennhandd gently pushed me to the side in a friendly way and then stroked my head. And only after this action, I realized that there was a huge age difference between us.
If you think about it, now, he must be three hundred years old.
But he was a man who completely forgot about age.
So, we spent several hours admiring the Moon, which gradually disappeared behind a number of starships that eagerly wanted to fly away from this planet.
Almost dozing, we began to slowly descend to the ground.
I didn’t notice how my head fell on his shoulder and my eyes closed against my will.

And through a light dream, I could hear his words repeating, "I want to protect you and those who are dear to you."
And I said, "I don't want to hate you. Please don't be the man with the mask. Please don't be the villain and the hypocrite."
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