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In fact, it is very easy to make people happy. All you have to do is be able to make them laugh. In ancient times it was said that people need love to be happy. But in fact, for happiness, people need fun, they need to have fun like that, as if there is no tomorrow.
A person does not need a person to find happiness; a person needs a clown. And that was is the truth of modern era.
During this year, which flew past us so quickly, I realized that if I want to live in harmony with this world, I need to be able to please and amuse people.
And since I decided to become a writer, I needed to learn how to become a clown. This was the reality. But I repeat, I am willing to do anything for the safety of Moonlight.

After all, we have only four years left.
A year has passed, leaving only whole rows of memories.
There were still four years ahead. And I am afraid that they, too, will pass so imperceptibly and quickly. Although, for some reason, it seems to me that we have a whole eternity.
But I tried not to think about it. And therefore, I worked hard. I wrote day and night. And during this year, I managed to write ten books. And now, I have fifteen books that were written in this short period of time.
But out of ten of my new books that were written in the presence of Moonlight, five were purely romantic. Suddenly, I wanted to write about love. About tragic love. Well, the other half of ten, about the philosophy of life, and about people who strive for something great, for something grand, despite the fact that perhaps they have a destiny, a life that they must live, ignoring their ambitions.
Guess which half of the books people love the most? Of course, those that are about tragic love.
They read every line so eagerly that sometimes, some of my fans came to the house where my mother lived and left there whole mountains of gifts, things, the purpose of which was incomprehensible to me.

And I noticed that people liked more what was about death. About suffering, about torment and tears.
They read about love that has no future, with such a happy face, and even if they sometimes cried, they still enjoyed every word.
I realized that immortal people remember death, not as something terrible and bad, but as something beautiful. And as scary as it sounded, it was true.
Immortal people who do not know poverty, hunger and cold do not value what they have. Instead, they want to experience the feelings of fear that a terminally ill person experienced in ancient times.
But no matter how hard I tried, I could not understand it. But I knew that if you return a person back to the times when he was mortal and weak, he would fondly remember those times when he was strong and immortal.
Now let's get back to the main thing. And so, exactly a year has passed. And what has changed over this year?
And the answer is, a lot.

I became a popular writer. And I still stayed to live in Shakespeare's Dreams. Together with my Wizard.
My books were the main topic of every conversation. And I was able to slightly change people's leisure time. After all, now, instead of looking at how someone is trying to get closer to death, they are reading. Yes, I just couldn't believe it.
But I was proud of myself. This was my achievement. I was able to change people a little.
Everything seemed happy and right. I finally found my path in life. Only, one thing haunted me, and that was the "love" between me and Sennhandd.
After that day when everyone was ready to attack me with threats, simply because I hit the great scientist several times, after what Sennhandd said, gave a hint that there are feelings between us, since then, people continue think so.
For them, I am not only a writer, I am also the other half of their beloved scientist.
A lot of gossip flew around us. But every person in this world believed that we are happy together. But on the other hand, this rumor has become for me the key to success. After all, if Sennhandd had not kissed my hand in front of everyone, perhaps everyone would have decided that I am the most important enemy of humanity. And who knows what could happen to me then?

In fact, this rumor did not bother me in any way. After all, I rarely saw Sennhandd.
But I began to notice changes in Moonlight. He became different.
I made it a habit to fall asleep right on the desktop and from this, my back and neck often hurt. I fell asleep right in the middle of typing.
And even right now, in the middle of the night, having finished one chapter of my book, my head was on the table and I was slowly falling asleep. Although, I can still hear Moonlight flipping through the book.
I knew that when I fall asleep and he notices it, he slightly lifts me up and puts me in bed. And now, I tried not to fall asleep, to feel his weak embrace.
A few steps in my direction, thinking, he stopped next to me. Now, I felt his hand on my shoulders and his voice, "Oki, wake up. Go to bed."
But no, I won't give up so easily!
I closed my eyes even tighter and pretended to fall asleep.
He put the book on the table and grabbed me around the waist. Despite his tenderness, he was still very strong. After all, before I could restrain a smile, he lifted me up with ease.
One arm is above my waist, the other is below my knees.

And I decided to play my part properly. I put my head on his shoulder and hugged him tighter.
The creature did not breathe, but nevertheless, he made a sound. Was it a mockery or a happy smile?
He went to the side of the bed and at the moment when he wanted to put me on a soft blanket, I hugged him even tighter.
My head was on the pillow, but my hands were around his neck.
Suddenly, I felt him bent over my face. I felt his warmth.
As they say in books and films, my heart began to beat so fast that I was scared that he would hear it.
Moonlight was so close that I was ready for something that would make me feel sorry and happy.
Suddenly, I felt his hand touch mine.
How I wanted to open my eyes and tell him what was in my heart then. But why couldn't I do this? Why does a person always need a million reasons, just not to show his feelings? Why does a person always complicate things? Here I am, turned out to be the most ordinary person.
I continued to pretend.

While there were only a few centimeters between us, I thought about only one thing.
Can there be love between a person and a Wizard?
I asked myself this question to understand how much of a person I am, to complicate things. And as it turned out to be, I complicated the most easiest feeling in this world.
When I felt his second hand on my shoulder, and then on my neck, I opened my eyes.
I was not wrong.
Moonlight was too close to me. His gaze was so close that I could see every pattern of his iris.
Well that's it. I will never be the same again. And why did we waste a whole year? Why wasn't it right from the start?
Now, it was my turn to take his hand in mine.
He did not blink, did not move.
Before me was a beauty that is comparable to nature.
I've known him for a whole year. But it turns out I didn't know him at such close range.
I wanted to get even closer, to touch those black, slightly wavy hair that gently touched his shoulders.
But one thing I knew and felt was his soul.

I felt how our feelings found each other. And that was enough for me to know the greatest thing in this world - harmony.

"Sennhandd, something happened? Have you come to Oki?" I heard Albert's voice and then his steps, which were directed towards the door of our house.
And then Sennhandd's melancholic voice, "No. It's okay. I just wanted to see him."
"He's probably already asleep. Maybe you will become my guest? I have long wanted to talk to you. But there is no suitable time."
"Yes. I would not bother him now. I would not mind a cup of tea."
"Okay. Come on then."

As they walked away from our house, Moonlight suddenly looked away and stepped aside.
He took a few steps towards the window and looked through the curtains at the two departing figures.
I went up to him and looked into his face.

Now, his cheeks were red, his eyes were heavy, his eyebrows were the wings of a soaring eagle. He was silent, but I heard his cry.
Was it jealousy?

"It's time for you to sleep," he suddenly said and tried to smile somehow.
“Wait,” I said and caught his hand.
His look suddenly made me nervous. It was a look full of anger.
“Tomorrow, I'll be signing autographs,” I continued.
"I don't think I can go with you. I need to learn something. I will have to spend time in the library."

This answer made me feel pain.
"Okay. Good night then."
“Good night,” he whispered and smiled again.
Leaving me all alone, he quickly walked back to his study and I heard him take another book from the shelf.
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