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"What made you write the book "The Light of the Moon"? Didn't you have any reason to write this book? And where did you get so many wonderful thoughts from?"

This evening, it was already the twentieth question that was asked by a woman in a beautiful red suit.
And while I sat at a small table, surrounded by two robots holding a stack of my books, people lined up to get my autograph.
To get my autograph! It even sounds strange. But the truth was that I loved the fact that I was so famous.
How quickly things can change!

"Is it true that you wrote all your books because of Sennhandd? These wonderful words are for him and about him?!"
I could answer her, tell her the truth, but I remembered what Sennhandd had told me before. After all, for the sake of safety, I should have continued to play my role. Otherwise, I could easily regain the status of the enemy of the whole world, who risked to cause pain to the respected scientist, the creator of modern science.
"This book was written thanks to one person. But the reason why I wrote this book is because I wanted to remind all of you about what a soul and a heart are. After all, we forgot about these two things," I replied to previous question.
"You are so different from many people. Tell me, are you not afraid of this?"
"Not afraid of what?"
"Your difference from others."
"Do you think this is something to be afraid of?"
The woman in the red suit laughed loudly. I didn't like her laughter. It was too pretentious.
"No. I'm not afraid of that. Although, sometimes, I feel loneliness and sadness. Perhaps, as you said, because I am different."

Yes, with this popularity, I became arrogant and harsh in words. After all, now, I saw more and understood that this world is too cruel. And therefore, I wanted to speak, I wanted to object, argue and, most importantly, answer the way I wanted. Honest and cold.
I became rude, I became a little angry, and all in order to protect those who are dear to me.

"So you admit that you are different? And in what way do you think you are different? How exactly do you think you are different from all of us?"
Leaning on the back of a chair, I raised my head and looking at the whole crowd, who was holding my book in their hands, answered, "Maybe the fact that I'm not afraid to think and take responsibility for my thoughts?!"
"I guess, you are looking down at everyone?! Considering that you are not only self-confident, you are also arrogant and it seems that you are not afraid of anything."
A woman in a red suit came up to me.
"You don't know me. But I can't stop you from thinking about what you want."
Sennhandd told me to speak as mysteriously as possible. But, now I made it so that people just wanted to get to know me better.

"Looking at you and listening to your speeches, I can be sure that you are truly a man in love. You love Sennhandd so much. Now let me ask you a few questions about him."
The crowd suddenly began to applaud and their eyes lit up with a bright light.
I suddenly felt funny because now, they looked much more lively than before. How people love gossips.
Putting her hand on my shoulder, she finally asked, "Sennhandd, the great scientist, the creator of modern science and immortality. Isn't that right? He's a respected person. And there is no one in the world who did not know or respect him. But how did it turn out to be that it was you who took a special place in his heart?"
I had to play, and play my part better than any actor who lived many years ago.
But now, I realized how absurd everything is. These people were all like watchdogs. As soon as someone give them command to bite, they would immediately attack me. And this would be followed by harassment and threats against my loved ones.
Well, if you tell them that everything is fine, that this person is a friend, they will do everything to fill their lives with your thoughts, habits and books.
Yes, in the eyes of everyone, I was Sennhendd's soul mate.

But I didn’t know how to answer that question.
"I think he's just shy. But we can see that he really appreciates him. Still, we all want to know how you could awaken a long-forgotten love and take an important place in such an inaccessible heart of Sennhandd." The woman continued to ask. I knew that she would not leave me alone.
But suddenly, someone from the crowd shouted, "Why are you asking such questions? Can't you see that he doesn't want to answer such a personal question?! Leave him alone and let us get his autograph!"
I wanted to see who it was, but there were too many people and soon, when this woman finally stepped aside, I could see each of my readers.
And to my surprise, they were very nice and kind people.
"Okinizeus, I am so grateful to you for reminding me of the existence of my soul. With your books, I perceive this world in a new way. You were right in saying that a person has forgotten that he is alive," said the young guy, whose hair was bright yellow. "And the book Light of the Moon just made my heart ache from the fact that all this time I lived as if there was nothing left in me. I wasted so much time. And now, after your books I am ashamed of myself. I am very ashamed. But I don’t even know who I should ask for forgiveness now."

The eyes of this young man were so sincere and full of tears that I wanted to hug him and say that everything will be fine. But all I could do for him was to sign on the first page of my book and direct my gaze to the next person.
So this is what glory is. But you can easily get used to it. And with each book on which I left my autograph, the excitement woke up in me. And I wanted to write another book, and then another one, and so on ad infinitum.
Plots, thoughts were spinning in my head.
I was happy. And my happiness became even stronger when I thought about Moonlight, who is probably sitting and reading or just thinking about something.
After that guy with yellow hair, I heard many more compliments, and just as many bad words that were spoken because I hit Sennhandd.
It seems that no one will ever forget about this incident.
"How could you do this to me?! I loved you so much and still love you! You don't care about my feelings?"
Hearing this familiar voice, I suddenly jumped up from my chair and looked ahead.
Yes, I was not mistaken, it was Yundoran.

"Didn't expect to see me?! You have changed completely. So famous and fashionable. Just look, you are wearing these earrings?"
"Yes. I decided to change something."
"Is this your friend? Is this Yundoran?" the woman in the red suit asked. I didn't want to make any noise so I got up and exclaimed, "Sorry, but I need a break!"
When I left everyone far behind me, I was able to speak normally.
Seeing a friend after a long time was unexpected and I wanted to leave everyone and just find a cozy place to chat. But I couldn't do that.
"Sorry for not responding to your messages. You know that all kinds of gossip revolve around me."
Yundoran hugged me sharply and smelling his cologne, I smiled. I missed this guy so much.
"The main thing is that you're all right. You know, your mom and I are so worried about you. And you won't even come to your house. Are you really so busy? Maybe it's time for you to go home? You shouldn't live in that strange dimension."
"Don't worry. I will be fine. In that dimension, I feel comfortable. I can write day and night. And besides, it has a very good library."

Yundoran let go of me and began to examine me from head to toe. His purple eyes glittered even in the darkness of the empty corridor.
"Tell me, are you in love with Moonlight?"
Before I had time to answer, he answered his own question, "It's true. I was right."
"Why do you think so? And in general, what is love?"
"Be careful. Every day I hear that the community "Three and Seven" take people away and then no one ever sees them. They just disappear. Recently, I talked with Higgdalf. We met by chance, and he told me that his sister was taken away and he doesn't even know where she is."
"What? Higgdalf? So she's his sister after all."
"Okinizeus, I'm afraid for you. You've become too popular. They're talking about you everywhere. Many people hate you and many love you at the same time. I don't like it. I have a bad feeling about you. What if they take you too? You have become so arrogant, you talk about what you want. Maybe you should restrain yourself and your words?"
"Don't worry. No one will do me any harm. Yundoran, would you like to see where I live? I invite you to my house. Besides, you will see Moonlight. He has changed so much."

"Do you even know what I'm talking about?!" he suddenly screamed so loudly that the woman in the red suit asked, "Are you all right?"
"Yes. It's okay!"
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